Thursday, September 28, 2006

Most Interesting Animal Planet Hero Nominee

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I thought this was the most unique and intersting person. Her house to house strategy might be something to consider on a state level with Animal Delegates for every neighborhood.

Meet Pam Porteous

Pam Porteous "adopted" the town of Pontiac, Mich., 15 years ago and developed the most innovative urban community outreach program in America, to ensure that every animal has a chance to live a healthy and happy life. Hers is a holistic and highly interactive approach to animal welfare; she personally visits any home with animals to ensure each family is taken care of so that the animal will be, too. She has conducted over 50,589 visits to homes in Pontiac to ensure animals are not being abused, neglected or fought; educate families; and distribute food, water, doghouses, straw and other supplies. She has rescued 9,331, sterilized 3,028 and vaccinated 12,039 animals for low/no cost. Pam knows most people in Pontiac, and most know her -- from drug dealers and prostitutes to pastors, children, the police department and city employees. Any and all call her whenever they or an animal needs help. The effect of her approach is profound. There are thousands of stories of lives she’s touched nationwide.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Common Sense Loses in PA

Common Sense Loses in PA

(not surprising given the states attitude towards Puppymills and the thousands of them they allow)

Would you help this dog? I surveyed 11 children today and 100% of them said they would help the dog even if it meant going to kid jail. But what do kids know huh?

Yesterday Tammy Grimes was arrested for helping a dog so sick it could not even move. It was chained at its owners house. The story goes that the dog may have been that way for days or at least many hours. What would you do?

Please see and click on the right side under "Grimes Arrested" for Updates and Phone Numbers of people to contact.

Doogie laying on the ground, neighbor crying in background:

Doogie after vet at Grimes house:

Who in their right mind would not help that dog? It is shameful that the owners have not been arrested.

The idea that Tammy is some out of control animal rescuer is proposperous. She runs an organization that I respect from top to bottom. I have always seen communications from her that respected people’s rights and the law.

Let’s see, every night the police pull over people they expect are drunk driving and let them go. The police make common sense calls about who to arrest and how to handle situations every night. In the case where someone chooses to help an innocent victim dog they decide to go for the throat and worse DO NOT ALSO ARREST THE OWNERS WHO HAVE NEGLECTED THE DOG.

In the Tammy Grimes case they have chosen to throw common sense out the window and are rewriting the truth as they always do when public pressure goes against them.

Why have the owners of this dog not been arrested? The two are not mutually exclusive.