Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help or Peru

Best Friends, local government agree on plan to rescue animals, stave off mass euthanasia after earthquake devestates the area.

By Michael Rinker, Best Friends Senior Editor

Best Friends is moving forward with an eight-week plan in western Peru that calls for more than 1000 spay/neuter surgeries, 1800 vaccinations, and distribution of 15 tons of food, according to chief executive Paul Berry, who approved the proposal Sept. 20.

At stake are the lives of thousands of animals who would be subject to government-ordered mass euthanasia.

Our goal is to show the country’s Minister of Health and his directors that we’ve helped provide a safer, healthier environment in the areas most affected by last month’s earthquake. One of those areas – the province of Ica – signed an agreement Sept. 20 that details the Best Friends mission there. The other areas are Chincha and Pisco.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Imagine Being A Chained Dog

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Note from Eric about the article below:

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What many people do not understand is that most experts say dogs develop to be just about like a 2 to 2-1/2 year old child. Even though a 2 year old can't talk, write and use other forms of higher reasoning they can feel pain, sadness, depression and boredom. It is no different with a dog, they are feeling those emotions and suffering if they are tied behind a house for years at a time. To prove it just go pet a chained dog and see how insanely excited they get for the smallest amount of attention. The person chaining and ignoring the dog simply isn't using common sense about what they are doing or they would not do it. Most chainers are not bad people...they just need to think. In 2007 we have enough research to know that "its just a dog" is a really lame excuse for imposing such unneeded neglect. Are you someone who has a dog chained behind your house and wants to rethink it? I will give you $500 to write about it here...

How can this be ok?

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Here is a good article from the Times Gazette on chaining. Click Here

Here is the first couple of paragraphs....

It can't get much worse than being chained to a doghouse 24/7
Copy Editor

Let's use our imagination for a minute.

Let's pretend that you have come across some dire circumstances in your life and must move in with a friend. This friend seems very welcoming and nice at first, but after a few days, she gets irritated at having an extra being to think about in her home.

One day, the two of you take a walk around the yard. Suddenly, she grabs you and ties you to a tree, then leaves. You can not free yourself no matter how hard you try. You spend your time trying to figure out how to escape. Drained by that task, you begin to yell for your friend to come release you. You yell and yell, but she does not come back.

The sun sets and you curl up in a box to stay warm. You fall asleep and when you awake, you find that your friend is there with food and water. You're not interested in that, you just want released. You yell and yell at her, but she continues to ignore you and walks away.