Friday, May 25, 2007

Master Tank and Nila Go Home

So Pam Bondi pats herself on the back and has a press conference where she proclaims
to have become friends with the owners of these dogs. My guess is that the reality is that the case was about to come crashing down on her and every indication was these dogs were going back to the rightful owners, the Coutures who NEVER gave these dogs up. Pam's recent little press conference was nothing more than trying to correct the amazingly bad image she has gotten out of this at a time when her case was falling apart. She did this out of the goodness of her heart? She had 18 months to be "good." Anyone who would associate themselves with her at this point is a lunatic. She did bad and took advantage of people she thought she could roll right over because of who she is. (People who lost everything in a little storm called Katrina.) Rumors abound of other unsavory things that took place during this 18 months. If Bondi would do this to an innocent New Orleans family for 18 months what would she do to the people she is prosecuting in the state of Florida, for she surely prosecuted this family unfairly. The dogs are home where they belong only because the owners WOULD NOT give up, would not given in to Bondi's power, wealth, and high paid lawyers. She basically hired her own little dream team vs. doing the right thing from the start. It is scary state of our legal system that she "thought" she could get away with this. Common people should be just plain scared of the time and effort it takes to win a case even when you are 100% right. Bondi could have made everything right 18 months ago, just 2 months after Katrina when the dogs were located. Thousands of people all over the country supported the return of these dogs and that is why they are home along with the neverending strength of the Couture and
a quite lawyer who would not let this happen. Who is the better person? You decide 1) Pam Bondi a well eduacated, probably wealthy, successful lawyer who gets to speak up on CNN now and again? or 2) The Coutures and two grandchildren who lost everything in Katrina, have survived the death or their son/parents, raise their 2 grandchildren, and have rebuilt their home with their own hands and who have proven that even Katrina can't keep people like this down. I know who I'd rather have a beer with. What about you? These pictures tell the story of what Bondi was withholding from a family with 10 times more backbone. These pictures make her claims and her case disolve. She should have been down their helping these people rebuild their lives and home not fighting to keep them from their family. She has made this family shed a million tears in the last 18 months I am sure. Look at these pictures. Shame.

Update on lawyer who gave 500 hours to this case: Click Here For Article

After 18 months of stalling Master Tank and Nila go home.

About time.