Friday, October 28, 2005

They Listen Now -- 2 Week Workshop

Alert-- Katrina dogs put to sleep...oops I mean Katrina dogs sleep all the time...

We have been in intensive training at my house. This was before training and after I specifically told them no couches. They laughed and told me to mind my own business, "Who are you to tell us? And besides your not here all day and this is the best position to see the TV."

After training and with a few threats about being back on the streets of New Orleans if they didn't shape up...they got smart and moved to a better location. You just gotta be smarter than them.

Survival of the Yorkie:
This is a dog we found at approx. 30 days, alone and scared (well if you know Yorkies he might not have been that scared). He was all muddy, full of briars and surviving somehow on the streets without being eaten. Yorkies think they are big so he might have just made it for a while longer. 30 days for this guy- Alone!

Here he is after clean up-- I loved it when this guy came in. Yorkies just make me laugh over and over again. He was taught these little circus tricks which you can see in the video. Round and Round he would go...

AND YES WE HAVE VIDEO OF THIS DELIRIOUS YORKIE Mr. Mayor --- This will prove once and for all that these dogs were very mean. (Does he know what a dog is?)

This video will play in in Quicktime if you put it in your browser.


Notice my eyes after not sleeping for the previous few days. More video on the way.

I think I will just use the post to put more and more pics in over the weekend so if you get a chance to check back.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Truth Is We Do Know

Doesn’t Take Much To Understand Tammy

Pics in case you have not seen this mess--

"Sheriff Montgomery's behavior is animal cruelty," she said.
--- Tammy Hanson

I don't think the jury needs to come back for me to understand the truth. Tammy is a classic hoarder. Hoarders come with great powers of practiced deception and are able to convince the unwitting and even the experienced that they are legitimate. They pray on our weakness to want to find loving homes for our animals. AND THEY ARE GOOD!!! Her initial emails to people described a Lakeside Retreat where animals swam daily. Anyone remember those? We bought it.

The hoarder is no different than the alcoholic who is skilled at hiding his booze or the anorexic that tells all that they did in fact eat dinner. It’s a mental illness and well documented. The hoarder rarely stops when caught and blames everyone but themselves for the mess they have created. I have seen reports of her coaching her supporters to blame this on a big conspiracy from the sheriff, the Humane Society and dozens of others. Tammy needs to get help. Her lawyer and her friends and supporters should intervene and help her. Tammy can’t see her disease (think anorexic and alcoholic) herself. To her the shelter she provided looks perfectly fine and if it isn’t well it is someone else’s fault. Her response is that she spent $98,000 on dog food last year. Being rich doesn’t make you a credible handler of animals.

Did she ask for help when things got out of hand? No she in fact hid her sanctuary knowing deep inside that legitimate people would see right through her. She has never requested help and in fact lied about the conditions as is classic in collecting. I hear that she would not let Pasado fully in? and now we know why.

Several people have stepped up to support Tammy and to say that “she loves animals.”
These folks are the unwitting dupes who just need to hear great things about animals from Tammy herself to support her. Not one has shown Tammy’s experience with animals. All have talked only to Tammy who continues to con them. In fact many such as a Winn Dixie volunteer who witnessed her as she came to take animals from them have told me that Tammy has virtually no skills or knowledge about caring for animals and no skills at dealing with aggressive animals. She seemed a bit odd and manic was one description. Tammy tells people, “I know this looks bad but it is the fault of…...” No Tammy it is the fault of a disease and your husband and supporters are enablers.

If you want to support Tammy close your eyes and imagine the conditions of those dogs 30 days, 60 days and 90 days from now. She didn't even have the skills to get the Pits out of the cages and she probably would not have.

Are we to think that the farm got that way overnight? Just since Katrina? The list of problems is to large to mention – no fixed animals, no shelter, no vets, no volunteers, puppies being born every day, tons of trash and maggots piled high, 75+animals running loose, 200+ Katrina animals in cages for weeks with no walks and no attention. This problem was not on its way to being “fixed.” Saying Tammy was overwhelmed is like saying the Titanic had a leak. It was beyond repair. She may have been "ok" before Katrina with 100-200 animals but the conditions were still not up to standard. During Katrina her instincts to "save at all costs" probably kicked in due to the imagery we all saw on TV.

Stop enabling her and get her help. She is not doing animals any good as you can see. She has a history of doing this in another state. I read the article and the police described her property in that state as a small scale problem of what they found in Arkansas. Tammy in an interview today say groups begged her to take animals. My information is that Tammy traveled from group to group begging to take animals. Then these groups called on her when they had no other solutions and were desperate. Tammy’s interview is showing today that she is ready to blame others and not herself.

I have had good dealings with Pasado to date. I have a few direct questions however.
Just as I asked the HSUS about several pointed issues I ask Pasado the same

Simple Questions For Pasado:

I have two questions for Pasado that deserve an answer. Who delivered the animals to Tammy? Did they not see what we saw? If they were not allowed onto the premises then why would they drop animals? Where were they left? Wasn’t your drop off essentially your check of the facility?

I am not sure who else transported to the compound but they should answer as well.

Second – Who was going to put the animals on so that owners might find them?

Tammy was not on her way to turning this situation around as some have said. That is going to take a small army of experience Pit handlers, 10 vets, dozens of volunteers, a judge, a local sheriff who does care, and about $75,000-$150,000 dollars.

The sheriff from my chat is one solid and caring guy. Anyone who called him prior (especially at his house) should do like I did and send his office a basket of fruit or fax an apology letter. Part of the rescue effort of these animals is being hindered by the fear that the “entire world” thinks the sheriff the enemy.

Do not mistake the fact that this ordeal sits in the hands of a judge. This is not over and he could rule to do whatever he wants. Hopefully he will see that dedicated people can mount an organized (and non political) response to help them out of this situation.

Do not show up uninvited. The sanctuary will be heavily guarded. The sheriff has tasked reputable groups to organize help for these animals but it is going to be highly controlled and at the first instance of political infighting the entire thing could be wrecked.

Update - 30 skilled people are on the way!!! Supplies are being paid for by various groups and at this time they are pulling everything together.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Truth is We don't know the truth -- BUT THESE ANIMALS NEED HELP!!

Are we to believe that Tammy could have turned this around in a few days with some Elbow grease? What matters now is the animals. I personally don't care about the who did what wrong rumor mill. GO HELP IF YOU CAN.

Here is Pasado's latest update
Click Here

I am sure you will have some comments on these.

One interesting comment, the dogs do not appear to be malnourished. I know that is a small concession given to what appears to be a very, very bad situation. I am just saying it looks like help arrived in time to get many of these dogs out, thank goodness for that. However, I have talked to one person this morning on the ground who said they have nowhere near the # of people to take care of these animals.

Question 1: Do they need help handling these animals and where can we send people?
Someone on the ground please tell us where to come and what airport is closest. Southwest flies into Little Rock. Is that close?

It has come to my attention by several reputable Pit Bull groups that more to this story may exist. In fact people have told me that they warned groups not to take Pits to Tammy and asked how anyone could claim they can take care of hundreds of Pits (they even sent me the back and forth exchanges). They claim the result is that the sheriffs found hundreds (as many as 400) animals not being cared for in any way shape or form. More may exist to this story than meets the eye. These first hand accounts have been told to me by reputable people who went in with the sheriff as representatives of the "animals." They and the sheriff were alerted to problems with Tammy by several other well respected Pit rescue groups. One person told me that the farm had almost no building to house animals, that the animals were in the same crates as transported in and that most looked to not have been walked in days. They said Tammy would need at least 20-30 people to care for the number of animals she had and that nobody was on site. This story is not near over and my guess is you will hear differing accounts for a while...someone is sending me pictures I hope showing the condition of the dogs, which they state is horrible. If groups sent these animals to Tammy does not mean they intentionaly put these animals in harms way in my opinion. Below you find an account by a person who entered the facility and the letter sent by Pasado soon after Tammy's arrest.

Here are pics of the property. Did Pasado reps actually go to this facility as suggested in emails that I saw? It doesn't take much to see it isn't a facility at all. How many dogs were already on site when Pasado dumped off its group?
Dog In Its own Feces and not one little dodo either --

More pics?
Picture 1 (dead dog)

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Account By Person going into the property --

From the gated entrance to her property the piles of trash began.There was not a single permanent building on the property. Therewas a storage unit with no doors for one group of dogs. The restwere lucky if they had a barrel to go in, but when you have 15 to 20dogs per pen and 3 barrels, I would say very few dogs had anyshelter at all. The poor Katrina pit bulls, rotties, and chows linethe driveway and way beyond and in the crates they came in fromBaton Rouge, NO COVER, NO PROTECTION FROM THE SUN, THE RAIN,ANYTHING and stuck in tiny crates!!!!! The pens donated to care forthem sit unused at the entrance to the property. Tammy wouldnt evenallow the sheriffs department to set them all up to help the dogsstuck in crates!! It would appear that the poor dogs have not beenout of these crates since the day they arrived. ALL WHERE FILLEDWITH PISS AND FECES. The poor dogs had no where to sit, or evenstand. On poor pit mix was desperately trying to stand on his crapcovered food bowl, balancing like the elephants in the circus, toget out of the shit. I can not tell you how many had burns,swollen legs and feet and horrible looking skin due to sitting intheir own wastes. IT WAS SICK AND WOULD MAKE ANY NORMAL PERSON BEOUTRAGED.

I have 176 pictures of the property and the dogs but am not beingable to upload to the group. Is there a trick to this?? I will try again tomorrow but am too tired to keep trying.

The entire property was covered in trash. There were dead anddying dogs and even the lucky dogs that were running free werethirsty. I have never seen so many dogs in my life and have neverseen such a disgusting and nasty place. The sheriffs departmentdeserves a commendation for what they did last night. All rescuersshould be singing their praises. They are going to be desperate forhelp and I can promise you that by tomorrow morning there will bemore dead dogs. The only pens with fewer than 10 or so dogs arethe ones that the humane society and sheriffs department set up.

I would guess there are 500 dogs there and I did not see A SINGLEALTERED MALE!!! I did see many many females with sagging tits andvery few puppies. I can imagine the survial rate of newborn puppiesin a pen with another 50 large adult dogs. Every single pen, everysingle crate was nasty. There was not a clean water bowl, feed pan,or even a place for a dog to sit, for any of the dogs locked up incrates or pens. (Except for the few provided by the humane society)The roaming dogs were the lucky ones, but even they had no water.Although it looked like Tammy had a swimming pool (above ground) setup for herself.

They are going to need volunteers. Just cleaning the crates forthe katrina dogs is going to take forever, and the dogs are goingcrazy from being locked up so long.

I so intended to write a more detailed description of what I saw,but if I cant get the pictures to upload, I will email invidually toanyone who wants them.

There are going to be hundreds of dogs that are going to needhelp. Lots of black medium sized dogs and houndish types. Thesmallest number were from Katrina and even that number is going tobe overwhelming. The most discusting thing to me is that the poorKatrina dogs were dumped and are suffering the worst. Pasadoshould be held accountable for dumping these dogs in thissituation. If they did in fact inspect the "facility" (is this whatyou would call a tent with a tv in it?) then again they should beheld accountable for not giving a shit.

I will not argue with anyone that hasnt been there or that wont gohelp these most pathetic dogs. Were the pictures on the news notenough? Ask me. I will send mine. Most of my dead dog shots cameout as video, but I can send those too. How many dead and dying andsuffering dogs dogs it take to make a person "bad"? If anyonebelieves that two people can take care of 500 dogs, even 400 dogs, or that it is exceptable to leave over 100 dogs in crate filled withpiss and poop for 9 days then I do want to know who you are. I forone will never send dogs your way.

There is absolutely no defense for the neglectful behavior of Pasadofor sending dogs to her when they were begged not to, or for thecondition of the dogs in the care of Tammy and her husband. Thiswoman is a very sick person.

There are mountains of food, out in the driveway, but I think thatbowls are desperately needed to be able to give these dogs cleanfood and water. Metal prefered as they dogs are in crates seemed tobe tearing up the cheap plastic bowls. I know that they will needbleach, dog houses, leashes, and most of all people willing to helpthe dogs NOT from Katrina. Those that recommended her, ought to bethe first to jump in and take 50 or so.

Here is what Pasado asked me to post this morning --

Innocent Dogs
Pasado offers to transport the animals out of state.
Light up the phone and fax.

URGENT UPDATE: 10/21 10:16 pm pm PST
Your help is needed NOW!

Dozens of pitbulls, who we rescued, walked, hugged, and cared for for days, were transferred to a shelter in Arkansas named EDNA (Every Dog Needs a Home) after the Humane Society of Louisiana, as well as Best Friends had sent animals there. We also had volunteers travel to EDNA and return stating that animals were well-cared for. After these credible recommendations, PasadoRescue chose to place non-aggressive pitbulls with EDNA.

From what we can tell, Ms. Hanson has been under attack for years for caring for pitbulls by various local Arkansas groups, warranted or not. Tonight, spurred on by these local groups, sheriff's deputies raided Ms. Hanson's facilities and charged her with animal cruelty. We understand they are threatening to kill dogs tomorrow.

We understand that the veterinarian who assisted the sheriff in the raid stated these animals are vicious. We know, for a fact, that the animals that we transported to this facility were on our laps, able to be hugged, loved, fed by hand. This is untrue. He also stated that none of these animals had been treated by a veterinarian prior to transport to AR. Also not true. ALL the animals transported were all under the care of licensed veterinarians. We have records to prove it.

If these animals were not well cared for by Ms. Hanson, then we agree that animals need to be removed. And PasadoRescue will gladly take care of all transport and care. But NO LAW ENFORCEMENT ENTITY has a right to kill these animals. These are the pets of hurricane victims. People are still trying to find their animals.

You need to call the Baxter County Arkansas Sheriff and the Arkansas State Attorney General and tell them that killing these animals is killing someone's pet. Someone's property. And they will be legally liable.
Sherrif John Montgomery: Tel 870-425-7551 or 870) 425-6222 Fax: 870-425-1669
Mike Beebe, Arkansas Attorney General Tel1-800-482-8982 E-mail: Here

Read the letter sent to the Arkansas State Attorney General and to Sheriff John Baxter

Date: October 21, 2005 9:06pm PST
To: Sheriff John Montgomery Baxter County, Arkansas, Mike Beebe Arkansas Attorney General
By Certified USPS mail, facsimile and electronic mail

I am writing on behalf of Pasado's Safe Haven, an authorized animal rescue group involved in Hurricane Katrina rescue work in the Gulf. We understand you and others in your state are planning to euthanize dogs rescued on behalf of residents of the State of Louisiana that have been confiscated from Tammy Hanson. We believe this would be a moral and, quite likely, a legal mistake... SEE THE REST OF THIS LETTER IN THE FIRST COMMENT.

Friday, October 21, 2005

St. Bernard Parish Rabies, Tatoo and Chip Info Available

STB RABIES and other DATA: This link has rabies and mircochip info for STB...First time online,.....this is important ]


also they have several more hardrives to recover data off of so they will have additional info into the database in the future. Keep trying even if you don't get the info the fist time you try.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dog Fighting and Dog Stealing




We have heard that Lamar Dixon had many animals stolen by proffessional Pit Bull fighters and now Tylertown cries out for help. Last night after promising the day before from the Sherriff dog looters once again took dogs from the shelter and fought them to DEATH in ear shot of the shelter. I would like to know that this is handled. This state needs to provide support for those supporting it. Leave it to people from all over the world to care more than they do.

As Reprinted --
Rescue efforts being hindered by dog fighters

I have just returned from my second trip to the area and those of us working in animal rescue disaster relief are having to face yet another horrifying challenge.

On top of all the suffering the animals of Katrina have suffered, they are now being stolen from the sanctuaries and holding areas erected to treat and house them. In Tylertown, MS where the HSLA has been treating animals abandoned in New Orleans, there is a dog fighting ring less than a 30 second drive from the entrance of the camp. We have asked to local sheriff for help daily with no response. Night after night we had to take security shifts and guard against men trying to enter camp to get our dogs.

The people of Tylertown have expressed their own frustration at the growing business of dogfighting in their community. They feel helpless and frustrated and are sorry that our animals are paying for the inability of their citizens to intervene in this heinous criminal activity.

To our horror several dogs have been taken from the property. After all, they are seasoned criminals and didn't have a hard time figuring out how to get around our dog runs. They take friendly animals that go eagerly to the gate in hopes of getting petted. I can hardly stand to think of the torture that these creatures endure before their deaths. We found a deceased Pitt Bull in a makeshift fighting ring last Monday. We are at the end of our rope.

Now, instead of using donations to build more runs, or transport animals to foster homes and rescues, we are having to build security fencing, purchase motion activated lights, alarms, air horns and other tools to protect our dogs. Instead of taking as many dogs from New Orleans as we can house, treat, and feed, we are having to limit our intake to the number of dogs we can keep safe, depending on the number of volunteers we have to fill 24 hour security shifts.

We are receiving no help from local authorities. During the night, we have had up to four men attempt entry to the camp. Earlier this week, FEMA offered to provide us nighttime security, but that fell through because the Gov. of MS would not grant permission for them to be there. Apparently FEMA cannot help if not asked by a state authority. The sheriff has said that he does not want them in Tylertown. So not only are they not helping to protect us and our animals from these vicious dog fighters, they are not allowing others to help us.

We need a voice to ask the Gov. of MS to do the right thing and let FEMA protect our camp from these monsters who delight in the torture of the helpless and vulnerable creatures left injured and abandoned in the wake of Katrina. Ours has not been heard.

There are still thousands of animals waiting to be rescued from New Orleans and they need our help. Just last week, we found a dog who had been tied to a door knob for 5 weeks and was still alive. Also, we recovered a dog that had crawled into a cupboard above a stove during the storm and was trapped there until last week when a rescuer heard her barking. (Both are doing well now, putting on weight in foster homes.) The 9Th ward has hardly yet to be touched by animal relief workers.

Please, we cannot continue in the fashion necessary as long as the safety of our animals and volunteers is at risk.


It seems unthinkable that dogfigting could go on within earshot of the shelter and then be followed by gunshots but I have spoken to people who promise me it is true.

Here is my house "On Fosters" 6 total now on board. They are not to be on the couch. I told them to stay off! What are they thinking?

Who is that doggy in the window?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Surely We Can Help Jack

Lots of good info coming out on Katrina Rescue. I have had to slow down on the Posts and will update the blog Every few days. I have some good stuff coming...and you can always post your "comments" in the most recent post.

If you want to see the best animal rescue Pictures go to -- Click here and each days post has great Pics. Warning the Post "UNFORGIVABLE Endings" is dead animals. I would skip it if you do not want to see images like that (just don't click on that post)

For the next few days can we help Jack?

Jack would prefer year round warm weather as he needs bathed/washed off several times per day. Will look at any reasonable option. Post any ideas in comments for foster mom and shelter to pursue. Please forward this to anyone who you think could help.

Call 508-867-5525 and speak with Foster mom if you are dead serious about adopting Jack. But read below first to understand Jacks unique needs.

Jack's situation is URGENT! Jack needs a new home as soon as possible. He will not be able to stay in his current foster home once the cold sets in and due to his disability, returning to the shelter is not an option.

Jack is a 2 year old purebred yellow Labby boy! We are looking for a very special home for this wonderful young dog because he is disabled. Back in October of 2004, Jack suffered a fibro-cartilaginous embolism (FCE) - basically a stroke in his spinal column near his tail. He has come a long way since then. His strength and mobility improves a little more each day and he walks pretty well now. A simple wag of his tail brings us great joy! He is currently in foster care and he loves to play with balls, play tug, chase cats, bugs, squirrels, and anything else that moves. Because of his disability, he feels vulnerable around other dogs and therefore doesn’t like them. He would be very happy placed as an only pet! He adores the kids in his foster home who are 6 and up. Jack has so much love in him and we are trying to find an owner that is willing to accept him with his disabilities. Jack's perfect home would be one with a walk out basement or level home as he can't handle stairs or high steps. He will still drag himself if he gets too excited. His new owners will need to be committed to taking him out every 3-4 hours during the day so he can relieve himself because he still has some incontinence problems. He is on a strict feeding schedule which helps keep him regular. He has been very successful staying dry at night as well. His skin will need to be cared for on an ongoing basis since he is prone to scrapes and urine burns in his condition. A Doggon' Wheels cart was donated to Jack by Jen from PA whose had purchased one for her dog! He is adjusting to the cart quite well and we think that its use will make him more adoptable as he can go use it on multiple surfaces! He is very strong in his front end and has the power to easily pull himself around. Jack is very affectionate and he's also a good watch dog. His foster mom is currently working with a trainer to brush up on Jack's obedience skills. We are hoping that someone out there will open their heart and home to this young boy! Jack is in foster care with Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield, MA. If you are interested in adopting Jack, Call 508-867-5525 and speak with Foster mom.

More info on Jack:

Fill out the Application on at this link -- Click here

Can't adopt Jack? why not help out with another animal at

**Pictures of the Day**
I think this is Jane Garrison. The Mayor would tell these dogs are delirious and the State Vet would tell you Jane is contracting the plague at this moment and will be dead by tomorrow. Have I told you how fond I am of the State Vet?

Here is Billy and I at the airport before the trip. All the stuff on the cart is my luggage. That little white bag is all Billy brought and I swear it is the truth. If you are new to the blog you probably have not heard how I called Billy at 8Pm the night before and told him he was going on an airplane. That is all I told him. He had not been on one since 1987 and didn't believe me when I told him we didn't need paper tickets. His ID was expired so they interviewed him for 30 minutes at security. I had him carry on a bag which had a hammer and some other things that they confiscated. I had to stop him from smoking on the plane. Those little badges are official "animal evacuation team" badges made by Francis my designer.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Legislation Boring But Important-Please support H.R.3858

First time here? Read the Oldest Posts and LOOK AT PICTURES at the links below. Words can't describe what rescuers saw once they hit the ground.

1. Read some of the oldest Posts first to get the entire story.
2. Best video footage: Click here
3. This blog has the BEST PICTURES so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics and good ones Click here Warning pics of dead animals.
4. School shooting story WITHOUT ANY GORY PICS -- and ton of other great pics Click here
5. And this is one of our groups blogs --
Click here
6. Most amazing photography: I mean must see: Click here
7. My own favorite Post: Click here
8. To reunite pets with owners: Click here

A Handwritten Note Begging for Mercy for dogs left behind in a school used as an evacuation center. The Butcher of St Bernard found no mercy only torture and bullets when they blasted away instead of feeding 14 small dogs and puppies. Our rescue team discovered this after being asked to respond to see if the animals were alive. We found the animals shot and had CNN over the next day and the Attorney Generals Office interested in 24 hours. Pasado Rescue quickly got involved with a reward and offer to assist with the investigation. HSUS had pictures of the shootings many days prior to us finding them. I am not sure why they didn't act.

Legislation Boring But Important-Please support H.R.3858
Reprinted from this website:

"Dear God you remember Hurricane Katrina and Rita and the horrid way pets were left behind to die some a slow and very horrid death. You know how we and others have prayed that this would never happen again with your help this may come true.

A wonderful group of people in Washington and across the world have been trying to require families to stay together like they have in the state of Minnesota. Did you know they save not only the humans but their companion animals too. They say in Minnesota not only is it right to keep a family together, in the long run it saves money for the tax payer too.

Take New Orleans and surrounding areas what will be the cost of cleaning up all the human and animal body's? What will be the cost to the children who lost their furry companion? What will be the cost to the little old ladies who had to leave the only ones who loved the cats. What will be the cost to the family who came home and found their companion animal had died in the crate where the left him to be safe or the companion animal who they tied to be safe both drowned little by little. What will be the cost to families when they here about the 12 to 15 pets - dogs and puppies- that had been tied to classroom windows, doors and then shot."

Please support H.R.3858
Title: To amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to ensure that State and local emergency preparedness operational plans address the needs of individuals with household pets and service animals following a major disaster or emergency.

Press Release

Congressman Tom Lantos Legislation Will Ensure That in Future Disasters, People Will Not be Forced to Abandon Household Pets

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Washington, DC – Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) and co-sponsors Christopher Shays (R-CT), Don Young (R-AK) and James Oberstar (D-MN) and Barney Frank (D-MA), today introduced legislation to ensure that in any future disaster, federal officials will not separate people from their household pets and service animals such as seeing-eye dogs, as they did in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS Act, H.R. 3858), requires local and state emergency preparedness authorities to include in their evacuation plans how they will accommodate household pets or service animals in case of a disaster. Local and state authorities must submit these plans in order to qualify for grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The devastation in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama brought unbelievable images into American homes every night,” Lantos said. “The losses of life and property were simply staggering. And on top of all that, the sight of evacuees choosing between being rescued or remaining with their pets, perhaps even having to leave behind the trained and faithful helping animals that some people with disabilities rely on every day, was just heartbreaking. Our legislation will put an end to that.”

Lantos is the co-founder of the Friends of Animals Caucus; he currently co-chairs the caucus with Rep. Shays.

“Katrina taught us the hard lesson that, as we prepare for future emergencies, it's important we include in our plans ways to protect our pet owners and their pets,” Shays said. “The common-sense bill we are introducing today requires state and local preparedness groups to include in their protocols plans for evacuation of pet owners, pets and service animals in the event of a major disaster so that owners don’t have to make a choice between their personal safety and their pets’ safety."

At a news conference announcing the bill, officials from the Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Doris Day Animal League and the Best Friends Animal Society emphasized their support for this initiative.

Lantos is a cosponsor of a dozen bills addressing issues raised the Gulf Coast disaster. Among these bills are measures to give Medicaid to those affected by the disaster, to provide additional funds to local and educational agencies to support elementary and secondary schools for displaced students, to assist vulnerable children in foster care by providing states maintenance payments on behalf of foster children in areas affected by the hurricane, and to let natural disaster victims declare bankruptcy as needed without having to enter newly-enacted repayment programs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Saddast Day -- Max Didn't Have a Chance.

Email from Celeste about Max. I am sorry Celeste and to all the volunteers who were looking around the clock for Max.

Previous Post about Max:

From email to eric - 10/11/05
"today is not a good day like we all wanted. my sis in law went to her house and found max in her bed my little dog never had a chance.
thank you all so much for all the help and support that you have given me.keep up the great work."
celeste foley

From email to eric - 10/12/05
"good morning eric,
yes i do plan on adopting a pet, i'll probably wait till summer when my son comes home so he can be a part of the new member from the beginning plus i need time to grieve. max was the best. he was my sons 1st dog & he was the 1st dog i got so close to in all of my life.
i talked to my sister in law again last night & she said her house was awful the water line was up to the ceiling the water stayed in her neighborhood for almost 3 weeks. she said everything was moved in the house and that max looked like a stuffed animal laying on her bed. the house next door had an x with 2 dogs dead her x said nothing so whoever went in the house didn't see max.
we figure the mattress must of floated that's why he was still on the bed. i'm so sad he had to die like that all alone. i'm past my anger that she didn't take him with her. no one could have guessed katrina would do so much damage like she said she thought she would be back to her house in 2 or 3 least we know now & all of my memories of max are good & i was smart enough to take a lot of pictures of max before i sent him to new orleans."
have a good day
celeste foley

She Cannot Say Good-bye

It is a comfortable little place -- their home
and it is paid for, cozy, and theirs alone
Just the two of them, therein, reside
... an older lady and the aging canine

Listening to the radio, as the storm grew
tears well in her eyes, upon hearing the news
She gazes at her friend, and he regards her, too
Reporters are saying everyone must now go...
she was to pack only what she needed from home.

She shakes her head and wonders, Didn't they know?
that folks like her had no means to get away
and no car of their own.

But officials called to say public transport would stop by;
they'd take her and her things, but her beloved friend could not ride
Tears fall as thunder and lightning rent the damp air
Her friend pads over, then leans against her, there in her chair

Sensing her sadness, the old dog wags his tail
As the wind past their porch swells to a wail
he reaches up and reassuringly licks her hand
And as he has always, by her side, he will stand!

She sobs at his sweet, loyal gesture, for he does not know
that on this journey, her dearest friend will not go
They had weathered life's storms and both had grown gray
She worries as they were never long, from the other, away

She rises slowly when she hears the knock on the door
a man takes her bags, saying, "I'm sorry, ma'am, it's
now or never -- we can wait no more."

When the old dog follows her, she says "No, go inside where it's safe."
his _expression is one of bewilderment and hurt, as rain pelts his face
When she steps into the bus, she hears him whimper and cry
She cannot turn around to him. She cannot say good-bye

She studies the man who holds her bags, then she steps off the bus
When she reaches her friend, she says, "No future is as important
as the gift that is us."
She bends down and, happily crying, embraces her furry soul mate
"The worst storm ever is near, but alone, you will not have to wait."

Later, as the night explodes 'round them,
and she draws him snug to her side,
he lifts his fuzzy head, stares lovingly at her
and she contentedly sighs.

For on this, their last journey,
the two would be together
always . . .
. . . now . . and forever

Dedicated to a future where, in a disaster,
we will not be torn apart from our furry kin!
Copyright 2005 by Kathy Pippig Harris

Max, we are so sorry. We were looking everywhere but you stayed right at home waiting patiently for us to get you. How did we miss you? We are sorry.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Salute of Military, ATF, Federal Marshals, Police...

In Salute of the Guard, The Military, The ATF, Federal Marshals, FBI and the New Orleans Police

In Salute of the Guard, The Military, The ATF, Federal Marshals, FBI and the New Orleans Police

These groups saw what was happening on the ground and ALL stepped up to the challenge of saving animals without direct orders to do so. They quickly incorporated it into the day’s routine.

I can’t say enough about how they helped. Not only did they help but they went out of the way to do so. They constantly asked for supplies that they loaded onto their own vehicles to feed animals. They had our phone numbers and called us constantly to provide needed intelligence on trapped animals. They got rescuers through checkpoints with no credentials. In the early days their vehicles were virtually lined up at the YMCA loaded with dogs and cats. It was quite a sight. They were all animal rescuers. They respected us to as they called us into all kinds of situations to get animals out; including one murder scene where Billy took out a Pit Bull.

Some went further and set up shelters like Camp Luck and Camp Lucky II and the Navy set one up on a ship.

Gary, The Federal Marshal actualy brought this girl in

This Was The Top Brass of the Guard Coming to see that the Dogs and US were ok

Notice The Food in the Truck

Guard Bringing In Animals (some commented they didn't have much to do since the city was now secure)

This is Gary actually cleaning the camp - Amazing. Also this is the night that Billy and I stayed at the YMCA on our own. Notice how dark it gets. And glad that someone gave us a gun. I'm not a big fan but in this case...

This was our alarm at camp for the night. If somone came through the gate they would have to make that dog bowl drop. The guard was in full force during the day but at night you were on your own and it was quite spooky. No lights on streets so someone could walk real close before you saw them

Sunday, October 09, 2005

State Government Slow and How 100+ Volunteers Are Finding Lost Pet Owners

1. Read some of the oldest Posts first to get the entire story.
2. This blog has the best pics so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics

3. School shooting story WITHOUT ANY GORY PICS -- and ton of other great pics
4. And this is one of our groups blogs --

5. Most amazing photography: I mean must seeHere!
6. Amazing!!
7. My favorite Post

and My favorite Picture is my buddy "Josh" who I had with me for over 15 days through thick and thin getting home to his Dad, Earl who is 76 and retired. Thanks for hanging out Josh. You can read all about him in a post below. That is his foster mom Shelley who took him when I left NO. Today Josh was fixed and mircochipped. Earl previously spolied him with biweekly grooming and Josh looks forward to getting back on that schedule. He was one cool dog. We know this guy saw some rough times and deep water but you never would have know it. He was 8 miles from home.

This State Government Blows and How 100+ Volunteers Are Finding Lost Pet Owners

"Groups of animal activists have come into the city since Hurricane Katrina, and are breaking and entering homes to remove pets." LASPCA this after these exact same volunteers were credentialed by LASPCA and rescued at least 12,000 animals from this city. Now we are animal activists.

"most animals are delirious" Mayor Nigin in Press Conference to question asked by Eric Rice

"we are winding down to normal rescue operations" -- State Vet in the Advocate Newspaper

“how did you get my number? in my opinion the animals at Lamar Dixon have been adequately tracked” -- Assistant State Vet Marsha Littlefield

“those animals posed a health risk” – M. Minton. days after he used someones pets as target practice (just a few days after the storm)

“I’ve put worse things into my body than this toxic stuff” – Billy, as he refused a suit and mask and jumped in the back of a truck with Bourbon our dog rescued from the toxic water.

Asst. State Vets Marsha Littlefield Phone and Fax—(post her response in comments) PH: 225-933-8121 Fax: 225-237-5555

I am po’d this am. I just got Jane Garrison’s update and I watched the Animal Planet special about the rescue operation. Two things strike me -- more animals could have been saved and more can be saved if common sense was/is used. How can we be ok with rescuers told to not rescue on Animal Planet? If it was simply space then go get more space. The state had NO interest in saving anything more than an "acceptable" number of animals. A number that would allow them to say they responded. Some people like Nigin seemed to have no information on animals throughout the entire crisis.

First I’d like to make sure you get to watch this video of my team pulling a dog out of a bathroom alive after 29 days on his own. This has been rescuers experience time and time again that some of these animals are surviving and they are not “delirious” as the Mayor puts it. (By the way has anyone checked the Mayor’s backyard for an abused dog yet? I AM NOT KIDDING) Contrary, the ones that are stuck in and on houses know they are in trouble. Before we started taping we had an unstable chair propped up and you don’t see it but this poor guy was literally trying to climb up the walls to get out. We saw this from animals over and over again...They know they are in trouble and they are helpless WITHOUT US. They want to be saved…bad. (more video every coming every day, check back)

So check this VIDEO out and be happy that rescuers are rescuing: (WARNING 1 PIECE OF BAD LANGUAGE. sorry)

Excerpts from Jane’s email: (is she the only one in this saga with any common sense?) I have to tell you that the more I dig the more the state and LASPCA look like they tied the hands of the HSUS in many ways.



We pulled a dog out of a warehouse yesterday who was completely skin and bones. This dog was able to survive because there was access to water but no food. He is one of many we have seen like this. If there is one...there are others and we must come to their rescue!

As of September 30th, the HSUS was forced to stop rescuing animals due to orders by the Louisiana State Vet. It was ridiculous that this vet could pick some arbitrary date of when rescuing should end. She did this without ever consulting with those of us actually rescuing. I refused to stop this rescue operation knowing that there were still animals trapped behind closed doors in attics, bathrooms and carriers. I could not fathom the thought of them wasting away while a state vet believed they could no longer be alive. Because the state vet closed Lamar Dixon for intake of animals we had to find temporary places to bring the animals. Since Oct. 1 we have rescued over 300 animals which certainly proves the state vet wrong. The volunteers are still staying at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in tents and will be able to do so until October 15th...We do a volunteer orientation 9pm each night in front of the Prowler trailer between barn 1 and 2. We send our teams out at 5:30am.

Warm regards,

Jane Garrison
So why does Jane Garrison and her volunteers (the ones the state was so happy to have just weeks ago) need to hideout from the State Vet and LASPCA when she was the star of the show for LASPCA along with 300-500 HSUS volunteers that helped this state through the worst animal crisis in the history of the world? Nobody stopped rescuing humans while they were still stuck on roofs.

Lets face it for all the criticisn the HSUS has gotten they did put the most rescuers and resources on the ground. No doubt. HSUS in my opinion has answered my questions and admitted areas where they could have done better.

Why would the state stop the momentum that Jane and the HSUS had finally gotten into place? It was working and it was working pretty well – “Feeding Program” itself saved 1000's of dogs and I estimate it might have saved 10,000 cats (who are starving again I imagine as Jane certainly can’t have the team she had when she was “authorized”).

I have it from good sources that HSUS is supporting rescues even though they may not be able to state it out right (more stupid politics and legalize I am sure but at least they are still around) We got reports yesterday of owner after owner thanking rescuers for feeding cats. The owners are finding the cats sitting on the porch happy and healthy in many cases.

The concept that homeowners would flood back into the city and rescue the animals is false. I have to estimate that only 2-5% have returned home and in hard hit areas maybe less. We are fielding dozens of requests a day to "check my house for my pets."

The LASPCA put out a puff document about how they wanted volunteers who are animal control officers and others...but not a single email or phone number on that document appears to work. Animal control officers only? Yea, that will happen...Very few of the people that came to help in the first place were animal control officers. These people all have huge problems in their own cities. Of course some came. Does the dog in the video need to be rescued by an animal control officer? WE ARE ALL SMART ENOUGH TO STAY AWAY FROM AGRESSIVE DOGS. DUH! The cases of animal attacks and disease are almost nonexistent (I did get nicked by a poodle) and every rescuer that went or goes understands the risks and accepts them. Does the state vet have one verifiable case of anyone catching a communicable disease from a pet? This excuse is always used to keep pets out of evacuations and now being used to call off rescues. 90% of the animals left are well fed and hiding under houses scared to death.

Yesterday the requests started pouring in from homeowners that needed a dead animal removed. Calls to LASPCA were given the information –“we do not know who does that.”

How about a simple statement by the Mayor. "As you come back into the city please check on your neighbors pets and bring some dog and cat food as your neighbors pets may be right underneath the house or in the backyard and starving. We don’t suggest you approach aggressive animals.” For that manner how about one simple statement by the Gov or the Mayor about the animals of Katrina.

The crisis continues. We are fielding calls and emails from people in desperate attempt to have pets rescued from houses and we are working around the clock to reunite pets with owners in this mess of a “system.” Read below about how people are helping pet owners in this system.

“Owner Beware” – The system for finding a lost pet is almost not a system at all. has become the defacto standard by that state yet many evacuees have no house and no job yet alone internet access. is particularly confusing even to the Internet savvy. I have had several pet owners ask me what street it is on. The state making the use of virtually the only way to find your pet is another injustice to pet owners, especially the poor and elderly. The system for finding a pet is a royal mess with absolutely no way to fix it now that animals have been sent all over the country and Canada without being tracked. Some shelters are adopting out pets others are being exceptional about finding owners and extending hold times.

So how many volunteers would have had to be used to check every address in New Orleans that first week or so?

Well I have always said that it would take about the same number of rescuers as the city had on as Garbage Collectors x 2. The garbage collectors hit every house in the city once a week right? Multiply by 2 since checking a house for a live animal takes a few more minutes than picking up the garbage. I think that by the time the response was organized by map sections with dedicated teams per area many animals had perished or already were to weak to bark…and of course you have the cat problem as they are so quit. You just needed so many rescuers on the ground to cover the entire city. Was it impossible?

We will never know how many but the worst feeling is all of those animals we didn’t get to behind closed doors.

From Stealth Volunteers Now 120 People strong is helping to match lost pets to owners. Site telling people how to search for an owner is

The group searching for owners is They have about 120 people doing this now and are solving dozens of cases every day. Some of them I would have thought were impossible, but they are a very collaborative group and they make a lot of breakthroughs. Join if you want to help a pet locate its owner.

Billy Playing Around with cuffs the girls found on the bridge:

"Dog Gone Airlines"
Flights Chartered by T Boone Pickens To Rescue Animals

Friday, October 07, 2005

You Can Rescue Animals

Directions to rescuing an animal in your own backyard. No disaster necessary.
Bear At Feeding Time With Beagles

Several weeks before coming to New Orleans my dog rescuing started in Western Maryland. (It actually started with the two I have at home one from “Lost Dog Rescue in N. Va” and another from the Anne Arundel County Animal Control.

By my fathers farm is a small town called Crellin (population: approximately 100). On the road you turn to go into Crellin sets a well kept little house. Right along side the road by the house was a little dog box with a rather large Lab chained to it. The dog was chained for years. They didn’t beat him or anything and I am sure he was fed but I never in many years saw him off the box. It is cold in Western Maryland in winter. I remember passing by in blizzards, rain and baking heat. He was always on the box.

I always thought about how to get him off that box. Finally I just decided I had to try. I wasn’t going to steal him or anything. My father knows everyone so I told him to stop by and ask them if he could take the dog to the farm.

The first response was that they needed the dog for protection. The last crime in Crellin was the some high school kids who knocked over some mailboxes with Pumpkins. I am serious. These are nice people but even nice people take for granted what it might be like to be tied to a box for 4 years. My father started working on them and telling them “Bear” would be so happy on the farm with 11 Beagles and 1 Australian Sheppard. They were not that receptive at first.

I also had him offer money. This got some attention. I simply decided I was going to pay them whatever it took. Next they tried to horse trade. The son wanted a Beagle in return for Bear. Not happening. I upped my offer to $500. I was prepared to go much much higher at this point.

Funny, after a few months they came around. I think with a little insight they must have started to realize it wasn’t right for that dog to be tied up all the time. The final negotiation was a few hundred dollars and that the son could have a Beagle but it stays on the farm. He can come up and see it whenever he wants and they can see Bear whenever they want.

Folks, plenty of animals to be saved in your own back yard. Get creative.

Bear Playing (Now on My Fathers Farm)

Ok how about some controversy? Here is the picture I took of the Mayor right before I asked him the questions about animals to which he replied that the animals as he understood it where all "delirious." Right before that the Governor walked in and they gave each these big hugs like they were long lost friends. Has a anyone heard either of them say a peep about animals? Many people came up to me afterwards and said please tell rescuers to keep up the work as these two don't care. It is the Mayors and Governors own people who are going to suffer years more because of lost pets and they could help that suffering but they don't understand it not do they want to.

Someone should check the Mayor's house to see if he has an an unfixed, half fed dog, with heartworm (we are finding that as many as 75% of rescued dogs have heartworm( tied to tree behind his house...seems like the type.

LASPCA has virtually destroyed rescue operations. The momentum was bashed when Jane Garrison had no place to go. She has a list of 1700 animals being fed and watered not to mention as many as 10,000 cats (that is a guess but cats were on every conrer in the city). Jane's team was feeding virtually every block of the city. Who will feed them? Nobody I guess.

We had plans to put out small kiddie swimming pools and fill them with water via big water trucks in St Bernard. This never happened and won't now I guess. It could have but they kicked the creative thinkers out. This is all on the LASPCA now. They say they have "enough" rescuers. Tell that to the old lady that just called me who trapped an ill tempered pit bull in her shed. She wants it out. She has no idea who to call. She called LASPCA but no answer. To think that these people said "all is well thanks for coming but we don't need your help anymore just 30 days after the biggest pet crisis/disaster in the history of the world. Shame on all the politics.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good stuff coming but for today...Just Need More Help

This blog has the best pics so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics

And this is one of our groups blogs --

Old man who never evacuated "rescuing dogs." He asked us for treats for them. He was a little off but the dogs seemed fine for the time being.

Good stuff and info coming on the blog but for today...Just Need More Help. The need is still massive.

Also Here is a website that will help you find a pet if you lost one:

Phase 2 needs as of 10/6/05

A massive operation still exists


Individual listings describe site locations where volunteers/supplies are
needed. You may contact people specified within a listing. If you still have
questions, email or call 314-863-9445. We are flooded
with calls, but will do our best to provide information not found in this
volunteer alert.

10/6/05 —Hurricane Help for Animals Still Needed

1.) Abbeville, New Iberia Animal Relief
2.) MuttShack M.A.S.H. Unit – New Orleans
3.) Winn-Dixie Site: Disaster Response Animal Rescue
4.) Pasado's Raceland, Louisiana Triage Area
5.) Lake Charles Rescue for Rita's Victims
6.) Alley Cat Allies Onsite For Feral/Stray Cats
7.) Humane Society of Louisiana in Tylertown, MS
8.) Help Horses, Cows... In Rita Storm Regions
9.) Emergency Response for Avian Victims
10.) Staging Area In Dothan , Alabama
11.) Supplies: Drop/Distribution Site
12.) Our Supply Distribution Site (Need Transporters!)

TO SEE IN DETAIL HOW TO SPECIFICALLY HELP ANY OF THESE CAUSES OR GROUPS GO TO THE "COMMENTS" UNDER THIS POST TO A COMMENT TITLED "PHASE 2 CONTINUED". It has very specific info about what to do and how to help. Get this website to people in your local community -- vets, feed stores, animal shelters. It is amazing once people hear things like "we need food for horses and cattle for 6 months" how they respond and organize. The plight of animals is undereported. Help spread the word. Go to Comments for huge list of needs.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Best Pics So Far and People to Be Commended

This blog has the best pics so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics

My little guy --

This is the little lab/mix I tried to get for 2 weeks and finally got him on the 2nd to last day I was in town. He was trapped in his backyard with another dead dog and he was scared to death. This is his vet visit after being rescued (yes we took dogs to vet)

People to Be Commended

I need to give some credit. It is hard to write a blog and not have people assume all kinds of things. First I always had help. In the case of the dog in the drain pipe, that was a group effort with a bunch of great people from Atlanta....Gigi, Russ and others. In fact only one person could get out with the protective suit to get him. There was some small dispute about what to do with him as we were in a motor home and didn't want to contaminate it. I promise you I was ready to spend the night with him (we were miles and miles from areas that had living people). I would have never given him up after he got out of that pipe. Luckily, some guys drove by and I offered them $250 for the use of the truck. I would have paid whatever they wanted. They accepted and then Billy rode in the back of the truck with contaminated dust and contaminated dog. The great people from Atlanta split the $250 with me. Group effort. Here is a list: Lacey, Matt, Susanne, Billy, Kim, Catherine, Molly, Michelle, Jennifer, Fester, Joey, Lisa, Ashleigh, Joey, Camille, Joan, Tom Muller, Laura and many others that just showed up at the Rite Aid and made a difference. (I am forgetting so many, sorry).

A lady name Dorothy at single handedly organized hundreds of volunteers sending them to Lamar, YMCA and Winn Dixie. She is still at it today. If you fill out her form you usually get a call from her in an hour.

Mark and his wife got hundreds of volunteers and supplies to the Winn Dixie. They are still at it today. He on site and his wife on the Internet. This type of operation was repeated in many locals by tenacious people. Mark rescued 16 animals himself yesterday proof of just how much is needed to do yet.

YMCA was set up and successful long before I came along. Gail and Lee and others had been at it for days (sorry names escape me sometimes). I did jump right in. Lee was the one that started feeding all the dogs instead of taking them. He went to many morning HSUS meetings and finally I think they got the idea as they started doing it to. See his interview with Anderson Cooper here on the blog. The feeding and watering in place and on the streets concept saved thousands of animals and was really great for cats who were hard to catch anyway. You can't drive a block anywhere in the city and not see spray painted marking a feeding and watering station. When they all left YMCA to go home I figured that side of town still needed us so we attempted to work at YMCA but it had gotten very dangerous in town by them. We drove out the very first night and found the Rite Aid which was a perfect spot for a small rescue operation. Very nice piece of land at side of Rite Aid and the owner of the Pit Stop bar treated us like gold from day one. I don't mean drinking I mean bathrooms, ice, water, etc. Nobody had time to drink. I didn't have a single beer in the Pit Stop although I had one or two bought from the outside bar. It usually consisted of me drinking ½ a beer and then losing it as we were still working almost all night. One time I took our two cutest dogs to the outside tables and let some cops play with them and recruited volunteers for the next day. It was amazing how many locals wanted to help once they found out what we were doing...Matt and Susanne who lived near the Pit Stop worked with us full time for a week and are still at it. Susanne had already fostered and adopted 4 dogs and 6 cats in her townhouse and Matt fostered several until owners returned.

Quick aside: How do you get Billy to walk and feed all dogs in record time? Tell him when he is done he can go over to the Pit Stop and shoot 2 games of pool.

What I want to make sure is known is that everything done was a team effort all the time. The Rite Aid thing was great because just about the time we got enough good people we got “found” on the Internet so we got call after call after call from owners who sent us to addresses to check on specific pets.

Internet workers were a huge part of success. They have worked for 30 days or more 15 hours a day plus -- finding supplies, and finding owners who needed houses broken into and now they are all working on reunites. There was an army of these people who got me anything I needed. They were the communication. One post a few hours before Rita and we had 6 people offering us places to ride out the storm.

We had 3 vets near the Rite Aid that were on call. Dr. Abadi never turned us away. We just called on our way in from the field and took them right to his place. He charged me but not much. I insisted on giving him more than he wanted to charge so we felt like we could call him anytime we needed. A lady named Eilleen ran electric and water from her house for us and volunteered at camp many days.

All I am saying is when you look at a picture or hear a story know that dozens of people made that pic happen..actually thousands of people. And hundreds of people like me just showed up and started to work.

All people came for the right reasons but It was a tough and emotional environment. I can say that the 12-15 of us in the end at the Rite Aid got along magnificently. I mean it. We just didn't fight or argue hardly ever (notice I say hardly)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

David Meyers Blog -- A true Hero; No previous Experience and helping to run HSUS rescue ops.

Please see David Meyers Blog at
His stories are very good.


Some quotes from his blog (he ended up helping run HSUS rescue operations and some days he was the one giving the am briefings. HE HAD HIS ACT TOGETHER FOR SOMEONE THAT JUST WALKED INTO THE SITUATION-- Read his blog to get a better understanding of the horrow we encountered. This guy got things done.

Quotes from his blog--
"...Then, when I got home, our spokesperson Pia said she was going to volunteer. I thought that was admirable and told her to report to me. When she called me crying, saying I could not imagine the suffering, starvation, and the lack of organized human response, I realized I had to go."

"He left me roadside with this dog, and what I am about to say is 100% true: I knelt down and that little dog reared up on her hind legs, put her paws tightly around my neck, pressed her chest hard against mine and hugged me with her cheek pressed against my cheek. For 20 minutes, that dog stayed on her hind legs, hugging me tightly just like that. I just kept telling her 'You're welcome, you're welcome" and "you're safe now".

"There is much conflict between the shelter staff here who want to limit the number of animals we bring in, and the rescue staff like myself who want to bring in as many pets as we can. I understand space limitations and other concerns, but I and Jane Garrison feel strongly about putting all our efforts into rescuing. If there are too many pets coming in, then the focus should be on stepping up output to other shelters around the country, not ceasing life-saving rescue operations. We are here to make a miracle happen and we can not accept a "no-can-do" attitude!" (There was a constant struggle to bring in more animals. Eric)

"We have only recently begun to use this list, as I didn’t know it existed until this week, and we are now saving pets that have had no contact for weeks." (Sept 25th he just got the list to use for the first time.)

Some friends of mine here are the reason I went--

Emails to me today from rescuers I worked with --
Daschund was called Lassie and reunited with delightful hispanic lady in Harvey - she could hardly speak english and only managed 'brown, black, friendly girl', but any doubts about ownership dispelled when entire family ran up shouting 'lassie, lassie' and dog almost peed with excitement. We have pictures.

Email to me from other rescuer -- (If you were not in this place take your worst nightmare for animals and then multiply by 20. Then see things you don't want to see but keep going because if you don't you can't save the ones still begging for help)

Eric, thank you for you NO diary. I, too, was in NO, but with the Pasado group.
You put into words my experiences. I have tried to explain to others what it was
like, but I am finding it hard to do the experience justice.
You have.
It breaks my heart being back home in (taken out) I want to be back down
there, helping again. So many animals need help, especially now. I keep going
over my contributions to the rescue effort and I try to shake the guilt from my
heart of the ones I did not see, or hear crying. What if the puppy I found was
the healthiest one, able to come to me, and I missed his litter mates
cowering/dying in the background somewhere?
Sorry, I know you, too, are having these thoughts, but reading your blogs
It is a source of shared comfort for those who were there, and a source of
honest information for those who weren't.
I would be back there in a second, but I cannot afford the long drive, or the
gas money again. If you know of any sponsors who are underwriting people to go
down to NO to help, please let me know.
I do not know if you had any expereiences with the Pasado safe haven group while
you were down there, but I found them to be an honest,
hardworking,tenacious,loving, focused group who kept the mission of saving the
animals their number one goal always.
It seems to me you have alot in common with them.
Again, thankyou, and let me know of If I can be of any help in the future

Monday, October 03, 2005

Find Max

Any rescuers see this dog? Here is the request from owner. Typical case: not comfortable with internet, dog left by someone else etc. Does she really deserve just a few more days before MAX gets adopted out?

max was left at 5018 congress dr n.o.l.a. 70126 max was with my 11 year son who was living there with his aunt. they evacuated but chose to leave max there in the house. my sis in law is safe in alabama with my son. i have no way of going to new orleans at this time but i frantically search the web for him. i''ve only been using the computer since katrina hit so i am very illiterate. i have a slow system it's very frusterating. i have met a very wonderful person rebecca she is helping me as much as she can. that's how i got your address. max lost his tags which would have been very helpful because his tags were from az. i called bestfriends early after katrina and left his address but said they wouldn't be able to call me back. i'm enclosing pictures. thank you for any help you can give me.
celeste foley
928-636-6297 house

Previous Post Rescinded.

First time here? Read the Oldest Posts and LOOK AT PICTURES at the links below. Words can't describe what rescuers saw once they hit the ground.

1. My own favorite Post: Click here
2. Best video footage: Click here
3. This blog has the BEST PICTURES so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics and good ones Click here Warning pics of dead animals.
4. School shooting story WITHOUT ANY GORY PICS -- and ton of other great pics Click here
5. And this is one of our groups blogs --
Click here
6. Most amazing photography: I mean must see: Click here
7. To reunite pets with owners: Click here
8. Watch a Pitbull video Click Here

I recently put a post about euthanized dogs and had six quick comments that made me sway my decision to put it up. I obviously don't totally understand when and how and why dogs are euthanized so I retracted it. Someone with more knowledge than myself may may want to comment on it on this site. I don't personally have any experience on it. One comment reprimanded me saying that of course the breed Pits bred fopr fighting would need put down and how could I be so stupid to think otherwide. Well, I went to NO thinking crazy things about Pits and came away from it a changed person...We had dogs with scars all over them as some of the nicest guys in camp. I will admit those were quick expereinces and perhaps these dogs are dangerous to other animals and humans? Every thing I have written about I have felt I had first hand knowledge about and on this topic I just don't so I retracted it. People keep screaming at me for attacking the HSUS. Remember, I went to that camp as a proud member who sent my check off each month. I have simply pointed out specific mistakes rather than ever knock the entire organization. They have some great people.

Further, let be sure of the facts before we "demolish" an entire parish police department. As someone that had innacurate info put out about them I know the internet can be a very, very rumor oriented place. It is easy to guess who killed those animals in the school and easy to say it "must" have been the police...but lets be realistic, it could have been all kinds of people and we have NO let me repeat NO info saying it was any law officer. Let it be investigated by the AG before you fry someone.

State of The Reunion

1. Look back here often. I have much to write about and the video and pictures are going to blow you away. I will also have guest writers and interviews from a variety of important and informed people. (including a video interview of Billy which should be quite hilarious as his take on every issue is quite amusing at times) Why is my blog a hit? Because the people like HSUS and LASPCA who could have told the story did not. Everyone knows what they put out was complete propaganda. God I got emails from SPCA and HSUS asking me for money the entire time. Even today the websites give no clear idea of what went on acting like they "saved the day" They tpok out a few thousands dogs at a cost per animals that is going to be insane and have now lost most of them. HSUS- Stop sending me donation requests in my email every 4 hours.

2. Please send me your pictures and video. I will copywrite them to you and publish to get the story out.

3. Email me so I can compile all your emails for long term communication.

I am back in Baltimore but have resources to pick up all the "call ins" of owners that want animals rescued. All I did was organize some people. Plenty of people still on ground to go look at specific addresses. An animal lawyer tells me they can do nothing to stop a request from a private citizen to have a rescue group check on the house and even break in. Don't worry committed people on ground. I can do much here because I have the contacts to get information out. Today I want to focus on getting owners and pets reunited which is a serious problem given the ridiculous user interface of and Lamar Dixon /HSUS/LASPCA total lack of a way to allow owners to search. Let them comment that they have a way and I will counter with 100's of people who went in search of a pet only to be told "we don't know" where it is. I have testimony from the actual people doing intake saying it is a mess. And the assistant state vet Dr. Marth Littlefield ( I want to know by the way if this woman went on a single animal rescue?) has the gall to be rude and condescending to me and to tell me that all is "ok" with the Tracking System. Get on the internet Doc and read the posts of thousands desperate to find pets that WERE rescued. I will soon post all the places an owners should start looking.

If you took Animals out of state you MUST contact Anita at 302-668-8614 as we are compiling a list of every shleter that has animals. THESE ARE NOT YOUR ANIMALS AND MANY OF YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THEY ARE OR THAT YOU CAN PLACE THEM WITH PEOPLE BETTER THAN THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. The goal here is reuniting owners and many people I met have the attitude that these owners do not deserve them back. I will write more on this topic later.

Posting on Petfinder is NOT good enough. You need to actively search and you need to foster these animals for months. Owners do not even know where to start looking. I heard that the state is saying owners have until October 15th and then animals adopted out? Ridiculous. Owners don't have a clue where to look and until it is organized by HSUS and LSPCA and private rescue orgs no animal should go to any permanent home.

If you have any info at all (phone, address pulled from, etc) we have people who know how to locate the owner. I found an owner in 6 hours yesterday and all I had was a nonworking phone number. I have databases that match that phone number with address and the deed owner of the house and vice versa. It is pretty easy. Once you have a person name you will eventually find them. When is LASPCA going to have a number to call to match rabies tag # with owner?

I could write for hours but I want to focus on our owner reunites just for yesterday....

State of The Reunion

My little team was so scared of the system that we rarely turned over any animal we thought we could find the owners on. I can say that one thing we did right was track our animals. WE KNOW WHERE VIRTUALLY ALL OF THEM ARE. The ones we don't got lost when we turned them over to other rescue groups. Totally lost.

Yesterday we found Joss's owner. Josh is the black lab. These are his new friends. I have had him with me for 15 days. Cute black lAB. Owner turned out to be 76 man desperate to find him. Had him since puppy. Son in law tried to ride out storm. When evacuated he had no choice but to put Josh in a church. How Josh he ended up 8 miles away who knows. These animals have stories. The man an his family are in Houston and estatic and driving to get him (in the save place I have him) on Wednesday. I am sad to see him go. He was my buddy. I got him out of the YMCA, he then was with me for days, I had a nice lady with some Kennels foster him for a few days, then he rode out the storm with me, then I moved him to the Rite Aid location we had until I found a location near Baton Rouge for him. Now he is going HOME. I found his owner by using the crisscross directory to find the owners name, then going and breaking into the house and getting a bunch of old mail. One piece of mail was the owners son. We found the owners son and the owners was living with them. They have spent hundreds of hours looking for Josh.

Reunited with owner Cute Dashund Mix(spelling?) dog. We left note for owner who called us yesterday and went and picked up the dog at Matt's house. Matt was a rescue volunteer and felt that this person would be home any day so he fostered the animal. So cute this little guy, notice to feet, they are almost backwards ---

White poodle -- owners sent a friend to confirm dog was dead after 29 days in house alone with 3 days food and water. She found dog alive but it was confused. She got FBI on street to come in who pulled over Lacey's rescue vehicle. Damn dog was alive and as soon as she got some water she was fine. Owner could not believe it and neither can the vets. She wrote the dog off weeks ago and just now found Dog was driven by film crew making a documentary to Morgan City two hours away and reunited.

We found dogs left in a cage with NO FOOD AND WATER ALIVE AFTER 21 DAYS. NO FOOD AND WATER. NONE. The worthless owner stopped us just 2 miles from his own house and asked us to "check on them" We rescued them and lost this guys number. They survived but look at the condition. This was Mom and puppy. This is why people are still rescueing. Animals like this still trapped Mr Mayor and they are not dangerous or delerios. Billy went through the door like a tornado with his sledge hammer (had to hit the steel door lock at least 40 times) and found them still in the cage in bathroom. It was a horrible and depressing scene until we heard they would live. Of course when WE WENT TO LOOK FOR THEM AT LAMAR DIXON THAT NIGHT WE COULD NOT FIND THEM EVEN THOUGH WE HAD THE ADDRESS THEY WERE PULLED FROM.

"Jaws" owner returns home and calls my note. I have been feeding Jaws a very cute brown dog at his house on Lasalle St. Feeding worked. He didn't need to join a pack and he stayed very healthy. The owner came home to a healthy and happy dog. See all the notes painted on house and him sitting on steps waiting for owner. This dog was rescued by "Lee" and his team at the YMCA who invented in place feeding that was later adopted by HSUS and allowed thousands of animals to be fed at their own homes. Great job Lee.

I have so many pictures. I will be posting all to one site in the coming days and weeks.