Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Oily Dog Loses Slickness: Escapes Us No More

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Oily Dog Loses Slickness: Escapes Us No More and Is Found

I just got off the phone with Don Rorschach (Texas), who was so incensed at the
Dallas Reporter that took the original pictures of the Oily Dog and didn’t pick up the dog that he started a national awareness campaign and reward.

You Must see the Original Video of Oily as he begs to be picked up from the oil:
Click Here For Video

Oily Dogs Previous Story and the Reporter that did nothing to help:
Click Here For Story

The Infamous Picture that started the Search:

Lisa Wilson, Austin, Texas, was instrumental in the search since she created the Oily Dog website that received so much attention. Carolyn Spence created flyers and spread the word all over the place.

Tribute to Orli-By Judy Gagnon 12/8/2005; See Poem In Comments

New Name: Orli-Slick

Seems like mine, Lisa Wilson's www.oilydog.org and dozens of others hard work finally paid off. Oily has been located.

Long ago I was contacted by Don R who wanted me to go to the actual site of the infamous picture of Oily Dog was taken and look for him. I suggested the bigger step of Don fedexing me 100 Laminated Reward Flyers to put up. I was pretty sure the dog had been rescued. I couldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine workers and others in the area really just leaving the dog to fend for himself. If one or two people were despicable enough to do so I was sure that someone equally as compassionate had come along and rescued Oily.

I had my team put flyers all around the area near where the original picture was taken. You could not get into Chalmette without seeing an Oily Reward poster. I have to admit it almost didn’t happen because of the sheer volume of calls we were getting to do rescues. But after a few days I just put it on the schedule like a rescue assignment and sent Joe and Jennifer over to put the Posters out (they were nice flyers that Don R fedexed and he even sent some big nails so I am sure they hung around for a long time)

Where Has Oily Been?

Just several days after the original picture was taken a local worker picked the dog up and delivered it to a friend of a friend named Angela Robert who is in animal control in St. Rose, LA. Angela had seen the flyers and heard of the Oily Dog on the Internet but was worried that Don R. was trying to get small dogs for various “bad” reasons or to resell.

She had someone to adopt the dog so she just went that route. However, the woman who adopted Oily turned the dog back in because she could not get it potty trained. This time Angela decided to call Don R and see what he was all about. She quickly understood that she probably had a real good guy. The bottom line is she finally approved of sending the dog to Don R. Don drove all the way to LA when no transport could be arranged. He has the dog safe in his house. Angela Robert would not accept the $2,000.00 reward for the little dog and immediately endorsed the checks to the St. Charles Humane Society in Saint Rose, Louisiana.

The Times- Pacayune will also be doing a story and may fill in some things I left out. I could have an item wrong as I got it all from Don R. Regardless a lot of people made this possible and the dog is safe and many thousands of people around the country can get that image out of their heads.

I have said all along that “guerrilla tactics” will work to locate dog and locate owners. I can’t tell you the success we have had with these types of flyers and notes.. These are not unconquerable challenges. What IF every animal WAS on Petfinder.com AND every owner who had lost a pet knew to look on it? We would have huge reunion rates.


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous tlmeier said...

YEAH !! Eric..just when I get so disgusted and almost give up this fight .. then something like this happens !! now lets see how many more we can reunite !!! Good Job to all involved !! I just wonder how many more that we are searching for have been adopted out by well meaning groups that deemed the original owners "unfit" before knowing that most left their animals only by force of gunpoint !!

At 9:39 PM, Anonymous NogenEquay said...

Eric! This is truly breaking news! Wow! I hope our oily friend has a great life. Maybe patience will reinforce his house breaking once he has had time to adjust or there is a medical reason for his problems.

At 9:49 PM, Anonymous sandy99 said...

Boy, that photographer must feel pretty stupid right now.

Thank you for showing the world that yes, even one lil' ole' dawg is important to many people.

What slays me is that people say, well, people come first. Leave the animals behind for "later" (which never comes... )

But animals will always be important to people. If this is recognised and animals are accommodated up front at the beginning during emergencies and disasters, far more resources would be available to help other people! It would be a win-win situation for everybody.

Anyway thank goodness Oily Dog was saved and is living the life of Riley now. :-) There are good people in the world. Thank goodness good people cared enough about Oily Dog to DO SOMETHING. We need more of this in the world!

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job all around, and special applause to the Foster Mom who contributed the reward. All this 'finding' is about determination.! Yea for everyone. How dearly we want to find all the pets, and send them all home to owners often lost without them. Wonderful.


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some long overdue good news at last! Now if only we could see a headline here that reads:

"Buster - Busted out of the Clutches of CARE"

It's such a relief to know Oily dog has been safe and sound all this time....unlike Buster who is STILL in isolation as far as we know.

Eric, can't we get someone to go to CARE and demand that they see he is safe and unharmed? It's killing us all not knowing...and frankly it scares me. Their stall tactics are giving me bad vibes. All we have is their word that he's okay...Parrothead

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Shirley Mondeaux said...

Eric, thanks to you and all of the others (to use a famous quote of one of our favorite LA heros) "with boots on the ground", the Oily dog has finally been found!

Now it is time for people to be concerned and to get busy helping to reunite the other thousands of pets with their owners before the deadline runs out!

Thanks again for all of your efforts and for keeping us updated!

At 10:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, this is the best news we've had in ages!! Finding the Oily Dog is just another sign that hopefully we can eventually reunite all the pets of Katrina!

Madison, WI

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I get the Reporters email that did that latest CARE article? The one who called everyone loonies?


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oily Dog was the poster child for all the animal victims of Katrina.

How wonderful that he is in the loving home of Don who was so dedicated in finding this pitiful waif. I know there are millions of people who will sleep better tonight knowing that Oily is finally safe. How wonderful it would be if all the little destitute animals could have such a happy ending.

Thank you, Eric, for letting all of us worry warts out here breathe a sigh of relief for a little dog that had a big following trying to locate him.

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Jo Cook said...

Finally, some really good news!
The face of Oily will always haunt me.I am so happy he has been found!
Jo Cook

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see that Oily Dog is alive and well!! A sign of hope for others!! Can his family be found to be reunited with him? Someone must be missing this little sweety!

At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Jo Cook said...

Finally, some really good news!
The face of Oily will always haunt me.I am so happy he has been found!
Jo Cook

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous palulukon...rose said...

oily dog became my avatar. his image needs to be remembered. how someone could take his picture and then just drive off says much about the human condition. that someone picked him up and someone else gave him cautious, protected refuge says even more about the human condition. our hearts must be stronger than indifference. our determination must be stronger than apathy. love is the thing that unites us and the animal beings are the ones that give of themselves, go thru unspeakable hardships, so that our hearts might open and reach out to other hearts.

thank you don, thank you eric, thank you lisa, thank you angela, thank you anon worker, thank you all. most of all thank you oily dog...and thanks for peeing in the house so we could all find you again.

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! And the search goes on...maybe a sign of hope for the others!!!

Love this by:
palulukon...rose "thanks for peeing in the house so we could all find you again"

I think it's a sign from above...he wanted to be found. Maybe he misses his family and it was the only way.

At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Binary Blonde said...

That is wonderful news about Oily dog!

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL "thanks for peeing in the house so we could all find you again" I love it!

This is such wonderful news - now maybe that face will not haunt me like it has. I am so happy he is safe and wish him a long and happy/healthy life.

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Aspen Daily News Reporter/Night Editor take your pick vs Dog-Lunatics nationwide Buster-Nuts LOL

Eric you have mail!!

suzysmom :)


At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heita Eric, Lisa and others. What wonderful news as I sit here in sunny South Africa! Please can't you do the same for Kimberly Hebert's Princess?

At 7:29 AM, Blogger GDF said...

Thank you, Eric, for posting this news. I needed some hope and good news--this has certainly provided it. Snowball's next!!!

At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Dee said...

I just can't put into words the relief and joy I feel over this one small creature being safe. It gives us all hope and incentive to keep on helping all the abandoned, lost animals in the gulf and New Orleans. What a blessing this is. God does work in mysterious ways!

At 10:32 AM, Anonymous Martha K said...

Great news.....now has anyone figured out who the original owner is and contacted them? Surely this dog belonged to someone before the storm.

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Please email to all shelters in your area with "Katrina Animals" A great Dane shouldnot be that hard to find. See picture of Cleo at www.lostkatrinapets.com Eric Rice

I have been working with the sister of a man from St Bernard Parrish who was separated from his black female Great Dane. He had to leave her outside of Mutt's Restaurant on St Bernard Highway in Violet, St Bernard Parish. It was on Thursday morning after the flood when they swam from his house to St Bernard highway. Then they walked about 3 miles and stopped to rest outside Mutt's, that's when the police on the deuce and a half rescued him and wouldn't let anyone take their pets with them.

Cleo is black with white chest, graying muzzle with white on tips of toes, her usual weight is around 130 pounds. She has a little bump, about the size of a quarter by ribs, he thinks it was the left side. She had a 1" brown leather collar on, no tags - they were accidentally ripped off being pulled out of the surge. She is intact (not spayed) and ears are natural not cropped.

The picture attached is the only one they could salvage of Cleo. The little boy is about 5 so the picture is about 5 years old. This man suffered great personal loss (he lost his wife and he has a 10 year old son) it would mean a lot to him and his son if we could bring Cleo home.

We have checked hundreds of websites and contacted organizations and individuals by phone. The family has posted flyers in the parish. Please post her photo, Thanks you

see Cleo's photo at www.lostkatrinapets.com

Deborah K Dennis

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks Eric for the "good news" update. Perhaps this news could be used to renew or spark interest in the thousands of animals that still roam the streets in the disaster areas.
The unphotographed forgotten ones, desperately need our help.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more I think about it, especially after reviewing Eric's blod and justthinkingabout it blog, this disaster is going to go down as one of the worst examples of American humanity ever. It is unbelieveable. And America is supposed to have laws against animal cruelty. Making a man leave Cleo his long time Dane beyond words to me. I am glad Oily Dog is found. Yippee

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Each night I say a prayer with my 2 lhasa apso's for the world. But oily dog was a part of our prayers for many nights too.

Great work by all who were a part of this effort.

Crazy dog owners unite! I am also proud to say my prayers are for people and animals each night.

It's Christmas time - let's hope for more signs of god's and Christ's love with happy ending stories for humans and animals.

Jake and Snoop-doggie-dog
The Lhasa Mafia
in VA

At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy to hear that this little guy has been found! You guys are my hero!

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This outstanding news shows something that I've been thinking about -- SOMEBODY knows where a lot of these lost animals are... a foster home, an "official" adopter, a good Samaritan who took home a displaced pet after a tour of duty in New Orleans. But these people may not know about the massive efforts underway to reunite pets and their people.

Can we post "flyers" to the whole country? Maybe use CNN or Time or USA Today or ... to feature a "Lost Katrina Pet" of the day or the week. Use whatever pictures are available, as much information as is known, and maybe a centralized point of contact. Try to reach a wider audience than the pet rescue community.

It would be good to include the owner's story, too, for a couple of reasons. People will respond to a plea for help when they know even a little about a victim and it might move someone to get in touch with useful information. It may also let the person who has the animal know that the original owner wasn't a bad owner but was forced to leave the pet, and might therefore be willing to let someone know they have the animal.

And have a way for someone to get in touch (anonymously?) if they have the animal, but don't want to give him/her back. I know that is a very touchy subject, but it might lead to closure.

Here's to more discoveries!

Carol B
Las Cruces, NM

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Rev. Marian Conboy said...

I have tried and prayed to God every day that little Oily Chalmette dog would be rescued. I am so happy he was indeed found, adopted and hopefully in a loving home. I knew that Don R, an attorney in Tx. was as distressed and lost sleep over this little guy. So happy they both and many of us are happy about the outcome. Keep bugging congress/senate to pass companion animal/people rescue in times of disaster.

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous bernie foltyn said...

I won't go to a heaven where animals aren't taken in. Unlike our planet, I believe they are going there. Thanks for all the things you rescuers do and there is a special place in heaven for you also.

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too have been thinking that many of the missing pets have been "adopted" by well-meaning but uninformed Katrina rescuers now scattered all across the country.

And have been trying to think of a way to "get the word out" to those people to let them know that the familes ARE still looking for their pets.

Oprah would be a great opportunity, but she is probably not interested unless all us Dog-Lunatics nation/worldwide could convince her that this is a truly worthy cause!!

The other thing I thought of was ADS in the major Sunday papers across the country. Something like this:
If you or anyone you know brought home a lost pet, please contact: ???? Many heartbroken families are still desperately seeking their beloved companions!!

We would need a group or organization willing to be the contact number or email. Would Best Friends be willing to step forward?!

So many pets are out there in new homes, I think at the very least their families need to know that they ARE safe and being loved. ~Missy, Princess, Max, Deannie, Sugar, Cleo, Sam, Lucky, Nemo, Midnight, Patches...~

I also think that far too many were adopted out by shelters and rescuers who claimed they were "owner surrendered" which we all know the term was way too liberally interpreted and used...


At 6:20 AM, Anonymous sidhewlf said...

...how about contacting the first responders headquarters and have them send out departmental memos mentioning that owners are still looking for pets that may have been picked up by well meaning first round rescue personel?....re: getting word out to rescue personel who may have brought lost animals back

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Kathryn said...

Dear All:

Nationwide ads posted to remind the nation that the residents of New Orleans, ST. Bernard, Chalmette, SLidell, and all the afflicted areas are still looking for their pets and want them home is an excellent idea!

Along that same line, radio snippets on NPR radio played by everyone's local NPR stations also would help.
As well as on other radio stations, AM and FM as well. A 30 second public service announcement is more than ample--played repeatedly.

Let's draft some copy, and get a nice little PSA out there to all of our radio stations.

Media contacts, anyone??

Kathryn S. Bloomfield

p.s. we're really close to tracking 35 more dogs that went to Texas and one that's in Mississippi. . . Keep up the good work!!

At 7:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crosspost from Vermillion Blog


"This is a special URGENT request for kennels and dogloos. We need them IMMEDIATELY! This is a rural area and the dogs can be killed by coyotes if they are not in kennels. The animals are also not use to heavy traffic so they are getting killed by the dump trucks trying to remove the debris. Please contact brenttrahan@bellsouth.net if you can help."

At 7:34 AM, Anonymous sidhewlf said...

Write an editorial or reader comment to your local paper concerning the plight of Katrina pets still being reunited with owners. I have written 2 small snippets and have been amazed at the people who have let me know they read them...every little bit helps these critters!

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Lynn the Reporter from Aspen Daily News. Start at the bottom and work your way up 1) My email to her. 2) Her response 3)My response Eric


I appreciate your concern for CARE. The director has probably been drug through the mud. The reality is people who want to lead are often put in positions where they are questioned. Sometimes rightlfully so and sometimes not. However, her actions will decide things like her job. If she has done no wrong she would never be fired. Buster now seems a pawn in this silly game.

Perhaps they should go to mediation. (I can provide a dog reader so we can have Buster in on it as well so he can give his side of the story) I did mediation once with a guy I was suing. We ended up having some beers a few weeks later.

Why doesn't Care get the dog to whoever the owners want it to go to like other reputable shelters? Then all the Buster Nuts would go away. Quick.

What you are saying below is basically that the shelter continues to hold Buster because the CARE director is pissed that someone wants her fired? Shouldn't that and the release of Buster be mutually exclusive? Not "They are after me therefore I will show them."

How could a bunch of out of town Buster Nuts effect the firing of the Care Director? Or Is it in town Buster Nuts? Maybe some of those rich people that just come in for a few weekends a year to stay in their houses....and while in town take up stupid causes like little dogs that are in the middle of "people" politics.

Why are animals the ones that suffer when every people play games with them?

Has Buster been out of confinement? Or is he still locked up? What did he do again? Oh I remember, survived the worst natural disaster this county has ever seen.

The ASPCA has put out info on what it takes to make these animals safe and whole again, and living in a shelter for months was not high on the list.

PS. Has the Red Cross been allowed to visit with Buster?

-------------- Original message --------------
From: lburton@aspendailynews.com

> Eric --
> This is the deal.
> Some of the Buster-nuts want CARE director Leslie Rockey fired over the Buster
> deal. To put this into perspective, Aspen's police chief screwed up in last
> week's drug bust and the sheriff said someone could have been killed.
> Nobody is
> yelling for the police chief to be fired.
> So, the Buster-nuts want the CARE director fired over a dog that could
> have been
> euthanized but wasn't, but nobody wants the police chief fired even though
> people could have been killed by his actions.
> That's the problem with Buster-nuts -- they lack perspective. That and
> the fact
> that they apparently believe everything they read on the Internet, and
> basically don't know what they are talking abouit in regard to CARE and
> Buster.
> Oh yea, Sue Schmidt's still going after CARE and keeping her name in the
> newspaper (see the Tuesday, Dec. 6 Glenwood Post Independent letters to the
> editor). Why don't these Buster-nuts just let this thing play itself out?
> Thanks for writing,
> Lynn Burton
> Night Editor
> Aspen Daily News
> Quoting Eric Rice :
> > Hi,
> >
> > This is why we won't give up on Buster. See story
> > www.ericsdogblog.com and why most of us have barely slept for 3
> > months.
> >
> > Why is Buster not out yet?'
> >
> > Do you know what kind of attention these dogs need to recover from
> > the Trauma they have been through? I have had 6 here at my house.
> > None ore themselves until
> > they are worked with--basically loved so they trust again.
> >
> > Is Buster really getting that in the shelter?
> >
> > You may think we are Looney but the reality is we see every day how
> > people and politics kill animals.
> >
> > Is their any reason the Buster situation has not been resolved?
> >
> > Eric Rice
> > www.ericsdogblog.com

At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about David Meyers and his 1-800-saveapet. (1-800.saveapet.com) They only have one paid employee though and may be too much for one person.

The LA/TX/MS/ARK. (what other NG units would have been able to have been in NO at the beginning?!) papers and radio staions would be the ones to really target. But also a fireman from CO. rescued and adopted Max the Dalmation; he called HSUS with the rabies tag # and NEVER got a call back (SOP). A chance photo op with Pres. Bush and an animal lover helping to look for the dog for the family made the connection!! So they are definitely out there...

If we could get the papers/TV stations to do reunion stories in the NEW areas where the evacuees have now relocated AND TO INCLUDE THE FACT that there are still many families still seeking their pets AND anyone with any info to please contact ???? GREAT FREE PUBLICITY.

Any rescuers/reuniters who knows families willing to be interviewed and to HELP get the word out?!


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think what we're dealing with at least in the case of Lynn Burton of the Aspen Daily News is the "small-town mindset> us vs outsiders"!! I think this is especially true of many of the ski resort towns in CO which exploded with popularity and "new" population, driving out the locals with high prices and congestion, etc... Lots of lingering bitterness, that's the feeling I get when reading Burton's articles. (Actually I think it's a him Lynn Duane Burton LOL!)

CAREs latest stall tactic is to hold up the paperwork because now they claim they don't think that Buster's found family are REALLY Buster's actual owners!! Yeah, like the family is going to all the expense and trouble of hiring a lawyer to try to claim an "aggressive strange dog" duh...

AND hey, if the Police Chief screwed up and someone could have been killed, THEN why areN'T the good citizens of Aspen yelling for him to be fired?! Whoa, and Burton says all us Buster-Nuts lack perspective... Gee, at least we have some perspective to begin with LOL which is apparently far more than the head-in-the-snow residents of Aspen!!

OK all us Dog-Lunatics nation/worldwide KNOW Buster would have been PTS IF we wouldn't have put the heat on CARE. There is great speculation that CARE is trying to stall til DEC. 15th when they will gain custody of all Katrina rescues INCLUDING BUSTER. We need to get him out of there asap.

suzysmom :(

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears to me that this so-called humane society, CARE, is making a power play and using Buster as a pawn. It's a tragedy that people claim to protect animals when all they are doing is self-serving. Send Buster to Sue so he can be reunited with his family! Even homeowners' insurance allows a dog one bite. But I guess by Dec. 15, we will read that CARE has euthanized Buster. What a sorry excuse for a humane society! I can only hope that CARE would never get their hands on one of my pets.

Below is the latest news article in The Aspen Daily News about Buster.

CARE's Buster blitz continues

EmailAndre Salvail - Aspen Daily News Staff Writer

Wed 12/07/2005 10:00PM MST

Colorado Animal Rescue continues to play hardball over the temporary custody of Buster, the hurricane-displaced dog from New Orleans who bit the animal shelter's director and now finds himself caged and facing the possibility of euthanasia.

Glenwood Springs attorney Jill McConaughy, who represents the woman who transported Buster from Katrina-ravaged south Louisiana to the Roaring Fork Valley, said CARE attorney Jeff Cheney has been pressing for proof of ownership. CARE's latest tactic in the battle for Buster, she said, is to take the position the dog is not the family pet of Angelo Kingvalsky and his 80-year-old mother, Lydia.

"They've asked us to come forward with evidence," McConaughy said. "I don't know why they would think someone (other than the owner) would want the dog who bit (CARE official) Leslie Rockey. Why they are forcing the Kingvalskys to go through all of this, I can't say."

Cheney did not return repeated phone messages on Wednesday left at his office and on his cell phone.

The Kingvalskys are temporarily residing in Dallas. Their New Orleans homes were severely damaged by Katrina's floodwaters. Angelo Kingvalsky said Buster is a family pet that lived in the yard of his mother's Ninth Ward house. They cannot take Buster back until early next year because of the turmoil surrounding their lives. But they want him back, he said.

Kingvalsky also has made it clear that he wants Silt resident Sue Schmidt, who brought Buster and several other hurricane dogs to the area in October, to take temporary custody of Buster and to care for him at her Silt ranch. Schmidt, a dog trainer, was a member of CARE's board before Buster bit Rockey during an examination at the ranch. Schmidt resigned after she was ordered by the Garfield County Sheriff's Office to bring Buster back to the animal shelter, where he was placed in quarantine.

McConaughy said other dogs are typically released to their owners with minimal requirements of proof and signed authorization. CARE has been stalling the process of Buster's release, she said, most likely because the nonprofit group wants to keep Buster through Dec. 15.

That's the day the shelter can claim ownership of Buster under American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals regulations governing hurricane-displaced animals, she said. If owners of animals are not found by that deadline, shelters with jurisdiction over them may deal with them as they wish.

In Buster's case, options outlined by CARE include being sent to a home for troubled dogs, and euthanasia. CARE has repeatedly said that Buster is dangerous and a poor candidate for adoption. The "final solution" is very much a real option for Buster if he stays in CARE's hands, Schmidt and other pet rescuers have alleged.

McConaughy said she finds it unusual that just last week, CARE was touting a plan to send Buster to Camp Wolfgang, an animal shelter in Texas - via a wealthy CARE donor's private jet - so that he could be closer to the Kingvalskys.

"Now all of a sudden CARE is saying, 'how do we know you're the owner?'" she said.

Angelo Kingvalsky declined the Camp Wolfgang offer, saying he and his mother live temporarily in an apartment complex that doesn't allow large dogs. He wants to rebuild his mother's home before Schmidt and others personally bring Buster back to the Crescent City to reunite them.

McConaughy said it appears CARE is dead set against releasing Buster to Schmidt's temporary custody. Schmidt went public in late October with allegations that Rockey wanted to see Buster put down. There were even public suggestions by some CARE board members that Buster belonged to a New Orleans drug dealer and was trained to attack.

Angelo Kingvalsky is a 60-year-old New Orleans elementary school teacher and his mother is 80 years old and ill. Buster stayed in the yard, mostly, with a bevy of dog toys, he has said. Others in the family often played with him when visiting Lydia Kingvalsky. On one occasion, Buster protected her from the potential harm of another dog.

"CARE has yet to provide (documents of release) to Angelo Kingvalsky and they haven't provided anything to me," McConaughy said. "Angelo's very concerned because he wants the dog. He's very concerned about the Dec. 15 deadline. He wants Sue to have the dog now."

The attorney said she has been busy compiling documents and taking witness statements to give CARE the evidence it seeks. Schmidt worked with pet rescuers in Baton Rouge, La., Florida and other faraway locales in an effort to find Buster's owner. The Kingvalskys were discovered on Nov. 16, but Buster has remained at CARE's shelter outside Glenwood Springs.

"CARE has done no investigation toward finding Buster's owner, as far as I can tell," McConaughy said. "The dog is stuck in their shelter when he could be in a much better environment."

In conversations with CARE employees, Kingvalsky already has identified Buster several times by listing the mixed-breed canine's distinguishing characteristics - all the proof that's usually required to identify a dog's owner - "but apparently that is not sufficient for CARE in Buster's case," said McConaughy. "Buster must be a special case for them."

The flood may have destroyed pictures of Buster with the Kingvalskys, Angelo Kingvalsky has said. He has been dividing his time between Dallas and New Orleans in the last few months, and is preparing his mother's home to be gutted.


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

suzysmom, I love the way you are thinking about pet publicity. I hope you won't mind if I quote what you said on nola.com this morning:
"If some of you many rescuers/reuniters could ask some of the families to do an interview with papers/TV stations AND to include the fact that there are STILL SO MANY families searching for their pets OR better yet have a reunited family AND a still searching family do the interview that would be GREAT free publicity on the continuing situation... Have them mention that many may have been "rescued by well-meaning responders who took them home" During Holidays, news may be looking for such stories!! "

Great idea! I think there should be ONE web site that can be mentioned in each interview, ad, etc., where people can go to look at animals being sought and how to start a search for a missing pet for the evacuees who are just realizing there is still a chance for their own reunion.

www.lostkatrinapets.com is very easy to look at. Is this a place to start? We want the process to be very simple, since not everyone in our intended audience (i.e., everyone one who *might* have one of the animals and the evacuees) may be comfortable with computers or persistent in wading through a complex site.

Carol B.
Las Cruces, NM

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crosspost from Vermillion blog:

Lost St. Bernard Parish Horse

DECEMBER 8, 2005

This is a cross-post---a Lost and Found for a beloved horse.

"i had to leave my 28 yr old thoroughbred gelding behind in chalmette due to a wrecked truck.we have not found him dead but we have had no word otherwise.he is black with a brown nose, a star,a lot of white hairs now on his face and a right rear sock.he had a halter with my name and home phone. my vet is Dr. Allison Barca.we are going crazy trying to find him-- please if anyone has any information call me at 985 448 0239 OR 504 451 6360.MY name is RENEE WINESKI. Teddy was stabled in Chalmette at Dembruns barn. Contact Renee at wineskil@bellsouth.net "

Teddy lived in St Bernard parish which was hard hit by Katrina. Please cross post to any one who may be able to help keep a look out for Teddy.

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


They called me Oily Dog
For my name they didn't know
and searched for me endlessly
and wouldn't let me go.

I have found my promised land
my Heaven in disguise
I see it in the way He smiles
I see it in Her eyes

God has brought my Angels
He knew that they would care
They welcomed me with open arms
and love that can't compare

My prayer is for the other pets
lost in this storm
That they too find their promised land
that They be safe and warm.

And I pray that in the future
people will see
My Brethren and me.

Please God, send an Angel
to watch over all the others
Please keep them safe and happy
They are my sisters and my brothers.

In Honor of "Oily Dog"

Judy Gagnon

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

not related to oily dog (though I am VERY happy he's been found and is safe!).... am i dreaming, or did i see a new website for Vermilion Animal Aid? I can't seem to find it with a google search, and don't remember how I came upon it.

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could this be the Vermillion aid site you are looking for?


At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Catebb said...


Buster is missing. It is presumed he was sent to Camp Wolfgang in Texas but we haven’t been able to get confirmation. We just don’t know. The family expressly directed CARE not to do this and not to dispose of Buster. They are frantic.
PLEASE help us stop the Gestapo tactics of CARE (Colorado Animal Rescue) and shelter director Leslie Rockey.

For those of you who do not know, here is a quick summary. Buster is a 2 year-old german shepherd mix rescued from the ravaged streets of New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. He was sent to a makeshift shelter in Gonzales Louisiana for 3 weeks before going home with Colorado dog trainer Sue Schmidt. Schmidt, a former member of the board of directors of CARE brought ten Katrina dogs back with her after volunteering in the rescue efforts. Shelter director Leslie Rockey went to Schmidt’s ranch to medically examine the traumatized dog. During the course of the examination Rockey suddenly reached for Busters mouth and the dog bit her out of fear. Rockey demanded he be euthanized.
According to CARE any dog that bites, regardless of circumstances, is deemed unadoptable and there for must be euthanized.
Schmidt fought the decision as she felt that the approach by Rockey was improper in handling a traumatized animal and unlike most strays taken in by the shelter, Buster had a family somewhere. Schmidt went to court to stop the euthanasia. One board member stated, “Sue had betrayed the board” by going public with their one bite euthanasia policy. When Schmidt would not back down from her objection to euthanizing the dog she was forced to resign from CARE. Buster was placed in bite quarantine on October 26. He had remained there, deprived of human contact or socialization until his mysterious disappearance within the last two days. CARE stated they were overburdened with the Katrina dogs, yet refused all offers to take him from other shelters. CARE claimed the Katrina survivor was too vicious. While the court case was proceeding Buster’s family was located. Although CARE was not actively searching for the owners, Schmidt asked friends to use the Internet to do so. CARE had alleged Buster was a drug dealers dog trained to attack. He actually belonged to 81 year old Lydia Kingvalsky and her 60 year old son, Angelo, an elementary school teacher.
The family was appalled at the treatment of their beloved family pet but were unable to take immediate custody of the animal as their home had been destroyed by the flood and do not expect to have the property repaired until early next year. They wanted Buster out of isolation and temporarily placed with Schmidt. CARE refused. The animosity between CARE and Schmidt was so great they would not allow her to take custody of Buster regardless of the family’s wishes.
Last Thursday CARE announced they had arranged to fly Buster to Camp Wolfgang, another shelter facility near Dallas, TX, so that Buster could be closer to the family. They announced this at a press conference without consulting the family.
The Kingvalsky family unequivocally rejected this idea. They could take Buster into the small apartment they share and could not tolerate Buster’s continued incarceration when a qualified foster home was available.
This past Monday CARE attorney Jeff Cheney informed the family CARE did not believe they really owned Buster. Although days before they wanted to transfer Buster closer to the family, they now demanded further proof of ownership from the Kingvalsky’s. Other owners reclaiming lost Katrina pets were only required to give a verbal description of the animal. Angelo Kingvalsky provided such a description numerous times to various CARE employees. Yet CARE now wanted further proof of ownership before complying with the family’s directive.
Lydia is in poor health and unable to travel much. Angelo spends his weeking communting between Dallas Tx and New Orleans, trying to repair the family home by hand.
The family’s home was destroyed, and with it any family photos of Buster. Their vet’s office was also destroyed. The family scrambled to get witness statements from friends and family. Volunteers who aided in the search for Buster’s owners were required to prepare sworn affidavits. While all this was going on CARE disposed of Buster.
It is assumed but not confirmed that he went to Camp Wolfgang. We do not know. We do not know if he is alive.
CARE felt betrayed when Sue Schmidt “aired the dirty laundry” in public and have continued to pursue this vendetta against her. Only they did not confine it to Sue. They used this poor dog, this beloved family pet of a family virtually wiped out by Katrina, to get back at Schmidt. They are not hurting Schmidt. They are hurting Buster. This already traumatized dog was kept in isolation for 44+ days with out human contact or socialization. He may not have been aggressive when he went in, but he will be coming out. They have now possible shipped him to another shelter, only compounding his trauma. They have also continued to traumatize the Kinvalsky family, forcing them to hire an attorney, jump through hoops and now worry over the whereabouts of their pet.
Please, this petty Machiavellian behavior from CARE must stop!!

Call or email CARE. Ask your friends, your family to do the same. Demand they locate him and release him according to his family’s wishes. Email the media outlets and ask them to cover this story and demand an explanation for this atrocious behavior.
Please, Buster and his family really need your help.

CARE: Phone: (970) 947-9173 Toll-Free: (866) 947-9173 email: care@rof.net
Sue Schmidt’s story http://www.enspiredesigns.com/Katrina/

PS, yes, criminal charges are being filed. In the meantime we really want Buster back safe and sound. Please help us by speaking out.

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Anita from PWC said...

From ParrotHead:

In regards to Cleo, here is some more information that maybe no one know about:

This was an email sent to forum member. It is from the brother of Cleo's owner.


Where we live in St Bernard, the sheriff's office is pure evil. We have tried to vote in a new sheriff and never fails, we lose out. You can ask anyone down there who they voted for last year and they will tell you, 'It sure the
hell wasn't Stevens'.

I am helping my brother to find his Great Dane. He had to leave her when he left.
He was forced by the sheriff's office to do that. He tried to leave and go back and get her and again was forced to stay where he was by sheriff's deputies.

While my brother was walking St Bernard highway to safety with Cleo, He ran into sheriff's deputies in a Jeep Liberty shooting dogs. My brother
and Cleo had to take cover. My brother said they were unloading a fully loaded gun on one animal. And those animals were crying until the last shot.

This man Minton and the others with him have got to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Attached is a poster we have made of my brothers dog, Cleo.
My brother fears that Minton killed Cleo also. If you have any info that you could share with
us, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Dayna Yetter

At 4:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Buster was sent to Wolfgang (another poster on nola spoke with the director there and it was confirmed)!

I'm wondering when he was sent?! Personally I think, CARE shipped Buster out even as they were announcing that they were ~going to~ fly him there. Then got caught in the "deception" when the family (who wasn't consulted prior) said they did NOT want Buster sent there!! So tried to stall and "cover-up" their switch by saying that they didn't believe the K. family was really Buster's owners. Loved it when Eric asked the Aspen Daily News editor if the "Red Cross" had been allowed to visit Buster LOL... Anyway CARE was probably afraid that someone would show up demanding to see Buster, so finally decided to "casually mention oh-by-the-way", Buster IS in TX!! The owners weren't even told, and didn't even know where Buster was?! CARE(LESS), CARE(NOT), (UN)CARE(ING)... UNfortunately I have a terrible feeling this isn't the last of BUSTERGATE!! Check out Wolfgang's Website :(

Also THERE may be more to the story, seems MAYBE CARE may have led the director of Wolfgang to believe that Buster was "owner surrendered"?! But, we should all wait until all the facts are known for sure. The main thing is Buster seems safer than he was at CARE.


ps **Cleo's dad needs to definitely pass this info on to PASADOS, who is doing the investigation into the SBP school shootings** ASAP> Disasters of any kind and magnitude are no excuse for animal abuse and cruelty!! If it can be proven that Minton shot any animals PASADOS will not rest until they get a conviction. They need witnesses who aren't afraid to come forward.

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just read another post on snowballschance. Sounds like Sue Schmidt is going to drive down to Wolfgangs this weekend and pick up Buster per the family's wishes.

Why does rescue and reunions of Katrina pets have to be made so dog gone difficult :(


At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CARE ships Buster to Texas

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Andre Salvail - Aspen Daily News Staff Writer
Thu 12/08/2005 10:00PM MST

Apparently no one in Colorado will get temporary custody of the controversial New Orleans dog named Buster.

That's because Colorado Animal Rescue of Glenwood Springs has shipped the German shepherd mix off to Camp Wolfgang, a shelter in Ennis, Texas - against the wishes of his owner's son, who is making the decisions in the case.

Buster was driven to Camp Wolfgang on Wednesday and arrived on Thursday, according to CARE board member Laurie Raymond. She said a member of CARE's staff did the driving.

Raymond said CARE maintains that Buster - the family pet of 80-year-old Lydia Kingvalsky and her 60-year-old son, Angelo Kingvalsky - is dangerous and unpredictable. He was taken to Texas so that he could be closer to the Kingvalskys, who are temporarily residing in Dallas, as well as receive the best possible care, Raymond said.

"This is not a dog you want in unskilled hands," she said. "It's better to have him in a place where they will know how to deal with him. This is a dog with some very special needs."

Buster has been held at CARE's shelter outside of Glenwood Springs for the past five weeks after biting CARE director Leslie Rockey on the thigh during an examination at the Silt ranch of Sue Schmidt, the pet rescuer and former CARE board member who brought him to Colorado from the shelter for displaced animals in south Louisiana where she had been volunteering.

Schmidt criticized the handling of Buster following the bite in late October. He was a candidate for euthanasia or banishment to a home for troubled dogs, CARE documents stated. Schmidt has worked for the past five weeks to have Buster released from CARE's jurisdiction. She resigned from the shelter's board following his forced quarantine.

Schmidt worked with other pet rescuers in Louisiana and elsewhere to locate the Kingvalskys in mid-November. Since he got word of Buster's whereabouts, Angelo Kingvalsky has told CARE to give Schmidt temporary custody of his mother's dog. His plan was to take the dog back to New Orleans once his family's flooded homes in New Orleans are repaired.

CARE, according to Schmidt's attorney, Jill McConaughy, was slow to provide paperwork to Kingvalsky that would have given Schmidt temporary custody of Buster.

CARE attorney Jeff Cheney, McConaughy said, came to her earlier this week to request proof that the Kingvalskys were Buster's owners. Cheney has not returned phone calls seeking comment.

Schmidt believes those requests from CARE's attorney were merely a stall tactic as plans were being laid to ship Buster off to Texas.

"They promised Angelo Kingvalsky that he would be released to me. Then they kept asking us for proof that the Kingvalskys owned the dog. How many more lies do they need to tell?" Schmidt said.

The Kingvalskys cannot have a large dog in their small Dallas apartment, so Buster will remain at Camp Wolfgang for an indefinite length of time instead of living at Schmidt's ranch temporarily.

Schmidt said on Thursday that CARE's action was nothing more than "a personal vendetta against me. They don't care about the dog. This has nothing to do with the care of animals. They have lost sight of their mission."
She was in tears as she described how animals at Camp Wolfgang are trained using shock collars.

"Let's put a shock collar on Buster and see how high he jumps when we jolt him with electricity," Schmidt said. "Yes, that's really good for the dog."

As of mid-afternoon on Thursday, the Kingvalskys had not been notified by CARE that their dog was being driven to Camp Wolfgang. Pet rescuers got wind of the news and then contacted the family. In an interview last week, Angelo Kingvalsky said he did not want Buster sent to Camp Wolfgang.

"I don't know how those people at CARE can be so heartless," Schmidt said. "This isn't playing hardball, this is being absolutely heartless."

After Rockey was bitten, Schmidt went public with allegations that Rockey approached Buster incorrectly while trying to examine him. Though he had been drugged to calm his nerves, he was confused, felt defensive and bit the shelter director once, Schmidt and other witnesses said.

Rockey and her assistant, animal behaviorist Tracey Yajko, maintained that the attack was an aggressive act, not defensive.

"I'm not surprised that CARE did this," said Tara Meixsell of New Castle, who helped Schmidt transport Buster and other hurricane-displaced dogs from Louisiana to Colorado. "I guess they think they can do whatever they want."
But Raymond, who criticized the Aspen Daily News for its continuing coverage of the Buster saga - which she described as inaccurate - said the ultimate welfare of Buster was CARE's only concern.

"Sending him to Camp Wolfgang takes away any worry we have about his safety and the ultimate safety of anyone who has to deal with him," she said. "He can stay there for as long as his owner wants him to until he can take him back."

She said CARE is not comfortable fostering Buster out to a private home - "anybody's private home."

"We have to do what's best for the dog and his owner," Raymond said. "We can't help what other people are going to say."


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's best for the owner? NOT! What's best for the dog?! SHOCK COLLAR!! In other words, CARE is covering their own horse's behinds... I think CARE needs shock collars around their necks. I'm so angry I could scream.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous CateBB said...

I spoke with Mr. Swanson last night. He assured me they would give Buster at least three weeks to settle in before beginning any program.
The family and Sue are meeting in Dallas this weekend to spring him out of there.
CARE has crossed so far over the line this time. What scares me is that if they can behave in this manner with a dog they know is in the media spotlight, what are they doing to the dogs without the media attention, like Teddy.
Can anyone physically go to CARE and check on him???

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subject: December 16-18 in New Orleans: Locate Your Lost Katrina Pet
Importance: High

Dear Friends and Fellow Rescuers,

It’s confirmed! Best Friends is hosting a “Locate Your Lost Katrina Pet” event in New Orleans from December 16-18.

As you know, several thousand families are still searching for the pets they lost in the hurricanes. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult, even impossible, for them to navigate all of the available resources.

This event will allow pet guardians to search in one place for their pets before the extended foster periods expire. We will set up banks of computers and give families the opportunity to work with reunion specialists to search for their pets – on a first come/first served basis.

We hope you and your databases will join us!

What to Bring:
* Your Katrina Pet databases & hardcopy records that supplement the information provided on Petfinder
* A representative(s) of your organization knowledgeable and proficient in using these records
* Laptops with wireless capability

We also need people who are very proficient in using the Petfinder database, as computers will be available for the public to use in their search. We welcome those reunion specialists who have successfully been reuniting Katrina pets with their families to join us.

This event will be publicized in the New Orleans area on WWL Radio, which has a very wide-reaching audience. We are also developing other media opportunities.

Here are some of the pertinent details:

Garden District Hotel
2203 St. Charles Avenue (corner of Jackson and St. Charles Avenues)
New Orleans, LA 70130
University Conference Room

For reservations, call: 504-566-1200

Go to http://www.gardendistricthotel.com/specials.html for rates.

Friday, December 16 - 10am - 6pm
Saturday, December 17 - 10am - 6pm
Sunday, December 18 - 1pm - 6pm

Free parking in the rear of the hotel

Airport Shuttle available - $10 per person per trip each way

The Hampton Inn and Quality Inn are down the street. Their rates may be lower, but availability may be limited.

Please let me know how many representatives your organization will send to participate in this event.

Thank you for your support and for all you are doing to help the displaced pets of Katrina.

Kathi McDermott
Community Program Manager
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, Utah 84741

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we just put Best Friends in charge of the whole world?? Think how much better everything would be. Thank you so much for doing this!

Would it be possible to have "proxies" for evacuees who aren't in the NO area, and advertise in areas where there are a lot of displaced people, such as Dallas, Houston, Birmingham, etc.? Just a thought.

Bless you, Best Friends!

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Kathryn said...

Dear Eric:
Shannon of www.newhopecattledogs.com emailed me and said she likely can take the two cattle dogs at the TN shelter and probably can help arrange transport via Frontier AIrlines.

email: shannon@newhopecattledogs.com
Shannon Stevens
President and Founder
New Hope Cattle Dogs

Best to you and yours,
Kathryn S. Bloomfield

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

December 7, 2005



Real Estate
Town of Canmore
Bowes Publishers
Sun Media
Quebecor Media

Suite 100, 50 Lincoln Park
Canmore, AB, T1W 1N8
Phone: (403) 678-2365
Fax: (403) 678-2996

A dog’s life in the Big Easy

By Amanda Follett
Wednesday November 30, 2005

Canmore Leader — Three months after hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, volunteers in New Orleans continue to corral lost pets that were separated from their owners when the city evacuated. This is the first in a three-part series that traces these scared and homeless animals from the mean city streets to new homes with loving families, some in the Bow Valley.

By Amanda Follett
Canmore Leader staff

It’s unseasonably chilly in New Orleans despite the brilliant sunshine, but the T-shirt clad man doesn’t seem to notice as he glances down at the camera slung over my shoulder and then looks me square in the eye.

“Do you want a picture of the worst case scenario?” he asks and I hesitate, wondering just how bad it can get in this desolate neighbourhood left filthy and abandoned by flooding that engulfed the city for three weeks after hurricane Katrina.

Here in New Orleans, everyone has a story -- be it of tragedy, loss or near misses -- and for every worst case scenario, volunteers with Animal Rescue New Orleans are working to make sure there is another equally happy outcome. Arriving each morning at an impromptu compound in the parking lot of a vacant hair salon, they have come from across the United States and Canada -- even from Canmore -- to comb the city setting up feeding stations and trapping animals that have begun hiding by day and running in packs by night.

Following the man to his neighbour’s front yard, he points to a mound of matted fur lying amongst debris and garbage left when flood waters receded three weeks after the Aug. 29 hurricane. A chain still ties the dog’s remains to a fence where its owner left it before evacuating the city. “It never had a fighting chance,” ARNO volunteer Jennifer Beun says, walking up behind me.

The need to help

Most volunteers left behind jobs and families in an effort to lend a hand here. Many will tell you they came for a week -- that was two months ago. Even more visited, returned home to tie up loose ends and quit jobs, and then returned indefinitely. They have grown attached to this broken city, addicted to the seemingly endless quest to collect lost pets that are becoming increasingly less socialized. They say they don’t know when they’ll leave. Likely some never will.

Beun left her husband, whom she married in May, and her own animals back in Virginia to come here on a second tour of duty. “I’ve seen things that still haunt me. Bad things,” she says, admitting that she broke down and cried earlier today. “We found a dog today dead on a porch. It was just skin and bones.”

Many who can’t leave their lives behind search for other ways to help. For me, the opportunity to volunteer came when Bow Valley SPCA president Cecilia Hobson offered to donate her air miles to fly me down. I arrived at Louis Armstrong International Airport on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and took a shuttle to ARNO’s base at Magazine and Felicity streets.

Driving into the city on Interstate 10, my driver Al estimates that less than a third of residents have returned, with the majority of highway traffic being workers and volunteers. His company went from 130 employees before the hurricane to the current eight, with tourism almost non-existent and Federal Emergency Management Agency workers occupying most hotel rooms on Bourbon Street.

While wind damage is evident all over the city, a bathtub ring of oil and scum stretching across everything -- abandoned vehicles, houses and trees -- marks a fluctuating waterline. In some places, it sits two feet high. In others, it engulfs entire first floors. Areas that were less affected by flooding are beginning to come back, with more than half the businesses on raucous Bourbon Street and trendy Magazine Street now reopened. But other areas, like the impoverished Ninth Ward and upscale areas to the east of the city, remain uninhabited, without electricity and damaged beyond repair.

The worst case scenario

The Ninth Ward is an area two women may not have dared visit three months ago, but today it’s an abandoned wasteland, save the odd insurance adjuster, police cruiser or military vehicle. Located next to one of the main levee breaches, it was one of the worst hit areas and still officially closed to the public, but Canmore resident Rory O’Neill and I easily slide past the barriers with a simple “animal rescue” explanation to soldiers guardi
Inside, the forces of nature have twisted cars into trees and onto fences and shifted houses into the middle of streets or else flattened them completely. Evidence of the pets that once lived here is everywhere: “Beware of Dog” signs, overturned doghouses and rusty chains left dangling from fences. Fresh paw prints in the cracked and drying sludge indicate animals are around, but after three months fending for themselves, they are rarely seen.

This is O’Neill’s second visit to the city since hurricane Katrina and, having pulled animals that were severely emaciated, dehydrated and with chemical burns from ruined houses, she is more prepared than I for what we find in this dilapidated neighbourhood. As she pulls up in front of a small church, identifiable by an organ pushed up against an open door and pews strewn inside, we read spray painted notes that are a means of communicating between rescuers.

The “F/W” symbol is most common and indicates where volunteers have been leaving food and water stations. As shelters filled up following the hurricane, many animals were tended to by rescuers, then left at their homes. The writing on the wall of this building tells a sad story: two dogs, fed and watered twice in mid-September. Then the next message, dated Oct. 6, “Dogs DOA.” One is found out back, still lying next to his food dish.

“They lay down and then they never get up again,” O’Neill says about the common sight of dogs and cats dead on front porches or next to gates, waiting for their owners to come home. “They were waiting for so long -- so long.”

Animal turf wars

Before hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had what has been estimated as the biggest stray-animal population throughout the country. Now, as animals that were recently people’s pets begin to run in packs, ARNO co-founder Pia Salk says it’s almost impossible to estimate how many are lost: “Thousands died, for sure, and thousands are still out there,” she says.

ARNO operates through its website, www.animalrescueneworleans.com, and was started by Salk and two other volunteers from the now defunct Lamar-Dixon animal rescue facility, which shut down by Oct. 1. Unable to accept that the problem had been solved, the team had its Magazine Street facility up and running by mid-October.

“While a lot of these animals are certainly strays, there’s a push to say, ‘they’re back to the original stray population,’ but that’s absolutely not the case, given that we’re finding so many with tags and collars,” Salk says. “These animals are not strays. These are people’s pets that are still displaced.”

Amidst the rescuers’ frantic schedules and desire to help lies a tense undercurrent between different animal rescue groups. Many rescuers have criticized large organizations like the Humane Society of the United States and the Louisiana SPCA for turning away volunteers, not working with grassroots operations like ARNO and the little-to-no funding that has trickled down through the system.
“They’re trying to paint a picture that we’re these crazy rescuers who can’t let go,” Salk says. “We’re not just people looking for something to do. We’re taking time out of our otherwise healthy lives to do this. It’s really unfortunate what they’re trying to do and it’s really become a turf war more than anything.”

Since starting in October, ARNO estimates it has rescued an average 40 animals a day and roughly 1,200 in total. With animals shipped from the facility to no-kill shelters and foster homes across the country each day, it’s hard to estimate how many have been reunited with their owners, but the group guesses about 10 per cent. It expects to be continuing operations at least into the new year.

The ones that get away

It’s every rescuer for herself on the streets of a city where a functioning streetlight is a novelty and impromptu stop signs are often ignored. That’s why O’Neill doesn’t think much of turning the wrong way down a one way street until I point out the New Orleans Police Department cruiser headed our way. Instead we hang a right and sit in wide-eyed innocence as the cruiser sounds its siren and pulls up next to us.

“There’s a pack of five dawgs just over there,” the officer drawls, rolling down his window, “catahoulas, shepherds, chows…”

A wide smile cracks my serious expression as I ask him to lead us to the spot and he agrees. Here in an affluent, though completely destroyed, neighbourhood east of the city, these aren’t your average street dogs that have begun running in packs. What we see are bull terriers, purebred German shepherds and chow chows -- animals that surely cost their owners a pretty penny.

We arrive just after the alpha dog, a beautiful shepherd, has wandered into a large animal trap set by another volunteer. We call for backup just as a second, a chocolate-coloured pit bull, wanders into another trap. The animals are scared and unaccustomed to people after months on the street and it takes an experience dog handler to move them into travel crates so we can reset the traps.

Slidell is the exception. Named for the area east of the city where he was living in a minivan covered in scum and sludge, rescuer Isabel Musial discovered him yesterday and gave him food and water. Today, we have been given the OK to retrieve him.

All it takes is a click of the tongue and ‘Sly’ jumps happily into the front seat of our vehicle. He cozies up, stinking and matted, on my lap for the ride back to Magazine Street. There, in the fading light, a couple of dozen other rescue dogs and cats that have been caught across the city today are being loaded onto a transport truck destined for Best Friends no-kill animal shelter.

These are some of the lucky ones, the ones that have escaped the worst case scenario. Scared and unsure, they peer out from their travel crates as workers close and lock the doors on the rumbling truck. For the next two hours, they will travel over bumpy Louisiana highways to Tylertown, Miss. A few will eventually be reunited with their families, but many more will find homes across the United States and north of the border in Canada.

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those who cannot travel to New Orleans or Tylertown to help in person with the ongoing rescue, but have the means to help others:

There are two teams from Ontario going down this month and they could really use our support! (You can read their plans below.) They are highly organized and are going to do a world of good. But they need financial support, airmiles and vet supplies. (Details below.)

PLEASE HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN, BUT ALSO: please pledge to repost this entire message on one other blog or web site. (See end of post for ideas on sites.)

I have confirmed with ARNO that they have access to Pets Mart and Petco stores and so providing supplies can be done easily by sending gift cards. (This saves mailing charges so all funds will go directly to supplies.) Send your cards to:
ATTN: Rescue Groups
Southern Animal Foundation
1823 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(I am soliciting gift cards at work. Please consider doing the same. It is so easy!, and so needed!)

ARNO Supplies Needs List as of 12/7/05 (compiled by Colleen)
6 tons/week Dry Dog/Cat Food
4 ton/month ANC (pop-top) Can Cat Food &/or Mackerel for cat/dog traps
1000/week deep dish aluminum trays - Used for providing water to animals in the field (check dollar discount stores)
12-15 Catch Poles
15 Large Dog Traps
LOTS of Towels & Sheets (try thrift and fabric stores)
150 Large/ Medium Plastic Dog Crates for cat/dog transport
40 Cat/Dog Gloves to safely handle frightened animals
Car chalk for marking rescue vehicles
Cases of paper collars used in vet clinics for intake ID
2 sets grooming clippers - NOT CORDLESS (does anyone know a groomer who wants to help? ask for an old set of clippers!)
30-40 combo locks w/ 6 ft chains - To keep traps from being stolen
100+ laminated maps: MS- (gulf coast) & LA (New Orleans)
5 GPS units for street mapping capability – To locate animals’ homes and monitor trappings/feedings
25 Space heaters - It’s getting COLD in N.O! (I’m sending one. Can we come up with 24 more?)
200 meaty bones - Keeps dogs busy and reduces stress

DETAILS ON THE TEAMS FROM CANADA (written by Mitch Nadon who is on Team One):
Team One: Leaves this Friday, Dec. 9th. Driving straight through to Tylertown, helping there for about 8 days, and then picking up dogs, and coming home again. Anticipated return is Dec. 17th. We're awaiting our travel papers from shelter - first van is funded - dependent on how good a deal we can get at either Enterprise or Discount for mileage - any exec contacts out there?! We'd love a second van.

Team Two: Plans are coming along nicely and we'll have updates upon first teams' return. Tiffany Longarini in Toronto: 416.593.8683/email: tiffisfunny@hotmail.com coordinating. At this point we can conservatively say we have 20-25 people who are very serious about going to NO. Many of them are from rescue groups, humane societies and vet clinics. ARNO and Toronto teams now looking at the possibility of chartering a bus for the way down. The other option is to arrange for everyone to participate in a rideshare - either way we need all the funding we can get. If well organized, we can make a HUGE impact with all these volunteers. We plan on dedicating several people strictly to transporting animals to Northern Shelters within the US to create much needed "vacuum". Given the fact that we'll have over 20 people and 2 weeks on the ground, we should be able to move hundreds of animals and support the rescue and rehabilitation effort all at the same time!! Tiffany is to ensure we get maximum results through application of all resources...Shelters are currently refusing rescues due to being at max capacity.

Funds: please forward cheques to Mitch M. Nadon, 3-1061 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 3G8. We are fully accountable to the shelter taking the dogs, and through them, will be issuing charitable donation receipts in new year. We would also benefit from any individuals who have travel points to spare to help fly in some of Team Two.

Vet supplies: Vets have been great - donations are coming in. Heartworm SNAP tests most critical, then vaccines. Other supplies: horse-ties/strong leashes, towels, cat/dog pads, cleaning supplies, collars, ID TAGS, shampoos for small animals, green garbage bags, crates for each trip (approx. 15 medium-large dog crates (please ensure crates are in working order before donating) catch poles, particle/surgical masks, neosporin. To donate contact Laurel Toews, at 416.769.8062 laureltoews@rogers.com. Note: US residents, you should contact Laurel but send the supplies directly to the address above; make sure each box is clearly marked with the contents and quantities. If you are in Canada, Laurel can give you instructions necessary for transport into the US.

Story from the ground: The situation in MS pretty dire. There were two major counties affected by Katrina and these took a direct hit from the hurricane. The Hancock County Shelter operating out of Waveland took a direct hit and then was flooded from the storm surge. Prior to the hurricane, this shelter was a nightmare for the animals...high kill rate...Since the hurricane not one healthy animal has been put down because volunteers routinely go there to help. Biloxi, MS is run by a good group of people but they are overwhelmed by the numbers of animals coming in. They need help desperately and are receptive to it. My understanding is the local Holiday Inn is letting volunteers for the shelter to stay there free of charge. I am trying to confirm this as we speak. They need help...if any of your folks can help in MS, please contact Tiffany. Tylertown has been out of room for almost two weeks causing a bottleneck preventing NOLA or MS from saving more animals. It appears we are very close to exhausting the resources we have in this country to shelter these animals. Any help you can provide will be most greatly appreciated!

Select a site and send a message to this blog stating where you’ve posted so we don’t duplicate efforts. Some ideas: NOLA.com, DRAR.org, BestFriends.org, KatrinaFoundPets.com, CraigsLists!...other suggestions?

We need to start expanding our networks. I think rescuers and animal lovers are getting maxed out and number. Think about where else you can post: try political news blogs, church websites, progressive blogs, independent media/press, special interest groups (knitting circles, singles groups, outdoor clubs). Write letters to newspapers and provide the AnimalRescueNewOrleans.com web address "for more info”.

ZGirl, Boulder, CO

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Best Friends has certainly shown the world what committed rescue operations/continuing aid relief/and dedicated reunion efforts should be like. The other big guns should hang their heads in shame. Best Friends has stepped up to the plate each and every time there is a need and even sends supplies to other groups such as Vermillion Parish.

PLEASE try to get national television coverage for this event. The whole country NEEDS to see and know of this ongoing search. MAYBE "well-meaning" responders who took a Katrina pet home with them will see it and get the message?! So many pets like little Oily have been rescued and adopted by people outside of the animal group that aren't aware that the grieving families are still looking for them. They need to be urged to contact Petfinders. This would be a tremendous opportunity to get the word out.

suzysmom :)

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm VERY confused. It is Dec 10, 12:00 PM. Is Oily Dog safe??? Too many stories.


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Message from Don New Adopter of Oily:

Yes, Dawn it is. Wife and I drove to Saint Rose, Louisiana on December 2nd and brought her home late that night. I have been answering kind e-mails and put together the following reply. Otherwise, I know I would leave out some things that I want to say.

The little girl is safe and sound and hopefully enjoying being with her new "pack." I can assure you she will never be abandoned again.

Miracles really do happen and this was one of them. As I have added more thoughts to the e-mail that I have written in response to the many e-mails asking about Oily Dog, I will attach them. I still haven't learned how to use the digital camera I got Monday. Having Oily Dog which we now call Orli-Slick for reasons I will explain later, is like having a new baby in the house. We don't want to do anything but love her.

My prayers for the little dog were answered.

"Happy" does not begin to describe how I feel about finding little Oily Dog. At the moment, she is taking a nap at my feet under the computer desk. For almost three months, every time I went to bed I thought how unfair it was that I could get into a soft, clean bed, in an air conditioned home without any concern for insects, clouds of mosquitoes, foraging animals attacking me, unbearable heat, only terrible tasting poisonous water to drink, cruel people abandoning me and refusing to help me, wondering if I might not wake up the next morning, and if I did, would it be just one more day in "hell."

We now call her Orli-Slick. We decided Oily Dog was not a proper name for a beautiful little girl Shih Tzu. I asked Robyn to check the names of girls for a name that was close to Oily and she came up with Orli which is a Hebrew girl's name meaning "the light is mine." That suits the little girl very well. She is the light and she is mine!!!! We're not Hebrew but the name is close to Oily and she really has become such a "light." Not just with us but for those who have come to know her. Angela Robert who accepted her from a man who worked in the oil-spill area and picked her up, named the little girl "Slick" since her matted coat was soaked in oil and toxic waste. She had so much oil and muck in her coat that Angela had a hard time holding her. Hence the name, Slick! We have combined the names and call her Orli-Slick!

Yes, I will most certainly keep her. We drove 550 miles from Irving, Texas to Saint Rose, Louisiana to pick her up last week. Saint Rose is on the west side of New Orleans. Angela was most protective of her "Slick" and the little dog is the most gentle dog I have ever known. She's very playful, and loves to chase a ball and shake a soft toy. Every time we go diving we bring home a new soft toy for Beamer (26 pound Lhasa/Poo) and Argyll (37 pound Cairn Terrier) (yes, that's right, a 37 pound Cairn Terrier--wouldn't Dorothy have liked to have tried to lift a 37 pound Toto!) so we have a large collection of soft toys on the floor in Robyn's computer room. Orli-Slick likes to select a toy from that large pile to play with if there is a spare minute. She prefers to sit in my lap and be petted and talked to.

She talks with her tail! When she wants attention, she walks over to us and begins to wag her tail with a "pay attention to me" look on her sweet face that you have come to know from her photo in the newspaper.

Eric's blog ( http://www.ericsdogblog.com/ ) provides the basics of the story about Oily Dog. However, there wasn't room for all the major hero's in this saga. There are so many people who were of great assistance including Judi Varnes, President of the Stars of Texas Shih Tzu Rescue organization, and her first assistant Cheryl Braekman who checked us out for suitability to adopt the little girl. The Stars of Texas Shih Tzu Rescue organization was also the go-between after I was convinced that the little dog Angela Robert took in to her home at Saint Rose, Louisiana was, indeed, Oily Dog. She acquired the little dog when a workman did not know what to do with the little dog and thorough several friendships learned that Angela would care for the little dog. I had expected to have numerous calls from people trying to con me out of the reward so I was careful in asking questions about the little dog. All details added up to the little dog being Oily Dog. When Angela declined to accept the $2,000.00 reward, I was pretty well convinced "Slick" was truly Oily Dog, and Angela was certainly not a con-artist trying to scam me but was an angel who lives to save helpless animals. It turned out Angela is an Animal Control Officer for Saint Rose. Adding that to all of the details surrounding the rescue such as date the dog was picked up and delivered to Angela, the color of her coat, the gap in the teeth, the dark mask around the eyes, the "split-head with white on one side and tan and gray on the other, the white fur on either side of the muzzle, the black fur far down her ears, her posture when sitting down, and the facial expression further confirmed to me this is Oily Dog.

Of course, Eric Rice was a major hero as Eric nailed up the reward posters for Oily Dog in the New Orleans area during the terrible days in September. Many persons saw those posters and became aware of the plight of Oily Dog through those posters.

It will take me a week, at least, to write up a little more detailed account about Oily Dog but I want to respond to the many wonderful e-mails I have received from persons who have been so helpful in the search for Oily Dog.

Angela Robert is certainly the main hero of the many heroes in this saga. I offered her the full $2,000.00 reward when I picked up Oily Dog at Saint Rose, Louisiana last Friday. I had already spoken to Angela over the phone about the reward and she had declined to accept any reward, but I had hoped she would relent and take all or a portion of the reward. With that in mind, I gave her the checks (I had made out three checks, one in the amount of $1,000.00 and two in the amount of $500.00 each hoping that she would keep at least one of them) She accepted the checks on the condition that it would be all right with me if she endorsed the checks over to her favorite charity which is the St. Charles Humane Society. Angela is a member of that charity which is saving money to construct a shelter to protect helpless dogs and cats.

Orli-Slick is a wonderful little dog! She just loves everyone and wants everyone to love her. She likes to go outdoors with Beamer, Lhasa/Poo, and Argyll, huge Cairn Terrier, and romp and sniff and explore a new world, at least it is new to her. Beamer celebrated his fifteenth birthday last month so he's not real interested in chasing around, but Argyll is only 6 1/2 and he loves to run and play with her. He likes to play as if he is a bull and Orli-Slick is the matador. He runs by her and sometimes pushes her over and she doesn't offer much resistance. I am sure she is somewhat apprehensive of a dog almost three times her size and she is being submissive by rolling over when he bumps into her. Or, it may be that she's just pulling her female wiles on the unsuspecting male! Then, she jumps up and chases after him. She follows him around the yard as he makes his rounds. Apparently, Orli-Slick had some potty training problems with the lady Angela first let have her. That lady brought back the little dog to Angela because of that problem. However, I have lots of time to be with the dogs in the backyard and Orli-Slick has only pooped three times in the house since last Saturday and pee'd two or three times in the house. She much prefers to go outside to do her business if I will accompany her. She immediately learned to use the little doggy door and that helps. From all the trauma she has experienced since Hurricane Katrina, I am surprised she is doing so well. She also has itchy skin. Probably from the toxic oil that was in her fur and on her skin for over a week plus the stress from losing her family, being in the muck and being denied any assistance from people who should have helped her immediately. It is obvious that she has been someone's special little dog and Angela certainly treated her like royalty. She's not spoiled. She rotten!!!!!!! Of course, contrary to children, the more a dog is spoiled, the better the dog becomes!

Monday, I bought a digital still camera so I could take pics of her and put them on the internet. So far, I haven't had time to open the box much less learn to use it. We are so taken with Orli-Slick that we spend practically every waking minute petting her, feeding her, taking her outside, taking naps with her, and just being right with her. She really is a wonderful little dog and responds to love, affection, and attention and returns it many times over. She loves to roll over and invites us to rub her tummy! It is really like having a new baby in the house. We just don't want to do anything but be right there with her. I still haven't opened the camera box!

Beamer likes to take many naps during the day and once he is in bed, he woofs to get our attention so we will take a nap with him. Of course, Orli-Slick responds and hops into bed with him. Beamer is the Alpha dog and he growls at Argyll ever time Argyll gets in bed. We placed a footstool next to the bed so it is easy for Beamer to get into bed since he is an elderly gentleman and has had both knees operated upon to repair torn ACL's. When Argyll hops up on the footstool, Beamer growls at him and then when Argyll hops from there into bed, Beamer makes a half-hearted attempt to snap Argyll! He has never snapped Argyll but he puts on a gruff show to inform Argyll that he is still Alpha dog. However, when Orli-Slick hops up on the footstool and then into bed, Beamer pays no attention to her incursion into his domain without his permission. Not a single growl, nor attempted snap! Beamer makes adults obey his set of rules or we risk a warning snap, but he has always granted children total immunity to his rules, and now he has extended that courtesy to Orli-Slick! He checks her out every so often with a couple of sniffs, but by and large, whatever she does is just fine with him.

Many have mentioned that they teared up when reading of Oily Dog's plight. I know exactly what they mean about having tears when thinking about little Orli-Slick. I, too, tear up just thinking about the terror she must have experienced when Hurricane Katrina arrived with driving wind and rain, being abandoned, and then feeling the flood waters envelope her. Not to mention, having people around her who she hoped would help her but one after the other ignored her pleas. Maybe, one day she will be able to forget those experiences. We shall certainly do our best to help her only remember good times.

I want to thank you again for helping search for Oily Dog. I know it took everyone's blood, sweat, tears, and prayers to bring the little girl to us. As I say good-by, Orli-Slick is sitting in my lap waiting for me to finish typing so she may have my undivided attention.

Dawn, if you have any questions about the little girl, please let me know. And I promise to learn to use the digital camera so I may post some photos of her.

Don R

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Hurrah! She's safe! I wish they could ALL be cared for as much.

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful e-mail from Don R about Orli. It makes my heart feel good to know she is in a great home with people who will love and care for her for the rest of her life. I would love for them to give Orli her own web site so we could all keep up with her new and wonderful life.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Dogpooch said...

I have been haunted by the photo of little Oily and wept over it. I can't imagine anyone just passing this suffering dog by. This photo prompted me to donate far more than I had previously planned to do and more than I was easily able to do so some good came of it. I hope Oily is enjoying his new life. He deserves it after all the suffering he went through.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words can not express how I felt after seeing this story. Thank you Eric for putting this story and all other stories to help rescue allthis beautiful creatures. I have to say the Oily Dog story really tugged @ my heart because I am a owner of 2 loving Shih Tzus. Keep up the AWESOME work to all rescue people.

At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ERIC Did you know that the oil dog was posted as lost on our Katrina zap to list. We were rescuing pets and had contact with pet owners. This dog was named Gizmo his home is 3421 Ventura Chalmette LA . Our post says he was seen around Ketch seafood Restaurant . About 1/2 mile from where he was roaming . He is 11 years old about 12 lbs .Didnt this dog go back to the right owner? I just found this on our list when I was going over old notes .Please contact me or I will contact who ever lived at above addreses .This list was used by Janeand other rescurers. The web site is no longer up but it was www.katrinapets.zapto.org Please email info lasad@shaw.ca THANK YOU MRS DENISUK

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure if my other post worked. I work with Katrina zap to list that you used when rescuing.On our list we have this dog listed as Gizmo 3421 Ventura Chalmette LA . Re oil covered shih tza around the area of Ketch seafood Restaurant. I just hope the dog got back to the right owner email me please at lasad@shaw.ca To prove who i am I am sending you the email from Dr White about our list given to you THANK YOU MRS DENISUK


Thank you for forwarding this list to us. This is one of the best organized I have seen yet. I will give it to Eric and have him look at it. Keep in mind his efforts have been focused on St. Bernard Parish. I will also forward it on to two other rescue workers.

Kind regards,
Marilynn DeBuse White
(wife of Eric White, DVM)

At 1:07 PM, Blogger tlsun said...

Thank you for posting this. Oily could be my Shih Tzu, Yoshi's twin. Yoshi is currently wearing a t-shirt that says "Not Without Me" In Memory of Katrina Animals. That picture has been haunting me from the moment I first saw it. Thank you for all you do Eric.

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been months and I have not forgotten the little oily dog... and I'm so happy to know she is well and happy and in a very loving home....

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At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I do not condone CARE’s actions with Buster, I find it amazing how you can paint Camp Wolfgang as one of the bad guys in this. Do some research and see all of the good that they have done. It seems to me that Buster is better off out of CARE’s jurisdiction.

What did Camp Wolfgang do? They offered to take a dog that was in isolation that may have been euthanized. It seems to me the dog is in a better place. Buster will have daily interaction with people who care about him and he will have other dogs to play with. Camp Wolfgang agreed to take Buster and keep him as long as necessary at no charge to the family. I have been to Camp Wolfgang and my dog was adopted from there. I have seen first hand the work they do. The time and love that is spent by the staff rehabilitating dogs that no one else would touch, bringing them back to good health and finding them good homes. If you go to Camp Wolfgang you can walk the grounds freely and meet all of the dogs. They all better off then they were.

I agree that foster care would be a better situation but there are not enough people to do the job and you should be praising Camp Wolfgang. To paint them as a villain is hypocritical.

You need to get your facts straight and as in most cases the truth is somewhere in the middle when two parties disagree.

BTW Camp Wolfgang is 20 minutes south of Dallas and I have not read one article where the family has gone to see Buster. If that was my dog I would be there as often as possible.

I agree that foster care would be a better situation but there are not enough people to do the job and you should be praising Camp Wolfgang. To paint them as a villain is hypocritical.

You need to get your facts straight and as in most cases the truth is somewhere in the middle when two parties disagree.

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I do not condone CARE’s actions with Buster, I find it amazing how you can paint Camp Wolfgang as one of the bad guys in this. Do some research and see all of the good that they have done. It seems to me that Buster is better off out of CARE’s jurisdiction.

What did Camp Wolfgang do? They offered to take a dog that was in isolation that may have been euthanized. It seems to me the dog is in a better place. Buster will have daily interaction with people who care about him and he will have other dogs to play with. Camp Wolfgang agreed to take Buster and keep him as long as necessary at no charge to the family. I have been to Camp Wolfgang and my dog was adopted from there. I have seen first hand the work they do. The time and love that is spent by the staff rehabilitating dogs that no one else would touch, bringing them back to good health and finding them good homes. If you go to Camp Wolfgang you can walk the grounds freely and meet all of the dogs. They all better off then they were.

I agree that foster care would be a better situation but there are not enough people to do the job and you should be praising Camp Wolfgang. To paint them as a villain is hypocritical.

You need to get your facts straight and as in most cases the truth is somewhere in the middle when two parties disagree.

BTW Camp Wolfgang is 20 minutes south of Dallas and I have not read one article where the family has gone to see Buster. If that was my dog I would be there as often as possible.

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