Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tammy On The Run

(See Below for an Update on Tammy Hanson)

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Please post everywhere
Ms. Hanson did not show for her sentenceing and is said to have removed a bunch of pens and other materials from her property which means she is setting up somewhere else to torture animals, she has warrants issued from Baxter county today, be on the lookout for her and report to Eric or the Baxter county Sheriffs office. She also has charges pending in Mo. so i suspect she is in another state. If she does not show in Mo. They can extradite from other states , i am not so sure whether Ark. can on misdemeaner charges but she has to be stopped somehow...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

(The local paper had a picture of her lawyer sitting alone waiting for her to show. She never did. Tammy doesn't even respect our court system).

Here she is:


At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In December I adopted one of the dogs from EDNAH. I found pictures of her in a pen with dozens of other dogs. The photos are haunting.
She is a three year old catahoula. I don't know how long she was there, but she doesn't know how to play, she is just learning. She was sick when we first got her, just kennel cough. She was also a tad on the thin side.
Now her name is Grendle and she is in a home with two cats three kids and as much love as we can give her. She is probably the best dog I have ever owned. And she sleeps on the bed!
I can't say enough wonderful things about the group of people that rescued her. And the judge that allowed the pets to be rescued.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Shireen Gonzaga said...

Is Tammy independently wealthy? Can she afford to go some place and set up a kennel? If she and her husband have assets, there must be a way to track transactions -- i'd start with their tax returns.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No she isn't wealthy. She lived in a tent on her property with only a TV. She does have lots of friends and supporters though in other states.

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Article published Feb 24, 2006
Arrest warrants issued after couple fail to show up for sentencing on animal cruelty charges
Bulletin Staff Writer

Tammy and William Hanson, convicted in January on 20 counts of cruelty to animals in Baxter County District Court, failed to show up in court Thursday morning for the sentencing phase, scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.
Tammy Hanson also was scheduled to be arraigned on three theft of property charges and three tampering with evidence charges, all misdemeanors.
After court was adjourned, Prosecutor Emily Reed said the couple's flight from justice would be only temporary and she also was concerned Tammy Hanson might have other dogs in her possession.
As Judge Van Gearhart called out the cases against the Hansons, their attorney, Paul Ford, stood alone at the defense table, looking a bit uncomfortable.
Gearhart asked Ford when he last had contact with the couple, and Ford replied he had been in phone conversations with them almost daily this week, in anticipation of seeing them in court this morning.
"I am surprised. Yes sir, I am," Ford replied to Gearhart's question on whether he expected to see them today.
About 30 people were in the courtroom, and a loud gasp could be heard.
Ford told Gearhart he had called his office while waiting for the case to be called and told his secretary that if the Hansons called, to tell them he was waiting at the courts complex.
Ford said normally he meets with the Hansons in a restaurant briefly before coming to court on the days they appeared in court, and he notified his office in case the couple did go to the restaurant this morning.
Shortly after 11 a.m., Gearhart said the court would go into a short recess and if the Hansons did not appear by 11:20 a.m., failure to appear warrants would be issued for both, with no bond.
At 1:20 p.m., Gearhart re-entered the courtroom.
"All right, the District Court of Baxter County is back in session," he said. "The court calls the case of the State of Arkansas versus Tammy Hanson, is Tammy Hanson present in the courtroom? The State of Arkansas versus William H. Hanson. Is William H. Hanson in the courtroom?"
He asked Ford if Ford had learned anything during the recess, and Ford said he had been unable to make contact with the couple.
"There will be a failure to appear warrant issued on each one of them," Gearhart said. "That will be without bond until such time we can have a sentencing hearing."
Gearhart told Ford that Tammy Hanson also would be arraigned on the six misdemeanor counts after she is found.
"They will be found," Gearhart said.
"It is 2006. I think with modern technology and as many people as we have interested in this case, I think her flight from justice will be temporary," Reed said after court was adjourned. "It is unfortunate that she is not here today so we can achieve some closure on this pending any appeal. But we cannot do anything to her if she is not here, and the judge has issued a failure to appear warrant with no bond, which means that once she is found, she will not be released until we deal with her."
Reed said the Hansons' failure to appear in court was not what she expected.
"Not really. We knew all along that there would be an appeal process that would cause us to have to try this all over again in circuit court, but I thought that we would get through this leg of it, finally, and then move forward. But it appears that this will be delayed even longer. I am thankful that we did what we did in the time with the dogs that were taken care of. We have concerns about whether she has dogs now; but, hopefully, if somebody sees a woman with 40 dogs, they will let us know."
As last month's trial ended, Tammy Hanson was arrested on a felony warrant from Lawrence County, Mo., and six outstanding misdemeanor warrants from Baxter County that included three counts of tampering with evidence and three counts of theft of property.
In one theft of property affidavit, a man who volunteered with the Humane Society to take care of the dogs at the Hansons' animal sanctuary EDNAH (Every Dog Needs A Home) in Gamaliel saw his two beagles, which went missing a year before, on the property. Both were registered with the American Kennel Club. He told authorities he kept asking Hanson if she had seen his dogs, and she always denied seeing them, according to the affidavit.
In the other theft affidavits, Tammy Hanson is alleged to have stolen two dogs from the front yard of a woman's house in August 2004. They later were found among the dogs at EDNAH. In the third, she is alleged to have taken a dog in December 2004 from a woman who paid her to transport the animal to Washington, and she failed to take it. It also was located at EDNAH.
According to the tampering with evidence affidavits, Tammy Hanson is accused of taking EDNAH dogs that were in the custody of the Baxter County Sheriff's Office and Humane Society of the United States.
The couple were arrested Oct. 21 and charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty. Eight charges were thrown out during the trial, because there were no photographs submitted as evidence on those counts.
After the January trial, Hanson attorney Paul Ford said the Hansons planned to appeal.
In finding the couple guilty, Judge Van Gearhart said there was overwhelming evidence the Hansons were guilty. As part of his ruling, Gearhart ordered the Hansons not to own any pets.
The pair were arrested when the BCSO served a search warrant at EDNAH and their property was seized.
Gearhart eventually ordered the more than 450 dogs to be removed from the property.

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To answer your question about Tammys wealth or funds, no one knows. She lies when the truth would be easier, she has in the past claimed to be a doctor(convicted of that in St Louis), a lawyer,a rich landowner, a farm owner and probably a indian chief.
She just says whatever will get her what she wants at the time she is talking. When she wanted more dogs to abuse she claimed she was knew all about pit bulls, most of those with good sense saw through that(if you read the old blogs some obviously did not have good sense and they went back west never to be heard from again)but the last place she was known to be, was the area around Kansas city and she had already collected at least 25 or 30 dogs and she had not been to court yet. If i lived in that area i would never let a pet out of my sight as she will take them right out of the yard.
Her mother is in the real estate business in Baxter county and it turned out she owned the propery where Tammy hoarded all the animals so i would have to conclude she was a enabler as no one knew of Tammy or her husband to ever hold a job in Baxter county. Also you need to know she is very elusive about what she is doing as she was busted in Belton Mo. before she came to Baxter County and no one got onto her place to see what she was up to. Even delivery people had to drop stuff at the gate.A local business man first saw what she was doing and the local Humane Soc. started trying to see her operation 3 yrs ago and was never able to gain entrance, she would put off anyone who tried to see her place including the law, The Humane Soc. tried to get a search warrant a couple yrs before she got busted and she got wind of that and got it stopped. She can be very convincing when it suits her and does never aknowledge that she is wrong in the things she does so if anyone sees her go straight to the LAW and do not let her know you know who she is or she will be gone. It is said that she has made threats to people she has dealings with so take no chances, call the Law and let them handle her, she does have warrants and has charges in Mo. also.

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy also sometimes uses the name Doneski as that is believed to be her maiden name for that!

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We've been hearing through various grapevines around here that she's headed to New Mexico. I'd love to get John Walsh from America's Most Wanted involved and/or some New Mexico TV stations. Get her picture out in enough places, and she'll have a real hard time staying hidden.

At 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy Hanson, 38, and her husband, William Hanson, 41, owners of Every Dog Needs A Home (EDNAH) in Gamaliel, Arkansas did not show for their court appears and appear to be on the run!

If you see them contact:

John Montgomery
Baxter County Sheriff
904 Hwy 62 S.W.
Mountain Home, AR 72653

(870) 425-6222 or (870) 425-7551

Email :

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rescuer refuses to give up Katrina cat to owner

Staff Writer

Left behind after Hurricane Katrina, a cat named Mew won't be going home to its original owner.

That's the position Mew's rescuer has taken, now that the cat has been given to new owners in Flagler County.

And no amount of pleading, cajoling or threats seems likely to change the mind of Mari Molina, the Flagler Beach woman whose Second Chance Cat Rescue brought Mew to Florida.

It's a dispute that has left Mew's owner, Julie Morgan, brokenhearted, and might even make its way to a national cable TV audience

Molina says she's got good reasons for keeping Morgan and Mew apart.

Morgan signed paperwork relinquishing ownership. Mew is ensconced in a new home with a loving family. And, most importantly to Molina, representatives of a Utah-based animal rescue group were rude and unprofessional when they contacted Molina about the situation.

Morgan insists she never intended to give up Mew permanently. And her claim is backed by Bert Smith, director of the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter Department and by Francis Battista, director of Best Friends Animal Society, the Utah nonprofit animal shelter that assisted Smith's department after Katrina.

Fighting tears during a telephone interview this week, Morgan described how she and Mew landed in this situation.

Buffeted by the winds and rising floodwaters after Hurricane Katrina, Morgan faced a tough decision: Surrender her pets or stay behind as the last bus to safety drove away.

She chose self-preservation, signing a form and handing over three dogs, one cat and a ferret to the shelter workers. The animals stayed behind as Morgan rode the bus to Houston, where she was housed with other evacuees in the convention center.

"People were getting on the buses, and I didn't know what to do," Morgan said. "I didn't want to be left alone. The woman told me they would keep my animals until I could come and get them back. So I signed the papers and got on the bus."

Morgan's animals were among an estimated 13,000 pets that owners officially turned over to rescue workers following Katrina's Aug. 29 devastation of the South, Battista said.

"Several thousand" other animals were "unofficially" rescued, meaning that those animals were found wandering or were turned over without paperwork, he said.

No one has tracked how many of those pets have been returned to their owners, Battista said. But volunteers have "bent double" trying to reunite pets and owners, sometimes driving animals cross-country to return them home. He said he and his staff always act professionally, although he admitted using "honey and vinegar, along with legal threats" in efforts to get Mew back to Morgan.

When Morgan returned to her New Orleans home, Best Friends reunited Morgan with two of her three dogs. And she got a ferret, although she believes it is not hers.

Molina had visited Jefferson Parish to assist in relief efforts, taking a 24-foot trailer filled with food, water and medical supplies. She returned with eight cats, including Mew, from the parish shelter, intending to find them new homes. And she did.

Molina said she acted in good faith in bringing the cats back to Flagler County for adoption.

Smith and Battista said they hoped Molina would set aside the legal aspects of the case and show compassion for Morgan. But Molina is standing firm.

"My heart bleeds for her," Molina said. "I probably would feel the same if it was one of my cats. But I am not going to put them (the adopting family) through that. It is a very nice family that adopted two cats."

Molina refused even to identify Mew's new family or offer Morgan a chance to make a plea.

Morgan said Mew holds special significance for her. Her daughter brought the cat home after finding it as a kitten along the roadside about four years ago. When Morgan's husband died, she said, the cat was a comfort, lying on her lap all day and sleeping beside her each night.

"If I had known I wouldn't get my cat back, I would have stayed in this house and died," Morgan said. "I know I wouldn't have met Howard (Chenevert, her new husband), but I would have stayed."

Morgan's romance with Chenevert, whom she met on the bus ride from New Orleans to Houston, is the topic of Naomi's New Morning, a show hosted by Naomi Judd on the Hallmark Channel. The episode is scheduled to air at 10 a.m. Sunday.

Sheri Golberg, senior publicist for the Hallmark Channel, said she hopes Judd will do a live plea during the Sunday show for the return of Mew to Morgan.

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Humane Society Offers Reward

William and Tammy Hanson

More Links
Warrants Issued For Animal Cruelty Couple

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The Humane Society of the United States is offering $2,500 for information leading to the capture and arrest of a couple convicted of animal cruelty.

Last week, Tammy and William Hanson failed to appear in Baxter County District Court for sentencing on 20 counts of animal cruelty.
Judge Van Gearhart issued a warrant for their arrest and ordered the couple be held without bond pending sentencing. (See story link.)

The couple operated the facility Every Dog Needs a Home. The Baxter County Sheriff's Department searched the Gamaliel property in October and found 477 dogs on two acres. Several dogs were lying in their own feces and urine in small cages. Some dogs were injured, while others were dead.

Gearhart found the two guilty of 20 counts of cruelty to animals in December.

Tammy Hanson also was scheduled to be arraigned on three counts of tampering with evidence and three counts of theft of property in Baxter County, stemming from accusations that she took dogs that were in the custody of the Baxter County Sheriff's Department.

(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Monika Rued, Web Producer
Created: 2/28/2006 10:19:26 AM
Updated: 2/28/2006 10:29:35 AM

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The local paper in Baxter county says HSUS is offering a 2500 dollar reward for Tammys arrest, think how much dog food that would buy!!

At 6:39 PM, Anonymous arlo muttrie said...

hey, why don't we just send her on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney?

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope everyone reading this will print the blog about her, including Tammy's picture and forward it to every shelter and sanctuary in their area. She cant set up shop again if WE stop her! Put up flyers about her at the supermarket, the feed store, anywhere there are supplies for animals. Forewarn everyone you know.

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At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy Hanson is dangerous, period. While she was convicted years ago in Chicago for impersonating a doctor, just a few years ago she was still telling me and friends of ours that she was a "doctor" and a "lawyer", so aparently she did not learn much from her previous trial.
Her husband is a "victim", but he should have been smart enough to get the heck away from her.....but instead he married her. His money was used for a number of months, including purchasing a home and ten acres in Belton, but with dog poop piled up two feet high inside that home, it was abandoned and left for someone else to either clean up or burn down.
These two idiots deserve each other. The dogs that they have put in harms way for so many months and years deserved better than what they got.....filth, disease, non-stop cage fighting for what little food was "thrown" to them, and absolutely no cover from the elements. She has talked in the past about having a pistol, so approaching her would not be a very good the police if you see them.
If caught I'd love to see them sentenced to five years of living in a kennel, outside, no shelter, contaminated foul water, and maybe an ocassional scrap of food to figt over.....that would be perfect justice for these deranged animal "collectors".

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing further on this wretch, eh?

At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sic "Dog the Bounty Hunter" after her!!!

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sic "Dog the Bounty Hunter" after her!!!

Not such a bad idea!

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so I did write them - :o)

I'll let you know if/as/when I hear back.

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tammy also failed to appear on a Missouri felony warrent, being accused of tampering with evidence (stealing back confiscated dogs). she can now be extridicted from wherever they find her.

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