Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tammy On The Run

(See Below for an Update on Tammy Hanson)

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Ms. Hanson did not show for her sentenceing and is said to have removed a bunch of pens and other materials from her property which means she is setting up somewhere else to torture animals, she has warrants issued from Baxter county today, be on the lookout for her and report to Eric or the Baxter county Sheriffs office. She also has charges pending in Mo. so i suspect she is in another state. If she does not show in Mo. They can extradite from other states , i am not so sure whether Ark. can on misdemeaner charges but she has to be stopped somehow...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

(The local paper had a picture of her lawyer sitting alone waiting for her to show. She never did. Tammy doesn't even respect our court system).

Here she is:

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where is the USDA?

Where is the USDA?

Anyone who thinks that the HBO special “Dealing Dogs” was some rare breeder out of control needs to “think” again. This is normal, this is common and this is growing.

After seeing the HBO special “Who needs China?” (in reference to the horrors going on in that country with dogs and cats)

We never had puppy mills in Maryland. Now we do. They are creeping over into Western Maryland from Pennsylvania, whose Amish community runs most of the mills. We have one right now that has perpetuated animal abuse on hundreds of animals and the USDA and the local animal control are nonexistent.

Why are these places such hell holes --

1. USDA visits once a year and turns a blind eye. You can’t even call it an inspection. Mills have months and months between inspections to go about the inhumane practices.
2. Usually located in rural areas with poor local enforcement of Animal Abuse Laws
3. The economics of it lead to more money for owners the less humane they are (or at least they think that).

Why in the world do we need these mills anyway?

I honestly don’t have much to say except that I think every local, state and federal politician you know should be sent a copy of the HBO special with a note explaining that this is common and is exactly what happens at puppy mills and dealers all over the country. Please distribute this video far and wide. We need allies.

As far as the USDA this is the enforcement agency that I dug up:

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Regulatory Enforcement and Animal Care

Secretary 14 St. & Independence Ave. SW, Wash 20250

OR: Federal Center Bldg., Hyattsville, Maryland. 20782 301-436-7799

Animal Care = 4700 River Rd. #84, Riverdale, MD. 20737-1234
301-734-7833 fx=301-734-4978