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Katrina Dogs Make it Home

Before getting started if everyone who reads this could send this link to everyone you know; no matter where you live we still need to bring Max home. Someone has seen this guy. Read this and you will understand

Its been a little while since I focused on Katrina but here are two amazing stories of pets being reunited with their New Orleans owners even today. These are truly miracles:

See Whoadie's Story Here

Bears Amazing Story as taken from a popular forum:
KART contacted Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. ARF has a number of dogs for adoption & they immediately responded by sending us all the info they had on 5 dogs (from Katrina). One of those is a black chow they called Sugar Ray rescued in mid-October from Pressburg Street. To be honest, we weren’t all that optomistic—a black chow; October rescue; etc. Adele Tanner took this case and the funny thing is that after we all dug up all these possible phone numbers for the person who lived at the home where the dog was found, Adele just called 411 & got the right #--sometimes the obvious is the first thing we forget! LOL

Anyway, Sugar Ray was Bear & belonged to Mr. & Mrs. Donatto. Bear is an older guy so reunion is particularly great! They had evacuated, leaving Bear in the yard. As we all know, nobody could get back into town for weeks and I suspect they thought Bear hadn’t made it. But sure enough, when they got back, there was Bear sitting on the front porch just waiting. Mr. D. said that being in the yard is what saved Bear as he would have drowned inside the house. They found a shed had floated into their yard & likely Bear hopped on that to ride out the flood. There were indications of feeding/watering stations so Bear had no need to wander to get food. They couldn’t take him back to Lafayette w. them so Mr. D. came down every few days to feed Bear but one day, Bear was gone. Apparently, rescuers did find Mr. D & told him to go to Tylertown which he did right away. They couldn’t find Bear and he had no idea where else to look. We think he MIGHT have gone to Camp Katrina instead of St. Francis though that is unclear.

ARF flew Mr. D up and had a wonderful reunion with him & Bear is now back with his family in their old house on Pressburg. Pictures will follow!

And even Cats are going home:,2545,TCP_16736_5380501,00.html

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At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I don't know if you have heard about the situation in Merseyside England, but breed specific legislation has gone crazy. For more information, check Deed not Breed at
The forums are a good place to start for inormation.

Especially heartbreaking is the story of Cassie, found at

Please spread the word on this -- perhaps knowing that the outside world is watching will help bring people to their senses.


At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for continuing to post and clarify what's going on. I received an email from Best Friends regarding Pablo and was shocked to see the incredibly divisive, nasty and insulting posts accompanying the article, most of them insisting that it wasn't the same dog and that Pablo's owner was a horrible person. Page one also currently has a diatribe from a woman who insists that people under $15,000 all own big TVs, and designer clothes: it's the same old bullshit that poor people don't have a right to own animals. It reminds me of when my husband was still in the military, and a volunteer at the humane society pointedly told me they didn't like to adopt to anyone in our branch of the service, because they were all bad pet owners.

Back on Best Friends: A vet also chimed in with some condescending posts stating that, not that she'd treated him clinically, but that the dog would probably never bond with the original owner again. Apparently not reading the posts that condemned the owner, the vet/behaviorist then claimed that people who were happy about the ruling were "abusive".
I don't understand where all the hatred and anger is coming from.

When there are positive things that can be done to improve the welfare of animals, return pets to their families, or punish abusers, you want to know how to help. I'm glad I can still find that on your blog, it helps bring back some of my faith in other people, not just animals.

At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Pat said...

I agree with the previous poster. I too am tired of hearing these foster parents spouting off about how the original owners were abusive or incapable of providing for the animal's needs. That's just unfair and can't be substantiated.

What about the fact that Pablo was placed before the ninety days was up. The foster parent took part in unethical practices.

What was the motive of these fosters, to get a dog on the cheap or to provide care for an animal temporarily while their original owners were located?

At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALL pet foster parents need to remember that thier job is to provide a stable home UNTIL either the old owner is found or a new one comes forward. The best part of the job is seeing that happy pet go home. The worst part of the job is seeing that pet leave.

Fosters need to remeber that they cannot keep every pet they foster. Those who try often end up as hoarders and the pets they have suffer greatly.

I wish every pet was as lucky as Pablo - he has 2 families willing to fight for him, most would be happy to have just one that was willing to call them one of the family.


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