Friday, May 26, 2006

What They Faced

For anyone who has withheld the return of a Katrina dog you need to understand the amazingly difficult "life and death" situation that people faced, just take a peek at the below picture and hope YOU are never faced with the same desperation. Many did DIE trying to save their animals (see below in the blog for those stories, many others were forced to leave them by authorities, many were told by authorities they would be held, many came to a crisis after many days with no rescue of rescuing themselves, their children and the elderly. In many cases they locked the animals in top rooms with lots of food and water. Later well intentioned rescuers came along and save the animals....However, the system for reuniting those animals was very poor.

Anyway- Here is what those BAD animal owners you like to call them faced --

This is an actual photo of the storm surge.