Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help or Peru

Best Friends, local government agree on plan to rescue animals, stave off mass euthanasia after earthquake devestates the area.

By Michael Rinker, Best Friends Senior Editor

Best Friends is moving forward with an eight-week plan in western Peru that calls for more than 1000 spay/neuter surgeries, 1800 vaccinations, and distribution of 15 tons of food, according to chief executive Paul Berry, who approved the proposal Sept. 20.

At stake are the lives of thousands of animals who would be subject to government-ordered mass euthanasia.

Our goal is to show the country’s Minister of Health and his directors that we’ve helped provide a safer, healthier environment in the areas most affected by last month’s earthquake. One of those areas – the province of Ica – signed an agreement Sept. 20 that details the Best Friends mission there. The other areas are Chincha and Pisco.

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