Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of 2007

If you have to been to the site before start at the bottom for the stories from the first days after Katrina till now. Some great reading.

Watch this rescue video to understand what it was like in those days after Katrina:
I found this dog 25+ days after Katrina locked in a bathroom with no hope of rescue. Video Click Here This dog was one of 25,000 rescued and 100,000 or more killed.

And then on to the most amazing BS of the Year:

Doogie as he struggled to get up 3 days after he first went down, with his owners ignoring him.

I’d like to bring to light the complete loss of common sense when the state of PA prosecuted Tammy Grimes for taking this dog (Doogie) from a back yard of a house after the owners left it for 3 days laying in the mud, on its back, legs kicking back and forth unable to get up. Common sense often prevails in our courts but not this time. The DA aggressively pursued Tammy for taking/helping the dog and NEVER CHARGED THE DOGS OWNERS WITH ANYTHING.

The Entire Story and Pictures Click Here

What would you have done? I know what I would have done.

As the year comes to an end I’d like to post some dog blog member stats.

Members: 1041
Dogs Saved 2007: 500+
Donations to Emergency Vet Bills by Members: $25,000+ (estimated)

Emergency vet alerts were primarily severe cases of neglect and abuse with high vet bills where the dog would not have been saved without raising thousands of dollars. Cases like the baby Pug mauled and left in a shoe box, several cases of dogs used as bait for fighting, a mother and pups dumped in an alligator pond (whatever that is, and how did people get so cruel?) where only one pup survived with bad injuries.


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