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A nice ending for Malvin, his friends, Bandit and Lisa Fox

This is an update as of Sept 10th, 2006. Picture of Bandit back home with Malvin in New Orleans. Thanks for everyone who made this happen.

A few notes --I have recently lost all my emails whem my computer crashed...if you are reading this I want your email so shoot me an email at (I had over 2000)

This is a good chance to tell stories of the hell the animal lovers of New Orleans and the Gulf experienced...please use the "comments" to do so.

A nice ending for Malvin, his friends, Bandit and Lisa Fox

Many people on all sides of this have behaved admirably in recent weeks allowing Bandit to go home to his desperate and deserving owner Malvin.

"I'm going to try to get my dog back and take my dog with me everywhere I go," he said. "Before this year's out, I'm going home to New Orleans, and I'll have Bandit with me.
--Malvin Cavalier, several months ago.

Malvin returned home recently and stated that he felt helpless all over again as everthing reminded him of Bandit. Bandits leash.

Bandit, my dogs and I in Annapolis

Well Malvin was correct. He is home in New Orleans and Bandit will soon be on his way home. I picked him up today. What a story it has been. This reunion may just epitomize all Katrina victims doing better in Year Two than they did in Year One – A New Start. Let’s make this a good year for all of them. People have no idea all that they have suffered. Most who have not been reunited with their animals want that more than they want anything else they lost.

Amazing One Year Anniversary
Almost one year to the day since Katrina separated them Bandit and Malvin will be reunited in New Orleans with the help of the friendly crew at United Airlines, who are kindly making room for Bandit in the cabin of the plane this Thursday.
Malvin is specially thankful that Bandit ended up with people like Lisa Fox who took such good care of him and who do understand how desperately he needs Bandit back in his life. He is thankful that Sandra and Cindy helped him when people in the early days simply shut him down. Their role has been misunderstood and it would take me far to long to explain it (one day I probably will). Just know they worked hard with hearts in the right place.

This kid is cute

A special apology to Lisa Fox and her husband for all they have wrongly suffered in this situation. Had they been told the absolute truth in October or Nov., Bandit would have been home within days, not at month twelve. Once they got the correct story they moved within days to return the dog. They placed the phone call to me that got the ball rolling and brought Bandit home.

I would like to state for the record that while of course he has asked for and received some assistance in his quest, Malvin has never waivered from his desire to get is dog back, he has never been coached, and since his and his family’s first requests on Oct. 13th he has 100% with his own mind and spirit been the driver of his own cause, never even hinting that he would give the dog up. Malvin is in the top 10% of us who have that special bond with our pets is deep. Period.

It would have been easier had he not wanted the dog back. That makes it a piece of cake for everyone and the dog stays where it is and everyone is happy. But he was one of the most devastated owners I met along the way. His entire life was consumed with finding his Bandit starting on his first days at the Superdome. Imagine his heavy heart in those six days in the Dome or during the long ride to Houston, when he was being taken farther and farther away from his Bandit. No, Malvin knew he had to find Bandit, and his son’s first emails to me and other groups were literally in desperation. Malvin has recetnly had a rough time returning home as he states "everthing reminds me of Bandit."

The final outcome was made possible by Lisa Fox and her husband Duane themselves when they contacted me to say that they wanted to give the dog back and that they wanted a fair and neutral party to get involved. I knew from the first call they were serious, nice, and honest. Over the course of a few days we gained each other’s trust and moved ahead very quickly. It was not hard. These are WONDERFUL people who finally had the opportunity to speak directly with Malvin. I have come to learn that they really never were told that Malvin wanted his dog back. It wasn’t until they started to read about it themselves that they started to realize what was going on and how sincere Malvin was.

The sometimes unfortunate public perception that they were refusing to return the dog couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Others forces at play complicated the matter and Lisa and her husband never really ever had the truth. When I told Sandra, who had spent the better part of the last year trying to help Malvin get his dog back, that Lisa wanted to talk to Malvin about giving Bandit back, she was ecstatic and deeply appreciative. She knew how much it meant to Malvin for this to happen and was beside herself that good things were finally happening and that Lisa finally had a chance to talk about this directly with Malvin. We always knew Malvin could make his case best himself.

The Foxes are owed an apology by quite a few people. We will see who does so. It will be a litmus test for the Fox’s to see who is genuinely apologetic and who on the other hand had their own agenda. Should you have any kind of note for the Fox's please send it to me at and I will forward it along.

The Fox’s never intended to keep Bandit (who they named Lucky Louie), but were told some misinformation along they way that led them to believe that Malvin didn’t want the dog back. As it became clear to them that he did want his dog back, they quickly reached out to me and we put a deal together. The Fox’s are wonderful people who were put in a bad situation (as other fosters/adopters have been) and were told some inaccurate information. That they stepped forward totally on their own says a tremendous amount about them. It was rather simple actually. It took less than seven days from start to finish after they called me. Right now Bandit is laying on the couch with my dogs here in Annapolis.

Lisa and her husband love this dog. It was not a happy day today to know that through doing the right thing they are suffering from their loss. They did have to feel pain to help Malvin alleviate his but they did what they felt needed to be done. I think of it like this – Bandit has two families, and with a little appreciation by everyone involved, everyone who Bandit has touched will be a part of his life forever.

The Foxes’ return of Bandit near the one-year anniversary of Katrina is a symbol to me. A symbol that regular America has not forgotten the Gulf, that if dogs can go home people can also; That little things like a leash or a dog or a photo Album or seeing their neighbor of 20 years come back to town are more important to Katrina victims than their houses and cars. This week Malvin is made whole again although materially he has much to rebuild. His house was demolished. His possessions washed away. But that meant far less to him than a life without his Bandit. Thanks to Lisa and Duane for recognizing this as soon as they had the truth and ending his unhappiness over Bandit. They made it happen quickly.

What people have to understand is that it is very hard on the people who have adopted Katrina animals and who were not told until very late in the process that owners were possibly looking. They may only find out in the harshest possible way, through the announcement of a lawsuit, or unexpectedly seeing a picture of the dog they adopted in the local paper, with a very unhappy story attached, which they may only have heard about for the first time when reading it in the paper. It should never have to come to this. It’s extremely stressful on all the parties to go through this.

At least he now roots for the right team...a true Steeler fan.

Bandit and Malvin Pre Katrina

Please do something for the Gulf today!!!!! I have always said that every American should visit. You can’t understand the pain until you walk the streets or hear the stories from the people you meet. It does something to be their in person and actually see a row of houses all with a little holes chiseled in the roof to let the people free as the water rose around them (they had no chisels). Half the country is a two-hour plane ride away but few have actually been. Make this trip. (I think the President might even fly over again for the Anniversary)

The fact that this was eventually settled without having to go to court and in a positive way says a lot about Lisa Fox. Mr. Cavalier states that after speaking with Lisa, he is thankful that Bandit ended up with someone who deeply cared about the dog and he understands that these were unique times for all involved.

Let me promise you Bandit/ (Lucky Louie) is just as cute as in the pictures. I can understand why Malvin misses him and the Foxes love him.

Bandits Twin. We met this dog at the dog park this morning with his owner. In an amazing coincidence this man and his dog are from New Orleans and his house was destroyed by Katrina. A good time was had by all.

Mr. Cavalier, who says Bandit is the last remnant of the life he shared with his wife, who after 54 years of marriage, recently passed away. Malvin recently returned home to New Orleans. At this time he was still unsure if he would ever see his Bandit again. I learned today that he broke down as he entered his house that had been demolished and half of which simply was gone…as he found Bandit’s leash right where he left it…One of the few things that remained intact in the house. He was reliving the hell of Katrina all over again. But today he is cheerful and looking forward to spending a lot of time with his little buddy again. Thank you Lisa and Sandra and everyone everyone who helped bring them together again.

There may be many future updates right here, pictures of the reunion, video and information about other issues that may come out of this.

I have preached a lesson that if you get both sides talking in these Katrina pet stories, that they will be settled amicably. This proved it today as have many past cases I have worked on. I have never said that every dog need go home, in fact plenty of owners have made the decision not to take their dogs back...and that is just fine...but it is their decision.

Bandit was returned to me with the agreement of Mr. Cavalier and taken to my home in Annapolis, MD. United Airlines has been on standby offering to allow Bandit to ride in the cabin of the plane even though his size is just a bit bigger than usually allowed. The reunion is scheduled for this Thursday.

Trip to the dog park this morning

Coincidentally, this all comes at a time when volunteers like Sandra and Cindy who had been helping Mr. Cavalier with Bandit’s case had planned a trip to see him in New Orleans over Labor Day weekend, to help him with the repairing of his house and offer him some moral support. Malvin had told them that everything around the property reminded him of Bandit and he was missing his buddy even more than ever and they wanted to be with him. You simply can't understand the connection he has to Bandit.

Malvin is in the middle of rebuilding his house in New Orleans and donations can be given by contacting Eric Rice at I am starting the fund off with $200. Funds will be used to insure that Malvin has all he needs for Bandit so that he can use his own money to rebuild his house. We already have donations of heartworm and a few other supplies. If you know of someone in New Orleans who would be a long term advocate/friend for Malvin and Bandit please let us know.

Please check back for Bandit reunion pictures and information about the resolution of another famous case.

A special note:

If you are an animal rescuer or group who wants to go into disasters, please remember there are rules and you are not allowed to be the judge of who gets their pet back. For good reason, as many of you have shown that you should not have that power. Rules were set up in Louisiana to insure that owners had a chance to reclaim pets. Most people and groups followed those rules as best they could. A minority of them took it upon themselves to judge others, when they could not ever know what those pet owners had experienced. The neglectful owners aren’t the ones searching for months and fighting to get their pets back. Groups who broke the rules only hurt the people who loved their pets dearly and the pets who loved them back. Pets and owners like these at Do these animals look abused? Most of these pets never were located by devestated owners, although many of them are known to have been “rescued”. The owners of anyone of them could have been found in 5 minutes on Petfinders lost reports. But no, these people still suffer because some took the pets with no intention of returning them. Very sad in my book when every dog you took that had an owner meant one more of your local dogs got put to sleep and you devestated good people.

United Animals Nations, Noah’s Wish, HSUS all use the model in disasters of “Rescue, Shelter and Reunite”. If you do not want to play that game -- Don’t come. It is that simple. You have caused great pain to countless people who love their animals just as much as you do. If you can’t recognize peoples’ connections to their pets and think that rehoming every animal you rescue is ethical or moral, then – DON’T COME. And guess what, you don’t even need to worry about an abused dog going back to its home…those people simply don’t look for their dogs. The only people you have hurt are those with deep connections with their animals and the new adopters who are hurt when you tell them things like “this dog has no owner, or it was owner surrendered” and then the owner comes forward. Everyone loses: dog, dogs owner, new adopter and your local pets that need homes. Please review your actions in New Orleans. Over 2000 parents were separated from their children (i mean real children not pets and nobody tried to take those children from their parents. It was an amazingly complicated and horrific situation. To blame pet owners for the hell that transpired was wrong. To keep their pets was wrong. Can you even imagine never knowing what happened to your precious pet....I just don't understand some of you....

more in "comments" --- Gotta run as Bandit, Brooke, Bradley, Buster and I are going for a boat ride...


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Eric said...

More from Eric---

I do not know the “bad” people these other rescuers were meeting along the way but these are the ones I met and did anything I could to help them find their animals, while some others used the rescue as an excuse to cast judgement and rehome animals without so much of an inkling of how much these people loved their pets –

You should post your stories and have those who lost pets or have similar stories post here so that the world understands the hell of Katrina and the sorrow of lost pets...for many it is the most devastating thing they lost….

In their own words…. I have over 600 of these requests and stories and those are the ones written. Many similar were from the 300-400 people who called me directly on my cell phone…..I used 12,000 minutes in 3 weeks….almost all calls about saving specific pets like in these posts --- Eric Rice

Help. God Help. As with most people my father was told he would have to give his dog to the boat driver to be left on a roof. Or be arrested. Either way he snuck off and would not leave hi dog. My dad swam his elderly father and the dog pulling from house to house and tree to tree. Near exhaustion he had to choose between his father and the dog. The dog was his companion for 9 years. He is depressed and devastated. I have to reunite my father and his dog.

Nine cats are trapped in house. Seventy year old woman, Margaret was evacuated to Austin but they would not take her cats. They refused to give her more time to open food.
She is desperate and has nobody to get them. Please someone get them and call my call phone. I will drive her all the way from Austin as I am worried this is going to kill her should she not get these cats back.

My 84 year old grandmother and I were rescued after 2 days in our attic and then dropped on the interstate for days then finally got to Houston. I witnessed and experienced horrors beyond imagination. My cats are still in that sweltering attic surrounded by toxic water. It is unbearable painful to be so helpless. There are 12 cats total. I will never forget the nonstop cries of animals stuck in attics for as long as I live. God please help them all.

My wife and I had to be pulled out of a hole in the attic roof. The rescuers refused the animals. It was the worst moment of my life. (goes into description of animals) Please help save our babies if you can. We have lost everything we ever owned but this all I cry about. (wife is invalid and husband can’t leave her to go look for the animals)

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous emily marcus said...

Horrah! Thank you Lisa Fox, thank you Sandra, thank you Eric! This week was looking to be very bleak for me, a year after I decided to go down and do the small things I could do to help. But this, Bandit's return, cheers me up a bit. Emily

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my sincere apologies to Lisa Fox. I seriously misjudged you. I truly thought you were the epitome' of those judgemental animal rights crusaders who set themselves up as judge and jury of who shall and shall not get their own pets back. I stand corrected and am eating crow (and no it doesn't taste like chicken). I hope your heartache eases and that you can open your heart and home to another little guy, there aren't enough good homes to go around. Thank you for your integrity and honesty and please accept my humble apologies for the many bad vibes I sent your way.

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Laura Holochwost said...

This is wonderful news. I am so happy that Lisa contacted you and that Malvin will soon have his companion Bandit by his side. And I am thankful that Lisa and Duane have generous and kind hearts.

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Beruit updates were posted under the comments from the previous section.

Most important item: Best Friends has started a petition to the Isreali government to allow them to fly 300 animals out of Beruit. Please check previous comments for details.

Eric -- thanks again for allowing me to post these updates here.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Carolyn said...

Thank you Eric for facilitating this reunion, and to Sandy for her never-tiring efforts to help find Bandit and get him home to Malvin...and a special thanks to the Fox family who took such great care of Bandit and though they fell in love with him had the courage, strength and compassion to return him to his beloved friend and companion!

At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Eric, for being the voice of reason and for helping get this over. I am so thrilled to learn that Bandit and Malvin will soon be together again. The way it should be, should have been all along. I'm sure this was difficult for the Fox's to let him go, just as it is difficult for me to understand how they couldn't have known how horribly missed he was, but they have done the honorable thing here and for that, they should receive the thanks and appreciation they deserve. Malvin can get his heart back, rebuilding the home will be that much easier, thanks to the Fox's decision to return his pet. Sandra, if you're reading this, I am so grateful on Malvin's behalf that you were there, digging in your heels, for Bandit all this time. Without you, this would never have come to pass.

Please, if there are any adopters out there who know that the pet they adopted is a Katrina pet, and especially if they have been told an owner is looking for the pet back, please make contact. It is so much harder for everyone to battle through lawyers....and since the owners can't contact you, the only chance is for you to reach out to them. Use Eric if you need to, he usually knows how to reach the owners if he has reason to, but it really won't hurt to just talk to them about their pet. There are still so many, Precious the german shepherd and Missy, the Shih-tzu of a war veteran, who are being grieved over to this day by their owners.

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy and GRATEFUL to each person who played a part in returning Malvin's heart to his life-- I have often looked at his face in the lost pets photo page and you can feel the heartbreak. I can only imagine both his and Bandit's joy when they see each other for the first time since before the hurricane. I will be praying for Lisa and Duane, to ease their pain, on Thursday, too. You are very courageous, and doing the right thing doesn't mean it won't hurt, but you did it anyway.

I also pray to read a story that says that someone has come forward with Laddie, the collie who was last seen in Kingspointe subdivision in Slidell after the hurricane. His lady is equally heartbroken and misses him just as much.

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Updates from Israel and Beruit:

The Israeli group Hakol Chai continued to rescue animals throughout the bombing, often risking their own lives. Along with abandoned animals, they were also dealing with animals that became disoriented by the rocket fire and wandered far from home. They also recued and treated a dog that was reportedly badly beaten when it tried to enter an air raid shelter.

Donations are required to pay for food, veterinary attention, and to provide temporary housing for animals until they can either be reunited or found new homes. You can get updates and donation information from

Best Friends has released funds to both Hakol Chai and Beruit for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Beta), and is contuing to take donations. Best Friends is also planing to airlift 300 cats and dogs to their sanctuary, however they need your help. Please sign their petition at to help them get the blockade lifted so that these animals can be taken to safety. General news updates can be found at

Beta can be reached at or, but the site is often unavailable. Donations can be made at their site or through Best Friends.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger A_Friend_to_Cats said...

I sent a small donation to Bandit's legal fund a couple of months ago after reading about his situation in the paper. I got a nice personal note back thanking me. Tonight I received another reply to my original message - and it was to announce that Bandit was going home!!!

I thought the news couldn't get any better - until I went to Bandit and Malvin's blogspot page and learned that the "trusted third party" to whom Bandit had been entrusted was Eric! I've been reading this blog since last fall, and if there's *anyone* who's a passionate, organized, focused, common-sense advocate for pets and their people, it's you, Eric. You ought to be giving seminars to all the bureaucrats and suits who complicated rescue efforts last year - people need to understand how to be practical, and bend or abandon the "rules" when they're not serving anyone.

Last year when I was reading all those heartrending stories about the animals, I just ached to go down and help. Unfortunately, I'd had a "natural disaster" of my own a few months previously, and all I could do was log on, suffer, and send a few donations. A year later, all my resources are still pretty limited, but I've been able to do some shelter and rescue work. I'm really pleased that tomorrow, August 29th, the anniversary of Katrina, I'll be doing something a little bit extra for the animals. I'm transporting a cat relinquished by its owner to a rescue in a neighboring state. I'll be wearing my "Not without my pets" T-shirt that I got for Christmas last year. And if there were an animal rescue anthem, I'd be singing it.

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric...I totally agree with you about visiting NOLA. I went there in April to help with the rebuilding. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw. Even more, the eerie silence of the nights - no people, no dogs barking, no music, no lights, nothing - was beyond description. The smell was overwhelming, and I'm sure its nothing like it was a year ago. EVERYONE should go, and while you are there, help. That's how NOLA is going to be rebuilt - by the people, not the government. Renee

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, not only is this fantastic news about Bandit and Melvin, this is one of your best postings about the plight of people who lost their animals last year. You say some wonderful things about the need to open our eyes, and work together to do what is right, which was exactly why we all went to help. My heart goes out to Lisa fox, but I commend her for knowing in her heart that it was truly the right thing to do. (LM)

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just heard Bandit is on the plane heading for NO. What an emotional time. To be there and see Malvin and Bandit together again. ERIC - was wondering if they were going to have to fight you for this little guy..he sure fit right in with your it was hard to let him go. Taking this time to thank you Eric for your tireless love and energy for these Katrina pets and their owners. Can I adopt you?

At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to encourage everyone reaading this to make a one year push to get lost Katrina pets home. Please print lost posters for some of these pets and post them at your vet's office, feed store bulletin board, anywhere lost pet posters can be placed and where the general public will see them. If you live in an area where Katrina pets have gone *i.e. Marin county, california, Houston, Texas, pinellas county florida* plaster yout town with lost Katrina pets posters. Print out "Lost Katrina Pets" and take them, with you, leave them in waiting rooms at the dr or dentists, etc etc We CAN do this.

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To follow up on the previous poster, please also do not forget the animals on the streets of New Orleans, being fed and trapped by ARNO (

Please make a donation to help them help these animals and bring them home.

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New update re: Beruit. Copied from Best Friends:

Preparing for lift-off!
September 6, 2006 : 12:00 AM

Dear Members & Friends,

ANYTHING TO DECLARE? It’s going to look a bit unusual to the customs officer when two Best Friends volunteers arrive in Beirut. Their baggage consists almost entirely of …… kitten food!

Really! Lebanon has RUN OUT OF KITTEN FOOD altogether. Maggie from BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the only humane society in the entire country, called us yesterday in an emergency. No kitten food. And nothing available from other countries in the region.

We tried our connections in other countries, too –– Turkey, Cyprus, Greece. Nothing! And while
there’re tons, literally, just across the border in Israel, it’s impossible to bring it in from there, either. We’re aiming to set up a supply from Western Europe, but that will take time. And the
kittens can’t wait.

So when our veterinarian and vet tech arrive at the border in the next day or so, they’ll be
carrying 175 pounds of kitten food –– just enough to keep the younger cats eating for the next
week or two –– and lots of medicine and other veterinary supplies for both cats and dogs.

It’s all part of the continuing urgency to get 300 dogs and cats to safe new homes. (There are
still people threatening to poison the dogs at their temporary refuge.)

That means getting them out of the country and into good new homes. Then Maggie and her colleagues can rebuild their damaged shelters and get back to their lifesaving humane work.

** And that’s why we need your help so urgently **

LIFTING THE BLOCKADE. Almost 10,000 of you signed the Petition to the Israeli Government to lift its blockade of Lebanon, at least for this emergency evacuation. And
tomorrow, Thursday September 6th, they are lifting it altogether. (There were petitions from
other humanitarian organizations, and they all came together at the right time. So many thanks to
all who took part in this.)

And the companies that will be helping fly the dogs and cats out of the country are almost ready,


The Best Friends Emergency Fund has collected $145,351 since we started getting requests for
help from rescue groups in Lebanon and Israel. Of this, $58,322 has gone for the direct care of
the animals in the region. It’s been a huge help. And we’re now saving as much as possible to
pay for the evacuation and adoption effort.

But we’re estimating an additional $200 for each dog or cat brought out of the country. So any amount, large or small, that you can contribute, will be a great help.


* Your DONATION, large or small, to this effort, is urgent and much appreciated. Just click the
Rescue Fund icon on this page.

* Please direct people you know to this page - - if they may be able to help. The more caring people we can reach right now, the better.

As you know, we’ll be bringing all 300 dogs and cats to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for health and behavior checks, before placing them in their new homes. And if you’d like to be one of those homes, please check out the adoption tab above this message.

Between us all, we can really pull this one off. As well as this being A GIFT OF LIFE to these
homeless pets, it’s also A MESSAGE OF PEACE AND CARING to all the people of the region.

So please help now, and thank you so much for being part of this critical rescue.

Michael Mountain
Best Friends


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous said...

You can see some beautiful new pictures of Bandit at this

There's also some great background info on the whole year long saga.

So glad he's home - he looks so happy!

At 5:28 PM, Blogger alliegirl said...

Thanks for the reminder about
There's a lot of information there that I hadn't seen before and that new picture of Bandit is priceless!!

also please visit !!! Let's get some more pets back to their owners...

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At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy Grimes of Dogs Deserve Better jailed for helping dying dog.

After the neglected, chained dog had been lying down unable to stand for at least 2 days, and after repeated calls to the local humane society were ignored, Tammy Grimes rescued the dog, and took him to a vet. She was later contacted by a police officer and told to return the dog. When she refused, she was jailed.

Full details can be found at Best Friends at:, along with details of who to contact to support Tammy.

A letter from Tammy can be found at:

Video of the condition of the dog before rescue can be found at:


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Further information and photographs on the situation surrounding the arrest of Tammy Grimes can now be found at Dogs Deserve better at

To quote Tammy: "I made a hard decision; this decision was that I could not have lived with myself or looked myself in the eye if I were such a coward as to leave Doogie lying there dying on the ground for fear of what would happen to me."

Tammy is looking for assistance with legal fees, with getting the story out to the media, and with having the dog's owners charged with animals cruelty. (As of now, Tammy has been charged with 4 different offences, but the dog's owners have not been charged with anything)

Please help to right this injustice.



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