Monday, October 03, 2005

State of The Reunion

1. Look back here often. I have much to write about and the video and pictures are going to blow you away. I will also have guest writers and interviews from a variety of important and informed people. (including a video interview of Billy which should be quite hilarious as his take on every issue is quite amusing at times) Why is my blog a hit? Because the people like HSUS and LASPCA who could have told the story did not. Everyone knows what they put out was complete propaganda. God I got emails from SPCA and HSUS asking me for money the entire time. Even today the websites give no clear idea of what went on acting like they "saved the day" They tpok out a few thousands dogs at a cost per animals that is going to be insane and have now lost most of them. HSUS- Stop sending me donation requests in my email every 4 hours.

2. Please send me your pictures and video. I will copywrite them to you and publish to get the story out.

3. Email me so I can compile all your emails for long term communication.

I am back in Baltimore but have resources to pick up all the "call ins" of owners that want animals rescued. All I did was organize some people. Plenty of people still on ground to go look at specific addresses. An animal lawyer tells me they can do nothing to stop a request from a private citizen to have a rescue group check on the house and even break in. Don't worry committed people on ground. I can do much here because I have the contacts to get information out. Today I want to focus on getting owners and pets reunited which is a serious problem given the ridiculous user interface of and Lamar Dixon /HSUS/LASPCA total lack of a way to allow owners to search. Let them comment that they have a way and I will counter with 100's of people who went in search of a pet only to be told "we don't know" where it is. I have testimony from the actual people doing intake saying it is a mess. And the assistant state vet Dr. Marth Littlefield ( I want to know by the way if this woman went on a single animal rescue?) has the gall to be rude and condescending to me and to tell me that all is "ok" with the Tracking System. Get on the internet Doc and read the posts of thousands desperate to find pets that WERE rescued. I will soon post all the places an owners should start looking.

If you took Animals out of state you MUST contact Anita at 302-668-8614 as we are compiling a list of every shleter that has animals. THESE ARE NOT YOUR ANIMALS AND MANY OF YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THEY ARE OR THAT YOU CAN PLACE THEM WITH PEOPLE BETTER THAN THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. The goal here is reuniting owners and many people I met have the attitude that these owners do not deserve them back. I will write more on this topic later.

Posting on Petfinder is NOT good enough. You need to actively search and you need to foster these animals for months. Owners do not even know where to start looking. I heard that the state is saying owners have until October 15th and then animals adopted out? Ridiculous. Owners don't have a clue where to look and until it is organized by HSUS and LSPCA and private rescue orgs no animal should go to any permanent home.

If you have any info at all (phone, address pulled from, etc) we have people who know how to locate the owner. I found an owner in 6 hours yesterday and all I had was a nonworking phone number. I have databases that match that phone number with address and the deed owner of the house and vice versa. It is pretty easy. Once you have a person name you will eventually find them. When is LASPCA going to have a number to call to match rabies tag # with owner?

I could write for hours but I want to focus on our owner reunites just for yesterday....

State of The Reunion

My little team was so scared of the system that we rarely turned over any animal we thought we could find the owners on. I can say that one thing we did right was track our animals. WE KNOW WHERE VIRTUALLY ALL OF THEM ARE. The ones we don't got lost when we turned them over to other rescue groups. Totally lost.

Yesterday we found Joss's owner. Josh is the black lab. These are his new friends. I have had him with me for 15 days. Cute black lAB. Owner turned out to be 76 man desperate to find him. Had him since puppy. Son in law tried to ride out storm. When evacuated he had no choice but to put Josh in a church. How Josh he ended up 8 miles away who knows. These animals have stories. The man an his family are in Houston and estatic and driving to get him (in the save place I have him) on Wednesday. I am sad to see him go. He was my buddy. I got him out of the YMCA, he then was with me for days, I had a nice lady with some Kennels foster him for a few days, then he rode out the storm with me, then I moved him to the Rite Aid location we had until I found a location near Baton Rouge for him. Now he is going HOME. I found his owner by using the crisscross directory to find the owners name, then going and breaking into the house and getting a bunch of old mail. One piece of mail was the owners son. We found the owners son and the owners was living with them. They have spent hundreds of hours looking for Josh.

Reunited with owner Cute Dashund Mix(spelling?) dog. We left note for owner who called us yesterday and went and picked up the dog at Matt's house. Matt was a rescue volunteer and felt that this person would be home any day so he fostered the animal. So cute this little guy, notice to feet, they are almost backwards ---

White poodle -- owners sent a friend to confirm dog was dead after 29 days in house alone with 3 days food and water. She found dog alive but it was confused. She got FBI on street to come in who pulled over Lacey's rescue vehicle. Damn dog was alive and as soon as she got some water she was fine. Owner could not believe it and neither can the vets. She wrote the dog off weeks ago and just now found Dog was driven by film crew making a documentary to Morgan City two hours away and reunited.

We found dogs left in a cage with NO FOOD AND WATER ALIVE AFTER 21 DAYS. NO FOOD AND WATER. NONE. The worthless owner stopped us just 2 miles from his own house and asked us to "check on them" We rescued them and lost this guys number. They survived but look at the condition. This was Mom and puppy. This is why people are still rescueing. Animals like this still trapped Mr Mayor and they are not dangerous or delerios. Billy went through the door like a tornado with his sledge hammer (had to hit the steel door lock at least 40 times) and found them still in the cage in bathroom. It was a horrible and depressing scene until we heard they would live. Of course when WE WENT TO LOOK FOR THEM AT LAMAR DIXON THAT NIGHT WE COULD NOT FIND THEM EVEN THOUGH WE HAD THE ADDRESS THEY WERE PULLED FROM.

"Jaws" owner returns home and calls my note. I have been feeding Jaws a very cute brown dog at his house on Lasalle St. Feeding worked. He didn't need to join a pack and he stayed very healthy. The owner came home to a healthy and happy dog. See all the notes painted on house and him sitting on steps waiting for owner. This dog was rescued by "Lee" and his team at the YMCA who invented in place feeding that was later adopted by HSUS and allowed thousands of animals to be fed at their own homes. Great job Lee.

I have so many pictures. I will be posting all to one site in the coming days and weeks.


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At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I was trying to contact the LA state vet one day and a nice man from out of state gave me a number. Imagine my surprise when he gave the private number (cell phone). I called it and talk about rude. Did not post it, but if you would like it, e-mail me and I will pass it on. Keep up the good work.

At 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Eric is right. Many folks are judging owners and don't want to see the pets go back to them. 5 days at Lamar Dixon dealing with hundreds of owners. The folks who go looking for their pets love the. Ok, so they didn't microchip or neuter but neither did I 20 years ago. Now I do Golden Retriever Rescue and save dozens of dogs each year. Its a learning process--learning how to be a better pet owner. They should get their loved pets back. Everyone? No, not the ones who obviously abused their animals. But most are good with good hearts.

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so happy you are back...!!
Ive been trying to find some dogs that owners are asking for, it is very difficult as you say, some have hair cuts ..

I really missed you, you dont know who I am, but I read every word you write and suffer and enjoy with you.
Thanks for giving us hope in human society

Selina :)

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous sidhewlf said...

eric,I've been reading your blog and have to say thank you for all that you've done. I can imagine it is frustrating trying to work with and understand how some of the larger organizations operatre. You must keep in mind the HSUS HAS to work in comjunctions with the red tape of the political system. They do not have the free reign that you have. They also have hundreds of volunteers they have to coordinate safely and never exactly knew who was going to show up at the gate with rescues. I'm sure each individual working with HSUS could be as organized as you but it's just not gonna happen when politics is involved. Their hearts are still with the safety of the animals though. Keep up the good work guy.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Shellynoir said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Then they should not be in the rescue side of the business. or should work hand in hand with Pasado. Their biggest mistakes were not the fault of red tape but of 1) not using the database of owners that called 1-800humane1 and of not having any database program to track owners. Everyone including Jane Garrison is a volunteer. Who is the person who's title is VP of Rescue Operations? They made it up as they went.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Like many others, I am so thankful for your (volunteer) work for the animals and also your courage. I had never heard of you (or Pasado) before Katrina, but you all really rose to the occasion.

It seems clear that HSUS, however well-meaning, is not organized for efficient and effective animal rescue. It may be well-suited to overall political dealings with officials and fund-raising, but the hands-on rescue work obviously needs to be done by smaller organizations with dedicated animal-loving volunteers as opposed to non-profit office staff and contractors who do the job mainly for money.

There are several obvious groups doing great rescue work along with strong individual advocates such as yourself. Perhaps there is a way to better coordinate these groups and people working together in disaster situations, for the good of the animals?

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job Eric - Please think about turning the dogblogs into a book; It'll be a real eyeopener to all those well meaning people (like myself) who contributed to pet rescue by giving mopney to HSUS. After seeing their website listing a few happy stories I was under the impression that they had it well organized -its all okey-dokey 'cuz they got it under control. Then to see that what they are reporting is just not jiving with what the other groups have to say. They may know how to do the bureaucratic two-step but they need to learn how to take the LEAD. There is a real need for people who can deal with redtape but they need also to realize that the workers in the field have THE MOST CRUCIAL JOB - the one that needs done first. The HS of "United States" should not be bowing down (perhaps it is bending over?) for the state authorities and acting like their hands are tied because somebody somewhere said "Boo".

After finding dogs in the databases so hopelessly misidentified that the owners could not possibly find them I started advising people to look at "all dogs" and scan for the color. Some it seems are intentional - pits particularly pups are listed as boxer cross - helpful in getting around the breed ban but not for reuniting pets with their rightful owners.

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous sidhewlf said...

I believe we will see a lot of changes for future rescue incidents evolve because of the Katrina experience with both the handling of people and pets.I still say thank you and keep up the good work.

At 11:56 AM, Anonymous StephanieW said...

Why haven't these organizations (and we use the word 'organize' with irony)found people like Eric to take some initiative to get commen sense done.

Thankyou Eric.

Don't let those officials sit confortably, keep kicking butt. And ask for help from all of us on anything we can do to make this happen.

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have done for the sweet furry babies in NO. It's great seeing pictures of your rescues and hearing their stories. Look forward in the days ahead to reading about your experiences. I second the motion that you turn this into a book ...

Thank you for showing the world what one person can do when they act upon conviction. ==^oo^==

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness there are people like you Eric. I too speak with the same tongue. Cheesed off with some of the charities here in the UK also, who take your money and do nothing for the animals! BLOODY CHEEK!! Shame on them!! The RSPCA In Britain, are the only charity who can legally enter a proprty to rescue an animal - THEY DON'T!!! They only come and rescue when an animal is on its last legs. And then they euthanise it. Yeah, great work RSPCA. They all have fat salaries though and look the part. There needs to be some REAL changes worldwide re: animal welfare, and get rid off these time wasters, who are happy to let animals die in Vain!

For the animals,

"Human Evolution = Animal Liberation"

" The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing"

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric - new problem . I am seeing HK pets listed FOR SALE at next day pets - rotties and a bloodhound pup. Also some shelters are saying that they have "adopted out" all their HK animals. Arent they supposed to be fostered for a while to give owners a chance to reclaim their furry family members? Not sure what to do, hoping you will know.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I would third the book idea. I have read every word of your blog since the beginning of HK. AMAZING how you did the rescue missions and kept up the blog. Have been hanging on the updates. I too had donated significantly to HSUS expecting the job to be done by them. After reading your blog, sent more $ to PASADO and others on the ground. It has been a heartbreaking journey that's not over yet, but THANK GOD for pure souls like yourself who have saved so many. May your life always be happy, you have earned it!
Thank You SO MUCH.
Cathy Redman

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bear in mind that some pets were surrendered by owners and there are some whose owners are confirmed deceased, so some of the currently available Katrina pets are truly available and do not have an owner searching for them.

However, in general, I think most owners should get their pets back. But obviously not that jackass who locked the mom and pup in a cage with no food or water. That person should be charged with cruelty.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

Eric, Great work. I check your blog daily and wish I could do more to help this situation than send money. I have been searching the internet trying to help three different families recover their beloved pets. In doing so, I have been bothered by a couple of, In many cases the description of the pets at are so general, it would not be possible to pin it down to any particular pet. Sometimes there isn't even a gender listed, a collar ??, and some of the pictures I can only wonder why they bothered to post them. You can't see anything in some of them.
Another thing bothering me alot is the fact that I'm seeing humane groups already offering these pets for adoption. Wasn't there supposed to be a holding period for these pets? It breaks my heart. They are not allowing the owners time to find & claim their pets.
Also, I saw a classified ad looking for the owner of two Dachshunds and offering them to the highest bidder if they are not claimed. That made me uncomfortable. It makes me worry that many of these pets have a rough road ahead of them.
I hope
god and people like you will continue to look out for them the best you can. Thanks again. You have done alot to help restore my faith in humans, which is often shaken these days. Best wishes to you. Jan

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

The issue of
Some people are lambasting me as being full of myself etc.

My statement is simple: if the public had any answers they would not be turning to me. Why am I getting an email every 30 seconds from someone that has no idea about how to find a lost pet even though they have called every agency that is susposed to know: State Vet, HSUS, LAMAR Dixon, LASPCA, HSUS and others. The answer is because NOBODY knows how to help them. If any of them do then let them post directions for all to see right here and I will retract everything I have said. Can someone in power right directions about how to recover lost pets and post here? That is a request.

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

I wish all the rescue groups would work together and list ALL rescued animals in one central data base with a good desription, gender, coloring, collars, and clear pictures. Often the breed isn't anywhere near correct. Every organizations seems to be doing their own thing. They could do more to help these owners locate their lost pets. There are desperate owners out there. Pets have been shipped all over the country. People don't have the means to search all these shelters but they still want there babies back and some are already being put up for adoption. It kinda makes me mad.

At 4:01 PM, Blogger Mary Jo Nieson said...

Dear Jan- it kinda makes everyone mad (like a mad dog with rabies!) but the reality is/was so many need saving and there's no room at the inn and not enuf people to even save them all. How then to suddenly have a coalition of groups when the need was so gr8 and immediate. Look what happened to FEMA when they stuck under HS!!!
Cry for the world and pray things improve. This is certainly not the country I grew up in.

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Pam said...

When you get time in the coming weeks I would be interested in your thoughts on how Pasado and Best Friends were on the ground.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Pam said...


In the coming days when you have time I would be interested in your impressions of Pasado and Best Friends rescue groups.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened in NO with local and state gov't is what could be expected. There was obviously a big problem with stray pets, dog-fighting and other animal issues long before Katrina. Add in a very corrupt state and local government. Then the feds fail to respond to the neediest of citizens, those who could not flee. Evacuees are forced to leave their pets behind. That would have been the end of the story if there weren't so many animal-lovers like Eric in this country who converged on NO. The HSUS and ASPCA is unable to fit the bill but they pretend they are, and leave NO with their coffers filled with Katrina donations. I just received their Christmas mailing and sent them a rather scathing letter. I'm sure they have already spent oodles coming up with a response letter for disgruntled long time members who didn't appreciate their "response." I pray for the rescuers who are still there, the animals that await their help and that those responsible, who either looked the other way or used the situation to inflict more cruelty will be punished.

There are a lot of animal-lovers who have followed this story and will continue to follow it, fund the rescuers, feel their victories and their anguish. There are also a lot of animal-lovers in NO - people who are searching for or who have already been reunited with their pets and the NOLA forum people, who are trying to make sure all animals are rescued and using their smarts to locate owners. They are on the ball, like Eric is doing now.

I was wondering when they would begin putting down pit bulls who were fighters. The breed has always had a bad rep, but so do many other breeds. The NOLA pet forum folks located the owner of an aggressive Akita, in the nick of time. Rescuers were going to have to euthanize the dog due to aggression. It would take a special person to adopt a former fight-dog, but it could be done. With so many pit bulls needing homes and not wanting to make that judgment call, euthanasia is the only answer now.

Let's just hope that this rescue continues and support the effort for as long as it takes!

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked at Lamar Dixon for a week (got home this weekend) and it was quite an experience. I have never spent much time with people who are involved with animal rights/animal care organizations and I have mixed feelings about the whole experience.....and about comments like some in this blog.

I strongly believe that we need people like you, Eric, who keep pushing for BETTER conditions. However, I also think people should have some respect for organizations like HSUS who are doing SOMETHING, even though it is imperfect. It seems like everyone will complain about HSUS and hold up smaller organizations (I'm not going to name any specifics) as doing the REAL work....but when I talk to people working with some of those small unnamed organizations, they are just as disheartened about false advertising and poorly organized operations in the smaller rescue groups. I personally have seen false information about the # of animals rescued put up by a small organization on a website....

Please, everyone, keep pushing for better systems, but don't hold out anything as an ideal unless you have personally had experience with it. In the meantime, PLEASE keep finding ways to help, like Eric is doing with the animal-owner reunification searches.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with a small grass-roots rescue organization that has sent in three teams of volunteers and rescued about 150 cats and dogs.
A large percentage of the dogs have heartworm disease and skin issues such as scabies and mange.
Many of the females have been used for breeding, obviously having had multiple litters. And, a few have mammary tumors.
Heartworm disease WILL eventually KILL an animal, in a very painful way.
These animals were in desperate need of rescuing long before Katrina hit. Why is this issue not being addressed?
What saddens and angers us most is that many of these people will go out and get another puppy or kitten and start the cycle all over again.
Our hope is that this tragedy will eventually be used as an opportunity to educate the obviously naive public about the horrors that routinely exist for so many animals. It would also be a great opportunity to address the pet over-population issue.
One of the mass dog shootings at two separate facilities provided the perfect example. A young woman and her husband -- or boyfriend -- came back to claim their one living dog, obviously a pit bull mix, and her litter of puppies. The woman was shown loading up in her vehicle the mother dog and the litter of puppies. That image would make anyone seriously involved in animal rescue crazy.
The couple featured in the piece had so few resources that they had to leave their animals behind for weeks -- in a hurricane. Now, they have an unspayed mother dog and a new litter of pups. It truly is a tragedy.
Those reading this will be happy to know that my organization is providing full vet care and physically rehabbing the animals before placing them in loving, responsible homes.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Pennie said...

Hi Eric,
Have been reading your blog, but not commenting. I have to join ranks with you in saying how disappointed I am with the national organizations. I am a vet. tech. who worked down in Tylertown, MS. with the LA Human society.
Before this I sent my monthy check to North Shore Animal League...not anymore. They pulled in with their huge A/C mobile unit and tried taking over the camp. They had two techs. who worked their butts off helping us...the rest of the doctors and crew were too busy in their meetings and doing press conferences and adding red tape to our efforts to help the animals.
We had crews heading out to the Winn-Dixie every day to bring back animals who needed us...they tried to stop it. We had recognized rescue organizations willing to take those with tags and collars to a safe place until their owners returned and they tried to stop it.
I've learned through first hand experience it's us "rogue rescuers" who really have made a difference in these dog's lives.
I've found two owners since I got back to NJ and cried with joy each time. Still looking for some other owners and hoping my luck holds out. My blog has become a testament to my experience down there and how much these dogs/cats have changed my life.
Thanks for being one of the "rogue rescuers" who made a real difference down there.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger savethepets3 (Kris) said...

i wrote this in the Nola forum but wanted to post it here also.

One thing i can say about him (Eric Rice)is that when he went and rescued a animal, he would try call the owners right away and if they couldn't get their pet then someone would work right away on finding fostercare (internet volunteers).And i really think that is a key for future massive rescues. If he "could" call onsite, as i know cell towers were down, then he had contacts that he would get the info to later on when he had communication and also involved us all to find owners. At least that is what i have witnessed here.
I never read anything where he bashed the whole org. of HSUS, he just stated his frustrations as alot of us have done.

I have contacted owners where there house was broken into and pet rescued and the owners never heard a word about it. If the big org's needed help contacting owners they could have come to us for help just as well (*Internet volunteers). We could have had more people come to the shelters and pick up the animals or fostercare them and that would have cut out some of the need to ship out animals .. and cut down on costs to make that happen.

As far as i am concerned, this is the one of the biggest grassroots efforts for animal (and people)rescue in this country to date and he involved us directly.

I think we can all learn from this and learn to take some constuctive criticism as well, including the SPCA and the HSUS.

"It Only Takes One Person To Make A Difference"

At 12:33 AM, Anonymous silvertooth said...

138 Animals taken to Jackson, Wyoming, and being put up for adoption, NOW. Does anyone know about this? What shelter they were taken from? Are they listed on dogdetectives, or petfinders?
I'm sure they mean well, but the shelter in Jackson has a hard time adopting out the animals they have normally. This is a fairly underpopulated part of the country.
She says she has poodles, bassets, a Great Pyrenees,etc.
Just thought someone should know.

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At 9:41 AM, Blogger Yahnwilkins said...

I have been heartbroken since Katrina hit!!!!
We need to change some laws and we can do it!!!
People should not have to leave their animals for anything. We need stricker laws on dog fighting and abuse!!!
The state of Louisiana is in a sad state and needs to take control of their actions and their people including some of their bad police. They are in on it too, they have to be otherwise this problem would not be so out of hand.
I don't want my tax dollars going to a state that doesn't take care of their animals. We are going to be paying for Katrina everyone, stand up with me an call the police and elected officials and let them know how you feel. They need to be help accountable!!!!

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Yahnwilkins said...

I have been heartbroken since Katrina hit!!!!
We need to change some laws and we can do it!!!
People should not have to leave their animals for anything. We need stricker laws on dog fighting and abuse!!!
The state of Louisiana is in a sad state and needs to take control of their actions and their people including some of their bad police. They are in on it too, they have to be otherwise this problem would not be so out of hand.
I don't want my tax dollars going to a state that doesn't take care of their animals. We are going to be paying for Katrina everyone, stand up with me an call the police and elected officials and let them know how you feel. They need to be help accountable!!!!

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