Friday, September 30, 2005

The Mayor's Conference

I am telling you this place is just nuts. Some body from Homeland Security just came by and she got me into the mayor's conference. FBI, ATF, the National Guard, all sorts of security seemingly not knowing who was protecting who and none of them really seemed to care.

My question to the mayor was “Do you support or are you aware of a concerted effort to rescue animals trapped behind closed doors?” And his response: Didn’t answer at first about his support. Then he made some ridiculous comments about those animals being delirious. It was painfully obvious that he has no idea on this issue. It’s not at all important to him. He then commented that the LASPCA told him that animals are delirious. No one understood whether that meant that they would or would not be rescued. Went up to the mayor’s press person and she said that all they know they is that the state vet says to stay away from animals because they are delirious. I assume they mean vicious.

Let me tell you people. We get into houses to save these animals and they are begging to be rescued. They jump into your arms. Even the pit bulls. I have talked to 100s of rescuers. And they all confirm that these animals have a will to survive. A strong will. And they know that we are there to rescue them. Almost none are ever vicious. And if they are we go to the next place until we have the appropriate tools to deal with the more difficult ones. This state vet in Baton Rouge, not in the field spouting some garbage from a textbook saying that the animals are delirious. What the heck does that means? And this vet is potentially shutting down these rescue efforts. Time = life. Every day that goes by means another potentially dying pet.

From what I have seen here there is absolutely no way that they will stop rescuers tomorrow. I would just tell anyone to continue. The police, FBI, and National Guard are not going to stop on the street rescuers. But please be aware and careful to not take animals from people that have returned home.


At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video of sheriff's men shooting..

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric -

I cannot thank you and the other rescuers enough for everything you've done and for staying in spite of all you've had to endure! The local and state officials there are the ones who are delirious. They are reeling from the discovery of gross incompetence and corruption within their "system." Please be careful and save as many as you can!

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You are a heart breaks and I wish that I could join you and the is amazing what you are and all in NO are in my thoughts and prayers...thank you thank you thank you

At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only ones that are delerious are the supposed leaders in LA and New Orleans. Is there anywhere we can go to get sane help? Federal? International?

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Richard Adams book "Plague Dogs" the villainous lab owners spread rumours that the escaped animals are carrying plague so that they will not be rescued by well meaning people.
Dont any of the rescue orgs have vets who can contradict the state vet's stupidity?

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the term "delirious" was used by the state vet and others ONLY in reference to the cattle that was left stranded to drink salt water.
That idiot mayor is so completely ninformed. the ONLY people he listens to are elitist white males in suits with money---he's their puppet, their Uncle Tom, their whipping post, their bendoverboy

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At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Myriam said...

Eric, please if you can, stay a little longer. If it had not been for you and other rescuers, we would be in the dark about these horrible happenings. All those poor little babies are still waiting, please save them. God Bless you all.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Canada's Matt said...

What I fail to understand is, WHY does the rescuing HAVE to STOP by a pre-determined date anyway ???

If there are animals that need to be rescued, or trapped and euthanized due to their ill physical health or mental state than why would efforts STOP ? As anyone with HALF a heart knows, abandoning these or ANY animals in a situation like this, is just NOT an option. Fully-functioning humans CAN'T/WON'T let that happen!

Is rescuing perceived as a hinderance in cleaning up New Orleans ? Why the big rush to leave helpless creatures to die the WORST possible deaths?

If the LASPCA/HSUS or whomever calls off the "official" rescues, that shouldn't discourage independent organizations from continuing -as long as they're funded, right?

Will someone brief me on the politics of this situation please?

What reasons are being given as to why the animal rescues HAVE to STOP? (Official reasons?)

To ALL the rescuers: I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for doing what is RIGHT - undeniably !!!!!


btw - I have been keeping a blog of Katrina animal pics. The good, the bad and the downright heart-breaking. The blog wasn't originally intended for this, but real-life can surely change plans. Whenever you run into some heartless knuckle-head, send em to my blog to SEE what you're talking about when describing the horrors that the pets and wildlife are enduring in New Orleans and area. It's a good place to visit when you think YOUR life is rough - a reminder of REAL suffering. There are NO ads, spyware, porn, viruses etc. on my blog. I do NOT profit in ANY way from your visit. I just wanted to, perhaps, influence compasssion-challenged or low EQ humans into waking up and realizing what this disaster has truly done, and continues doing to these helpless, human-enslaved animals. check it out here :

ps. I think Eric has done an outstanding job, and hopefully when he leaves (I think he's left, now) someone could go back in his place.

At 10:34 PM, Blogger lanekry said...

I have talked to the Louisiana ACLU about this and they cannot ask you to leave any parts of the city that are open to the public. It is wise to carry id. Think of it this way, Alley Cat Allies does exactly what you all do EVERY SINGLE DAY all over the country and no one stops them. Heck, ANIMAL CONTROL does this all over the place to. If they tell you to leave please contact the ACLU. I have been so saddened to hear about the dog massacres. I am ashamed to be human at times like this.

I am also sick of people spreading this garbage about this being 'retaliation'. Do people REALLY believe that a man that got so much gratuitious pleasure out of killing animals, such as on the Dallas News video where Minton was shown running over and shooting animals, would REALLY need encouragement to kill and torture even more animals? Puhleeze. These people who did this need to be stopped, they have probably been killing animals since they were little kids, and will soon graduate to humans, probably their wives and children if they haven't already.

At 1:29 AM, Anonymous said...

How can I help? i would rather come down for the weekend and help rescue......

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous said...

And I am a vet tech and office manager of a vet clinic. I can't bring supplies but animals love me and I'm good with hard rescues.

At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Karen said...

Go to the Animal Legal Defence Fund for help with seeing that the shooters of the dogs, when identified, are charges with animal cruelty and prosecuted. This is a group of lawyers pushing for better cruelty laws and stiffer penalties. They also lend their expertese to prosecutors in cruelty cases to help ensure a conviction. They can probably steer you through where to go with your evidence and who to talk to. Be aware; this is what I am understanding from reading their website ( I think I am interpreting this correctly, but I could be wrong. Talk to these people for yourself.

At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following the rescues from afar in Portland, Oregon - I really appreciate your work, Eric, giving us on the ground reports as frequently as you have.

I have called from early on - mayor, governor, FEMA, etc., to urge continued rescues. Today I felt like Alice in wonderland - with word that LD is closing, and some site in NO supposedly starting up, I called the state ag folks and asked to speak with the State Vet's office - I talked to some guy who's probably just a receptionist - I urged the state Vet to use his/her powers to oversee the continued rescues in NO - he assured me that LA SPCA was opening an alternative site in Algiers, and that this information was posted on Petfinders, and it would be open tomorrow (Oct. 1). I told him that as of that time (3:30 NO time) there was NOTHING on the LA SPCA site. After talking to him, I checked Petfinder, and there was absolutely no reference to anything in Algiers.

Now, very late at night, I see there is finally a mention of the new Algiers site on the LA SPCA site, but it won't open until Oct. 7, and it appears that it will be for only very limited hours.

And, about the same time, after hearing of the dog murders in SB parish, I called the emergency manager's phone number for the parish - listed on the state of Louisiana's web site. The phone rang and rang and rang - no answer, no voice mail, no forwarding.

I guess we need to focus on the animals rescued - and send our thanks to folks like Eric, the Winn Dixie group, Pasados. Those who most helped the animals, and the people, were people who took matters in their own hands, rescuing, bringing food and water to the community. Let that be the lesson to all of us should disasters strike our own communities.

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please do not take what the mayor of NO says the State Veterinarian said as gospel. He couldn't get something right if his life depended on it. Unfortunately, others lives did.
Thanks for all you are doing!

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't take advantage of the opportunity to come back with the reality of the situation. As such a VIP with access to the mayor, homeland security, media; why aren't you taking advantage of informing, confronting instead of taking advantage of the people out here who are desperately trying to help the ANIMALS?!

At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Terry DeGaw said...

Thanks so much for you dedication and for sharing your experiences with the world. I have added your blog to mine on my website. If I didn't have a responsibility to my sanctuary animals I would be right there helping.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric wrote about his experience at the N.O. mayor's press conference yesterday, which I am repeating below ( I want to clarify a couple of things without (hopefully) getting too many people upset.
First, this is not a state vet issue. It is an LASPCA issue. As of October 1, the LASPCA is credentialling people to enter homes to continue rescuing pets. Anyone entering homes without proper credentials from the LASPCA will be arrested. I think everyone wants what is best - to rescue as many animals as possible. If you want to continue rescuing animals in the area, it seems to me advisable to get the credentials from the LASPCA, thereby avoiding all of the difficulties and risks of getting arrested - plus you can continue rescuing animals with less hassle (in my opinion).

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

It is painfully obvious that the NO mayor is an idiot. He bungled the evacuation of people from NO (which should never have happened in the first place given the fact that 500 school buses ended up flooded and could have been used for evacuation) and seems to have no clue about the cruelty going on right under his nose by his sheriff officers. Delirious??? Yes but not the animals..

At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realize that the shootings occured in St. Bernard Parish and Nagin is the mayor of New Orleans which is in Orleans Parish? Not sure what jurisdiction Nagin has but I'm guessing pretty close to none.

At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the someone had said that the cattle were becoming delirious or at least thats what it said under a picture of a watery cattle drive - the cattle were not co-operating because they "were probably delirious from starvation and dehyration" it seemed like a tongue in cheek comment rather than an official proclamation. I'll bet the vets at Pasado's will contest the mayors interpretation.

At 7:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

contact la-spca and tell them you need to be credentialed.
THe numbers I have are:
Telephone: (504) 944-7445 ● Fax: (504) 947-6690 I just don't think these numberw are working, tho.

I do have a GOOD email: She responds.

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

225-578-6111, 888-773-6481
Laura's Mahoney cell: 225-413-8813

this is listed as current numbers because 504 numbers are down.

la-spca is in charge of "credentialing" private rescuers.
Contact them.

good email still is

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to say, how much I appreciate you and the others rescuers for everything you are doing. I only hope you can stay longer the innocent need you.
Thanks again

At 7:47 PM, Blogger WillowLu said...

Paula Zahn - CNN 9/30/05 Transcript

[Bold emphasis mine ~ WillowLu]

We begin our hurricane coverage tonight with a story that may upset you. The pictures may be hard to watch, but it's a story that needs to be told about some people forced to leave the disaster zone without their pets. They left their beloved dogs behind with food and water in the hopes that they would be OK. But they weren't. They were killed. And the question tonight, who killed them and why? Ed Lavandera has been looking into the answers.


ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Heidi, there is great concern here in the New Orleans area. The sheriff of St. Bernard Parish says that over the last couple of weeks he has seen a disturbing trend.


LAVANDERA, (voice over): The day after Hurricane Katrina struck, Frank and Vivienne Osavao (ph) sought refuge on the second floor of this St. Bernard Parish elementary school. They brought their six dogs and stayed here four days. Then they say sheriff deputies told them to get out.

FRANK OSAVAO: So we had to turn our back on these dogs and leave them back and that was the hardest thing in the world to ever do because these were my babies.

LAVANDERA: The couple left food and water behind for their dogs, but when they came back four weeks later, this is what they found. Five of their dogs shot and killed. A scene so disturbing, so foul, the Osavao's can hardly control their disgust.

FRANK OSAVAO: This one looks like Gypsy (ph). Oh, I can't look at that right now.

LAVANDERA: The smell in this elementary school is absolutely unbearable. We know that the dogs were alive on the Friday after Hurricane Katrina struck and they were discovered here dead on Wednesday of this week. So there's a four-week window there that we don't know what happened. But the smell here now is absolutely atrocious.

Look at the windows. Flies everywhere. The carpet on the ground soaked in blood as well. This is absolutely unbearable to stand in.

This elementary school is the second site in St. Bernard's Parish where CNN has discovered a group of dogs deliberately slaughtered. Yesterday, 14 dogs were found in a middle school. Some were shot, others were tied up, pools of dried blood and shell casings were found at each site.

VIVIENNE OSAVAO: I pray to God the truth comes out and people know how the people were down here.

LAVANDERA: The Osavao's believe police officers or military personnel are responsible for killing these dogs.

SHERIFF JACK STEPHENS, ST. BERNARD PARISH: This is the worst thing we've ever seen.

LAVANDERA: St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stephens also fears that someone in uniform is the culprit. He says, even though 0.9 millimeter shell casings and shotgun shells found at the scene are available to any gun owner, it's also the kind of ammunition used by law enforcement.

STEPHENS: I'm certainly not in a position to say that it wasn't one of my officers. I can't say that. I don't know. But I can say this, if it was, I mean, it demonstrates a condition that probably makes them unfit for duty because even under the most extreme circumstances, that's an act that just cannot be tolerated and that person shouldn't be wearing a gun and carrying a badge.

LAVANDERA: The Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Department is now investigating. They say there is evidence at the first scene to suggest owners might have pulled the trigger.

BRIAN CLARK, LOUISIANA FISH AND WILDLIFE: When you see a dog that's blindfolded, you know, tied up, that kind of indicates that it's possible an owner might have done that, not to look them in the face when they have to do something.

LAVANDERA: Where the blindfolds came from is part of the mystery now. Video images CNN captured before investigators arrived on the scene do not show any signs the animals were blindfolded and several dog owners who abandoned the animals left messages on the wall pleading for the dogs' lives.

Frank and Vivienne Osavao aren't walking away from this scene completely broken hearted. They managed to saved one dog, Cheyenne. Now with three little newborn puppies, they'll start a new life away from this haunting site.


LAVANDERA: Heidi, and just late this afternoon, we've heard from other animal rescuers here in the area that a third site in St. Bernard Parish has been found. We haven't been an able to independently verify that yet but we will be doing that in the day ahead.


COLLINS: Oh, Ed, it's such a tragic story. Really upsetting. But there are so many things to take care of there as far as people's lives and so forth. Any indication at this point as to how hard investigators will really be able to look into this?

LAVANDERA: Well, you know, the St. Bernard Parish sheriff is quite frank with us that the reason he is the one that asked for the Fish and Wildlife Department here in the state of Louisiana to come in and investigate this. He says that his sheriffs deputies are completely taxed. They are exhausted. They have been through a brutal month and they are in no condition to investigate anything like this. Of course, in those days and weeks in the days after Hurricane Katrina, the main focus was on getting people out. And what happened after that is something that is bothering him immensely right now.

Paula Zahn - CNN 9/30/05 Video

At 8:03 PM, Blogger WillowLu said...

Following are some questions on my mind. Open for suggestions. Thanks.

1. Why is the Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) investigating this crime when they would have inadequate resources to do so?

2. Why does Sheriff Jack Stephens decide who handles the investigation? Could the Attorney General direct a more appropriate authority to do so?

3. Aren't there personnel who are employed by BOTH the LDWF and the St. Bernard Sheriff Dept.? Isn't this ANOTHER conflict of interest and cover up by the SB Sheriff Dept.?

4. How do we ensure that these dogs are necropsied and the slugs are recovered before evidence is covered up and/or destroyed? Doesn't the SB Sheriff Dept. have bullet numbers (box numbers) for all ammunition distributed to its officers?

LDWF Regional Link

Captain Brian Clark (handles SB Parish) (email bounces back)
1600 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112-2885
504/568-5616 504/568-4161 FAX

Colonel Winton Vidrine, Administrator
Phone: 225/765-2989
Fax: 225/765-2832

At 9:10 PM, Blogger Kate Danaher said...


10/1/05—Need Rescuers, Fosters, Data Entry NOW – for Jane Garrison

1.) Critical: Data Entry People To Update Rescue Lists
2.) Search & Rescue With Jane Garrison
3.) Urgent: Transport/Foster From Winn-Dixie Site

Many of you know who Jane Garrison is--the veteran rescuer, volunteering for
HSUS on the front lines to save animals. She has sidestepped politics to
plead for volunteers for hurricane animals still trapped or roaming. Today
(10/1/05) I spoke with Jane at great length. I am counting on the hundreds
of you who have inquired about volunteering to step forward NOW.

This is the status of Lamar-Dixon in Gonzales today:
The state-designated shelter is closed. No new animal intake.

However, Jane and rescue units are still operating in full force. Animals
have to be brought elsewhere. (Jane Garrison is not employed by HSUS. She is
an HSUS volunteer).

Data Entry and Search/Rescue will continue from Lamar-Dixon until October 15, 2005.

New rescues brought to Winn Dixie staging area need transport/foster.

NO animals will be released from Lamar-Dixon itself.

Please read info below carefully and ACT.


*need fax machine

Alvin (at Lamar-Dixon)
*Alvin is coordinating data input at Lamar-Dixon. Tell her you are
responding to Jane Garrison’s alert, distributed by Brenda (Kinship Circle)
on behalf of Jane.

Work from your home.

Critical need for data entry volunteers to help update rescue lists. Jane
needs data entry people who can input information, from 7pm to 1am, starting
right now. You will enter data at Alvin will
explain details about how to do this.

If you cannot go to LA, here is your chance for HANDS-ON HELP reuniting
storm victims with their pets. I know there are people out there who can do
this. Let’s not let the animals down.


EMAIL FIRST: Jane Garrison,
225-647-3338 or 843-343-8887
*Please do not call Jane unless you know the date/time you will arrive at Lamar-Dixon.

Lamar Dixon Expo Center
9039 St. Landry Ave.
Gonzales, LA 70737

Search/Rescue volunteers come to Lamar-Dixon (until Oct. 15)
Report to Jane Garrison at the Command Center, in trailer between
barn #1 and barn #2.
Search/Rescue volunteers attend daily 5:30am meeting and go.
Need help with search/rescue AND feed/water stranded animals.

Take I-10 East to Exit 177
At bottom of ramp take a right
Go through traffic light and take second left into the Lamar Dixon Equestrian Center
Ask for the volunteer registration area

Take I-10 West to Exit 177
At bottom of ramp take a left
Go through traffic light and take second left into the Lamar Dixon Equestrian Center
Ask for the volunteer registration area

In at least 20 percent of the homes we enter for the first time, animals are
found alive. These are locations where no rescuers have been. We just found
a little Yorkshire Terrier. He was scratching on the door...


1.) EMAIL FIRST: Jane Garrison,

2.) Only call Jane when you have transport/foster arrangements completed.
Call 225-647-3338 or 843-343-8887 to tell her:
-Day and time you will arrive.
-Number of animals you can transport/foster.

501c3 groups and affiliates who can pick up animals for foster are needed!
New rescues will go to Winn Dixie Marketplace Temporary Staging Area.
The rescue teams are still bringing in approximately 200 animals a day.

Conditions for transport/foster:
1.) 501c3 documentation.
2.) A letter of reference from a veterinarian is advised.
3.) All animals must be photographed/described and posted on
4.) All animals must remain in foster at least 30 days.

Winn Dixie Marketplace Temporary Staging Area
4600 Chef Menteur Hwy (at N. Louisa Street)
New Orleans, LA 70126-5011

Take I-12 E (from Hammond) towards N.O. and I-10.
Around Covington, LA, take US Hwy 190 South, which to N. Causeway Blvd. and
the bridge over Lake Ponchatrain into N.O. Be sure to stay on Causeway Blvd.
to go over bridge! You will be in Metarie once over the bridge.

Stay on S. Causeway Blvd. all the way to Jefferson Hwy, 90 E. (You'll cross
over Veterans Blvd.)
Stay on Jeff Highway east to N.O.. until it turns into S. Claiborne Ave.
Take a right on Monticello Ave, which turns into (dead ends) at Oak St. Go
left on Oak.
Bear right on Leake Ave. (You will be paralleling the Mississippi river)
Stay on Leake for 10 or so blocks and then take a left onto St. Charles Ave.
Continue past Tulane on your left, Audubon Park on your right. Cross over
Napoleon and Louisiana Aves. Stay on St. Charles until you dead end.
Follow signs to reach I-10 E. (i.e. go left at the end of St. Charles)
Take I-10 E to Louisa St. N (the 2nd exit). Go left on Louisa.
Go through several red lights to Chef Menteur Hwy and go right.
Immediately see Winn-Dixie on right in the first block.


7380 Kingsbury Blvd.; Saint Louis, MO 63130
Katrina relief contact Brenda Shoss:
(desk) 314-863-9445; (cell) 314-795-2646

771 Holcombe Ave.; Mobile, Alabama 36605
Katrina relief contact Julia Fischer:
(cell) 251-455-9377; (home) 251-645-8605

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Kitten Rescue - Hurricane Katrina Relief said...

Eric -

Quite amazing that anyone as illiterate as Ray Nagin managed to get elected. I agree with a previous comment that delirious sounds like a good term to describe the intellectual functioning of some of the Powers That Be down there.

The last thing an animal who hasn't eaten in a month is going to be is vicious. Being aggressive takes strength. I could cite numerous examples of animals I've rescued who were too sick to object to fluids and medication at the time I pulled them from the shelter. They became hard to handle only when they started to regain their strength. This is animal care 101. Not tough.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Kitten Rescue - Hurricane Katrina Relief said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, Call or Write To These People, and anyone else you can think of.
Here is a letter sent to the HSUS. Plus addresses of the Governor, State Officials, the erstwhile Mayor of New Orleans, and the Louisiana Parks & Wildlife (they don't have an email, only phone numbers.) *********************************** "You are the Humane Society of the UNITED STATES, not of Louisiana. You have the ability, and the backing, to stand up to the decision to stop or even curtail rescue efforts, by going to the President of the United States, if necessary. The State of Louisiana is corrupt, and that fact is coming to light more and more every day. Do not let your mission statement be corrupted by a few people in State Positions, when you can go over their heads. PLEASE, do not give up, but press forward. Be on the attack, be proactive, not reactive. If you do not, I can assure you that your donation base will drop dramatically. We are depending on you to do what we, in situations, or distant geographic locations, cannot do. We can pray, and you can go forward.
write to: ***********************************Wildlife and Fisheries

Department Address: P.O. Box 98000 Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9000

Colonel Winton Vidrine, Administrator Phone: 225/765-2989 225-275-2800 Fax: 225/765-2832 Lt. Col Keith LaCaze Lt Col. Brian Spillman CALL them and let them know that they cannot and will not get away with a cover up of the massacres in St Bernard Parish. *********************************** STATE OF LOUISIANA INFO. Go to the below link. Office of the Governor Attn: Constituent Services P.O. Box 94004 Baton Rouge, LA. 70804-9004

Telephone Numbers: 1-866.310.7617 (225) 342-0991, (225) 342-7015 or (225) 925-1938 Facsimile: (225) 342-7099 Email the Governor
Let her know the amount of bad publicity that she cannot afford will be brought to bear on her and her constituents if she does not allow the rescues to go forward.

"Please, please reconsider your stance on continuing the animal rescues in your state, and especially in New Orleans. We have been keeping close watch on the rescues, and animals are still being rescued on a daily basis. They are not "delirious", whatever that means, but scared, lost, wet, and hungry. They need compassion,not aninhilation. I am close to Louisiana, in heart, and hate to see the bad press that state has received. Believe me, it will receive much, much worse publicity, if the rescuers are not allowed to continue to rescue those animals that are still alive in the houses and streets. The situation in St Bernard Parish concerning the animals massacred in the schools used as evacuee centers will heap bad press on Louisiana, that you cannot afford. Please, at least try to counter that press by allowing the HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, Noah's Wish, Oregon Humane Society, and all the thousands of people that are still willing to come and help to work as long as they can. PLEASE."

The Mayor of New Orleans - I have no idea what to say to this idiot, except to explain that "Delirious" does not describe any condition concerning the animals being rescued, and that they are NOT terminal nor dangerous. The publicity story should work on him, too. Massaging his huge ego would help, suck it up and begging may, also, as I did. This killed me, but I did it.
New Orleans City Hall 1300 Perdido Street New Orleans, LA 70112

City Hall Operator: (504) 658-4000 (Below is the link to Nagin's email. OR you can go to New Orleans, Louisiana State Offices on Google.)

Your Honor: Please, please allow the continuance of the animal rescues in New Orleans. We have been keeping close watch on the rescues, and animals are still being rescued on a daily basis. They are not "delirious", whatever that means, but scared, lost, wet, and hungry. They need compassion,not aninhilation. Please, talk to some of the rescuers, and let them show you the grateful kisses they are receiving from the animals, who are saved from death. Even the large dogs, considered "dangerous" are begging for help. I am close to Louisiana, in heart, and hate to see the bad press that you and your town have received. Believe me, it will receive much, much worse publicity, if the rescuers are not allowed to continue to rescue those animals that are still alive in the houses and streets. The situation in St Bernard Parish concerning the animals massacred in the schools used as evacuee centers will heap bad press on Louisiana, on top of that caused by closing down the rescue efforts, that you and New Orleans cannot afford. Please, at least try to counter that press by allowing the HSUS, ASPCA, Best Friends, Oregon Humane Society, and all the thousands of people that are still willing to come and help to work as long as they can. It is a small thing, but could make you a hero in many eyes. PLEASE consider this plea. ***********************************I do think bombarding these people can help. Carla

At 2:33 AM, Blogger blogdollar1 said...

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At 2:37 AM, Blogger ~Kris~ said...

Eric - your an angel .. you have flown with your winds spread wide and wrapped yourself around ones that could not save themselves.
Every life has purpose .. every living creature has meaning .. and no matter what you do in this life from this point on ..
You have touched the lives of so many .. and can look back and know that you made a difference.

Keep in touch with us .. we will miss you.


(i hope he see's this .. this is like the the last one out of a million lol) somebody makes sure he see's this please, thanks.


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I viewed pix of the dogs in one school.

These dogs were NOT thin, or starving, this proves this horrific crime was committed shortly after people left.
What can we do to make sure these people pay dearly for what they have done. Let us all know.

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Barbara Repenning said...


This shows pictures of the helpless victims of this horrific act. These dogs are NOT thin, or starved at at all, which proves this heinous crime was committed shortly after they were forced to leave their pets there.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Barbara Repenning said...


This shows pictures of the helpless victims of this horrific act. These dogs are NOT thin, or starved at at all, which proves this heinous crime was committed shortly after they were forced to leave their pets there.

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Mary Jo Nieson said...

EMERGENCY POST FROM MUTT MARCH RESCUE in 9th Ward of NO: Police have informed them of an emergency situational meeting at the downtown Hyatt Hotel 9AM.ALL MEDIA NEEDED. CALL TO ALL RESCUE GROUPS.HUNDREDS OF LIVE DOGS FOUND DAILY IN HOMES/HUNDREDS OF DOGS AND CATS ROAMING STREETS. ALL rescue is to be stopped after Wed. 10/5 except that made by HSUS and LA-SPCA. Prosecution will made of forcible entries to retrieve animals. PLEASE CROSS POST AND ALERT MEDIA AS THESE DOGS AND CATS WILL NO DOUBT SUFFER CRUEL DEATHS IF LEFT IN PRESENT SITUATIONS.

At 5:27 PM, Blogger Kate Danaher said...


Major rescue group needs a place to set-up a temporary shelter since Le-Mar Gonzales closing. If you live in the neighborhood you can even ride around and look for spaces. We need a space to save hundreds and hundreds of animals. With no space, there is no more rescue. If you are a local resident, call the Parish gymnasiums, check out farms in your area and barns. E-mail me immediately with any leads. Also do you have storage facilities, if you can call or check them out. Look up warehouses on computer etc. Abandoned churches, anything. PLEASE PASS THIS POST ON EVERYWHERE e-mail me your direct contact number or e-mail .URGENT-HELP THE RESCUE CONTINUE

Hi everyone! This is Mark writing to you from Jane's email. I just spoke with her, and received an update on the activities in New Orleans. The state Vet has advised that they are no longer to accept anymore animals at the Lamar Dixon Expo center. To combat this recent decision, Jane has found another location. However, in the last hour, there is a problem with that center. Jane is desperate for a new location. A farm, barn, warehouse or other location that can be set up to house rescued animals. The rescue effort is not done! They are still rescuing about 100 animals from homes every day. The ones that they are finding dead, did not die from the hurricane, but are dead from starvation/dehydration. They've been found in
carriers, and curled up on their people's beds. The clock is still ticking! So please, if you have a source for a location, please respond ASAP.

As for help, they are still in need of people to come to New Orleans to perform various task. Yes they still need those who can rescue and feed, but they also need those who can do shelter work, administration work, check in animals, drive them to shelters, etc, etc. Lamar Dixon is still housing the volunteers, just not taking in any animals. Please go down ASAP. New
volunteers are to meet at 9 pm between barns 1&2 for orientation/direction. They meet again at 5:30 am to get going and to be briefed on the days activities. Please contact me and I will get a message to Jane. Thanks for your help! Mark

P.S. For those who have extensive email list/web sites, please post this as soon as you can. Thanks!

P.S.S. The national groups have pulled out of New Orleans as per orders of the state vet, Jane is operating the rescue efforts on her own with the help
of the volunteers. Please help!

P.S.S.S. She just called me to advise that they need Vets as well.
(difficult to respond to email- PLEASE JUST COME- WE NEED PEOPLE DESPERATELY!!!!!)

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Talked to Lawyers today who said that they can't stop you from breaking into a home where an owner has specifically asked you to check on a pet. So new rules:

1. Get the many lists of people who are requesting that pets be rescued and go to those houses.

2. If you find an animal in another house feed it. or call the police. I bet you a million bucks the police will take it out.

3. Continue to feed animals found on the streets as this has saved multiple thousands from starvation.

4. Flood the LASPCA with calls to rescue an animal each time you see one. If they get a phone call on each animal they will quickly see how overwhelmed they are.

5. Fax all lists of owner rescue requests to LASPCA and to the state vet.

6. take pics of all healthy non vicious animals rescued each day and fax to LASPCA and State Vet.

Eric Rice

At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm from Colorado and working in the Katrina aftermath - right outside of NO... For those of you in the rest of the US - please know - none of us down here were prepared for what we see happening... You can't help feeling desperate and frustrated because you can't seem to do enough to help - and you are working 12 - 20 hour days. These animals need us and we need to continue trying to help them... Please keep up your support - both monetary and emotional - they are both needed. Mankind is the most savage of all beasts and I can only hope those that harm these animals will suffer the worst of all fates. If you pray - please say a prayer of thanks and support for the rescue workers, a prayer of rescue, help, or peaceful sleep for those animals left behind and the appropriate punishment for those who turn the rescue workers away or harm a single hair of these animals. Sorry I'm so emotional but at times like this - I wonder why my dogs even like me or why all animals haven't united and turned their backs on us.

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Karen & Ken-Woodridge, Illinois

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