Friday, February 23, 2007

US Soldier Shoots Dog

Here is ANOTHER video of cruelty to animals by US soldiers in Iraq.
My feeling is that they had this dog tied up and that is why it just sat there and barked and didn't either run away or come to the soldier. This cruelty situation is getting more horrendous.
US Soldier shoots dog with M203 training round
Under what circumstances could this have been a justifiable action?

The issue of cruelty to animals by some soldiers in Iraq is getting a lot of national attention ever since the following video surfaced.
Soldiers taunt crippled dog in Iraq
The military can't ignore it at this point and can't sweep it under the rug. With enough pressure, hopefully we can get them to put something into place to protect the animals of Iraq from cruelty, at least from our own soldiers, and at least in the green (IZ zone.) They also need to learn to implement humane methods of controlling rabies and stray animals.

Call your Congressman today.
Call Tom Hankus Military Community PR -- 703-695-2057


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