Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good stuff coming but for today...Just Need More Help

This blog has the best pics so far of Katrina Animals. It is all pics

And this is one of our groups blogs --

Old man who never evacuated "rescuing dogs." He asked us for treats for them. He was a little off but the dogs seemed fine for the time being.

Good stuff and info coming on the blog but for today...Just Need More Help. The need is still massive.

Also Here is a website that will help you find a pet if you lost one:

Phase 2 needs as of 10/6/05

A massive operation still exists


Individual listings describe site locations where volunteers/supplies are
needed. You may contact people specified within a listing. If you still have
questions, email or call 314-863-9445. We are flooded
with calls, but will do our best to provide information not found in this
volunteer alert.

10/6/05 —Hurricane Help for Animals Still Needed

1.) Abbeville, New Iberia Animal Relief
2.) MuttShack M.A.S.H. Unit – New Orleans
3.) Winn-Dixie Site: Disaster Response Animal Rescue
4.) Pasado's Raceland, Louisiana Triage Area
5.) Lake Charles Rescue for Rita's Victims
6.) Alley Cat Allies Onsite For Feral/Stray Cats
7.) Humane Society of Louisiana in Tylertown, MS
8.) Help Horses, Cows... In Rita Storm Regions
9.) Emergency Response for Avian Victims
10.) Staging Area In Dothan , Alabama
11.) Supplies: Drop/Distribution Site
12.) Our Supply Distribution Site (Need Transporters!)

TO SEE IN DETAIL HOW TO SPECIFICALLY HELP ANY OF THESE CAUSES OR GROUPS GO TO THE "COMMENTS" UNDER THIS POST TO A COMMENT TITLED "PHASE 2 CONTINUED". It has very specific info about what to do and how to help. Get this website to people in your local community -- vets, feed stores, animal shelters. It is amazing once people hear things like "we need food for horses and cattle for 6 months" how they respond and organize. The plight of animals is undereported. Help spread the word. Go to Comments for huge list of needs.


At 3:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the levee broke, the water came,
And flooded the entire town,
To save the folks, men came in boats,
So not a soul would drown.
"Not any room," the rescuer said,
"For dogs, or cats, or pets,
Men, women, and children only,
Sorry," he expressed regrets.

"You can't go, girl," her master said,
As, with tears, he turned away,
"I promise I'll come back for you,
But for now, girl ... SIT and STAY!"

So Princess sat on the front porch steps,
While the dark waters swirled below
Her doggy heart nearly broke apart,
When she saw her master go,

She could have jumped into the water,
And dog-paddled after him,
But SIT and STAY were the words she heard,
So she made no effort to leap in.

Always an obedient dog,
She listened to her master's voice,
And his command still fresh at hand,
Gave her no other choice.

She had water; she had food,
Enough to last for several days,
But her doggy appetite left, too,
When her master's boat got under way.

The first night on that dampened porch
Princess felt fearful and alone,
She whimpered nearly all night through,
She missed her master and her home.

The next day came, and then the next,
With no boats approaching her,
She saw a few rush by her porch,
But most of them were just a blur.

One night the house began to shudder,
The porch shook and broke away,
Then, like a raft, it floated off,
While on it, Princess SAT and STAYED.

In the morning, far from home,
The raft was caught in tangled weeds,
Back and forth poor Princess paced,
A pathetic sight, indeed.

She stared up at a cloudless sky,
Her eyes too tired to really see,
But she thought she saw a rainbow,
Up above the flooded trees.

It started near the porch's edge,
It seemed like a bridge high in the sky,
Perhaps if she could reach it,
It would lead to some place dry.

She stretched to reach the rainbow,
She stood tall on her hind legs,
She lost her balance several times,
And almost fell into the dregs.

If it truly were the Rainbow Bridge,
She knew it would lead to Heaven's Gate.
But ... what about her master,
Who had commanded her to wait?

She could not forget his orders,
And always she obeyed his words,
So she'd SIT and STAY and wait for him,
No matter how absurd.

Limp, exhausted and resigned,
She fell asleep on the old porch floor,
Then she awoke, surprised to find
The rainbow closer than before.

Easier now for her to reach,
She wouldn't have to stretch at all,
But then across the murky waters,
She heard a sweet, familiar call,

"Princess! Princess" Where are you, girl?
Her master's voice rang loud and clear,
She stood and weakly wagged her tail,
While whining softly she was here.

A reunion to end reunions!
Wet kisses, wags, and hugs!
Tears of joy and happy howls!
Heart strings pulled and tugged!

The Rainbow bridge no longer seen,
By the loyal dog that had obeyed
Nor would it reappear for years,
For the dog that chose to SIT and STAY.

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,
I thought you said you'd tell us what happened with the dog you lost?

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Geez I meant like next month. It wasn't lost. Someone (another rescuer) told me they would take her and she would on one of the Orphans of the Storm Flights. I let them take it because I had been talking to them and knew they had it together (Orphans of the Storm). Somehow they never made it to Orphans of the Storm but to Winn Dixie instead. Now I am unable to locate. Anyone at Win Dixie that can help I have pics. It wasn't anyones fault. It was just the very same reason that when I got a dog with tags I never let them out of my site. Just to much confusion everywhere. If you have tags you are eventually going to find that owner with some research.

At 7:02 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

I need some fresh ideas...hoping you can help...looking for a great dane petfinder PF34443, and no one seems to know where she is at. IMAGINE THAT, there is also a picture of her on ASPCA's website...I e-mailed them....I have been looking everywhere for this dog...any more ideas???


At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were told today that HSUS and SPCA are not credentialing anyone that is not a certified animal control officer. That if we wanted to rescue we could not and would get arrested if we did. The reason they gave is b/c someone broke into a house that had people sitting down to dinner and a rescuer busted down the door. I call BULL****! None of the houses I went to are in any condition to sit down to dinner. I know there are houses that did not get affected but the area I was in this is not possible. I think they are making stuff up. They are trying to scare people into not going and rescuing. There are not enough animal control officers available to handle the whole city. They are nuts if they think they can find enough ACO's to take this on! The animals that I am terrified for are the ones that the owners are still in shelters themselves and have no way of returning home. What happens to those animals when everyone leaves an already deserted city?
Anyone know the where abouts of Jane Garrison and what her plan is. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and very proactive.

At 10:09 PM, Blogger jennifer said...

I found my coworkers dog on Petfinder, it took 3 days, but finally got a call back from the HSUS saying they are trying to hunt her down, and not to worry.
On Eric's advice I spoke with a lovely lady named Nita that has inspired me to try to compile a list of at least one breed. If you know about or are looking for any Basset hounds please visit or send me an email at

At 10:11 PM, Blogger Kate Danaher said...

10/6 PM - Per David Meyer who has been working with Jane Garrison since 9/20/05.

Volunteers wishing to work with the Gonzales based pseudo HSUS group (Jane Garrison) should come to Gonzales immediately (until Oct. 15th) and report to the HSUS "Prowler" trailer for a 9pm orientation. Work begins each morning at 5:30 am with a breifing and assignments for rescue. Our main mission right now is to continue to work from a database and go to houses we may not yet have been where owners said they left their pets, and also to go to all houses we have been to where we left pets with food and water inside their house, and if the owners are not home, rescue the animals.

We then bring the animals to a central point, for transport to a holding facility for process and either reunification with owners, or foster in with other humane societies.

People need to come with an open mind about whether they will be needed on the streets for rescue or to assist with temporary care and transporting of pets, helping manage the database on the computer, helping retrieve supplies, etc. it is all crucial for the system to work. Rescue on the street can be dangerous and invloves interfacing with displaced residents. Volunteers should try to give at least 3 days- preferably 1 week and must have their own self contained sleeping arrangement (car, tent etc.). They should also bring whatever supplies for water containers to take water to pets into the city, large lasagna pans to leave as water containers for pets in the city, work gloves, and a utility knife.


Thursday, October 06, 2005
David's heading back to New Orleans - October 6
Posted by David Meyer

Well, there is a strong call for me to go back to New Orleans. I have been trying to coordinate things remotely, setting up numerous shipments of animals to other safe shelters via trucks and planes. Poor Pia has had the world on her shoulders, trying to coordinate temporary housing for the pets we are still saving, and Jane got bitten by a feral cat, developed an infection and is in a hospital (or, in any case, had to drive home and is on intravenous antibiotics). So, thanks to the generosity of Ellen Little, I will be heading back to New Orleans to again help oversee rescue efforts, at least over the weekend. I really hope the big animal organizations step in to reimburse us for our expenses because between air travel, cars, supplies for all the teams and more, many of us are many thousands of dollars in the hole.

Things are very fluid and changing. We have tried to use several smaller makeshift shelters to temporarily house our rescues, but the number of pets we’ve brought in have been overwhelming them. Losing Gonzales was really bad for us. Fewer pets are being found alive in homes, but they are still there, so our mission is not yet complete. We are still saving over 50 a day. And there are many, many family pets still running loose on the streets or hiding under houses.

As some residents are being let in, it is making our job more complex. Some are happy to see us, and others are sad to see we broke into their houses, yet their pets were found dead. I can understand their frustration. Our main concern is that, although some people are being allowed back home, many will never come home, so we must assume that all pets still trapped in homes will starve if we don't get to them. We have the added problem that all the pets we fed and watered and let remain in their homes are now again facing starvation, as we have not had the staff and, to some extent, the organization to continue feeding them. It is all a heavy burden and I am having to make statistical decisions about what will save the most pets, and know we cannot save them all.

We are continuing to hone our database of homes we have not reached, but it seems endless. It is all so tiring and I just want my life back. The images of these emaciated and forlorn dogs and cats are burned into my mind. Just before Hurricane Rita, I rescued a puppy, but could not get the mom - I hope I did the right thing by separating them. All told, the rescue effort, I would guess, has saved maybe 10,000 pets. One at a time. We could have saved so many more had there been better organization earlier on. I regret that I did not take initiative and get involved sooner-thank God Pia did so or I might never have gotten involved at all. Pia is a real hero in all of this, a petite woman, weighing all of 100 lbs, but with the fire of a 100 megaton bomb. We have all given so much and really suffered emotionally and financially, as we are not being paid at all for these many weeks of work. It has been tough, but we view our task as holy. The people I have met are really unstoppable.
posted by at 1:22 AM 0 comments

At 11:23 PM, Anonymous lauren macdonald said...

Hi Eric, please let people know if they need someone to travel with or just to be helped through the process of getting themselves down to volunteer, they can sign up under "volunteer" on our site:
Thanks, Lauren

At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Arrested? I have said for a long time that if you work off of lists of people giving you permission to enter and look that you should have no problem. I am not saying no problem. Don't break in houses. Feed animals on the streets and /or pick them up. I would get arrested myself It isn't the end of the world but I understand your concern. They are lieing about all the break ins. ANyway-YOU DO NOT NEED TO BREAK INTO HOUSES TO SAVE ANIMALS BY THE DOZENS. 10,000 CATS STILL NEEDE FED ON THE STREETS. They have totally wrecked the feeding program because they had to wrestle control back from HSUS.
I repeate -- If you have a list of owners tha want you to check a specific address they should not be able to arrest you. Of course they might do so anyway.

I emailed Lauara Mahoney at LAASPCA 15 times to see how people can help her and what she needed. No response. Go to Winn Dixie. He is being allowed to stay open by LASPCA.

At 7:03 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Also, all those rules are in the city itself. I do not think t. Bernard is part of it.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger said...

"This just in from Rescuer Bill Delarm of FL Wildlife Rescue:He called the New Orleans EOC Command with whom he has a relationship from all his rescue work and they have asked him to put out on the internet this message:There are enough rescuers in the effected areas and anyone who is not already there will be turned away so please don't send rescuers. The LA SPCA in lower 9th ward District 5 is handling the coordination of any and all remaining rescues per order of the state." This is complete nonsense. I have a list of 70 animals that are now starving in houses that I was feeding. Jane Garrison has over 1500. THEY HAVE NOW NOT BEEN FED IN 7 DAYS. Is the EOC and LASPCA going to feed them? We have been asking since day 1 that they took back over. HSUS could barely get them all food and water every 3-4 days with hundreds of volunteers. They nor the state vet will not answer the question. Let them give us a number of how many volunteers they have please and who is dedicated to covering a huge city with food and water. Not to mention that cats where everywhere and being fed by voluneers on every corner of the every block. I bet they do not even have the map of the city with different areas designed by Jane.

At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Suzie Degrasse said...

That old guy in your picture is Alvin Ernst, who has invited everyone he met to his 80th birthday party on February 25th, 2006. He took excellent care of his animals and himself during the storm and time afterwards, and has been well taken care of by the different groups throughout the city. Alvin rocks! And he even offered ME a sandwich (which I took, because I was starving...) However, when i met hoim they had evacuated his wife and he didn't know where she was!!

At 9:36 AM, Blogger said...

1.) Abbeville, New Iberia Animal Relief
2.) MuttShack M.A.S.H. Unit – New Orleans
3.) Winn-Dixie Site: Disaster Response Animal Rescue
4.) Pasado's Raceland, Louisiana Triage Area
5.) Lake Charles Rescue for Rita's Victims
6.) Alley Cat Allies Onsite For Feral/Stray Cats
7.) Humane Society of Louisiana in Tylertown, MS
8.) Help Horses, Cows... In Rita Storm Regions
9.) Emergency Response for Avian Victims
10.) Staging Area In Dothan , Alabama
11.) Supplies: Drop/Distribution Site
12.) Our Supply Distribution Site (Need Transporters!)

(If you have already sent this, DO NOT SEND AGAIN)
Your full name
Name of organization (if applicable)
Full street address
Cell phone, land phone
Brief description of what you can provide
*Before you leave, let us know your destination. You may be able to help us
with a supply transport, based on where you are volunteering.

- Type "KATRINA VOLUNTEER" in the subject line of emails.
- Read alerts carefully. Contact people listed within specific effort.
- Before traveling, print out Kinship Circle's most recent alert so phone
numbers and driving directions are with you.
- We do not have time to answer questions about where to donate money.
- For directions to a volunteer site:

- We cannot find foster pets for individual homes. We only coordinate
transport/foster for 501c3-affiliated organizations to travel to
hurricane-effected areas and bring back 20 or more animals for foster.
Please contact your local shelter, which may have rescued animals available
to foster or check our Directory of Animal Shelters:

Marie Bossard, St. Martin Humane Society:
337-879-6600, 337-277-9538,
Marilynn DeBuse White (wife of Eric White, DVM):
Patty Meehan, Lafayette Animal Aid: 337-344-2829

Abbeville Shelter, Cecil McCrory Bldg.; Abbeville, Louisiana 70510
(on Port Rd., next to Clyde Prejean's DMV office)
Fly into Lafayette, LA airport. Rent car to drive to nearby Abbeville. No
gas shortages. Can show up, or contact names above for more information.

TRANSPORTERS NEEDED NOW: We have the supplies for Rita-hit areas at our
storehouse in Mobile, AL. We need large, empty vehicles with drivers who can
transport supplies from Mobile, AL to Abbeyville. Be prepared to load and
unload. Contact Julia Fischer: 251-645-8605 or 251-455-9377,

ABBEVILLE SHELTER: Need volunteers to help with large/farm animals
(horses, cows, etc.) in Southwest LA storm areas. Hands-on rescue needed for
dogs, cats, pets. Shelter volunteers also needed in Abbeville. Animals
brought back to temporary Abbeville Shelter. Animals also held at Sugarena
in Iberia for 30 days. After that, animals go to local shelters, foster.

SURGARENA ACADIANA FAIRGROUND: No volunteer needs at present time (could
change). Dogs, cats, geese, goats, cows, horses...rescued from Iberia parish
sheltered here. Up for adoption after 30 days.
Hwy 3212; New Iberia, LA
(US 90 To New Iberia, Hwy 3212 - Signs read Acadiana Fairgrounds)

IBERIA HUMANE SOCIETY: Iberia Humane Society is fostering many Rita animals
from Abbeville and Surgarena shelters. Volunteers are needed too.
1314 Troy Road; New Iberia, Louisiana

SUPPLY NEEDS (10/5/05):
Contact: Joelle Rupert: 337-277-4239; Larry Rupert: 337-277-1235
Rupert home: 337-893-0235
CRATES (airline approved, plastic)
WATER TROUGHS (for horses/cattle at Sugarena)
Call Marilynn White: 337-380-2481
Dog/Cat Toys, Collars, Shampoo, Flea Treatment (not Hartz!), Treats,
Bowls, etc. *Stock up at PetSmart

Sharon Gorski: 877-727-9343;

Lake Castle School
8400 Hayne Blvd.; New Orleans, LA

MuttShack has established a haven for immediate triage and temporary
shelter. A waystation for rescued animals, this animal M.A.S.H. unit
provides emergency veterinary care and shelter, with the ultimate goal of
reuniting companion animals with their families. Need veterinarians, vet
techs, search/rescue teams and shelter workers. Please be prepared to
volunteer a minimum of 5 days.

SUPPLY NEEDS (10/1/05):
BOATS; TRANSPORTERS; Veterinary/Medical Supplies; Generators; Ice;
Golden Malrine (fly bait; serious fly problem due to polluted water)

Needs fluctuate. Check with Sharon Gorski (877-727-9343)

Mark & Shannon Martin
home: 706-769-7701

Winn Dixie Marketplace Temporary Staging Area
4600 Chef Menteur Hwy (at N. Louisa Street)
New Orleans, LA 70126-5011

Kennel help with rescued animals. Search/rescue. Need veterinarians, vet techs.

SUPPLY NEEDS (10/01/05):
WORM MEDICINE (especially for cats), Crates, Trucks, SUVs, Sticks with loops
to get reluctant dogs, Water, Gatorade

* Take I-10 East to 610 East, until it meets back up with I-10 East again.
* Exit at Louisa St. North.
* Turn right on Gentilly Road.
* Take an immediate left into the Winn-Dixie parking lot.
(At bottom of freeway exit ramp. The back side of Winn-Dixie will be visible,
one block to your right.)

AFTER flight and other travel arrangements are made, send email to:

Pasado Safe Haven Staging Area
3515 Hwy. 309
Raceland, LA 70394

Volunteers needed at Raceland, LA facility. Anticipate rescuing through
October 15. Cleaning kennels, washing dogs, walking dogs, other assigned
duties. Volunteers commit to 5 days on ground (excluding travel days).

If you are a vet, email:

-Book a flight to Baton Rouge, LA or New Orleans
-Book a campsite or hotel early. They fill up fast.
-There is no space to sleep, shower, go to bathroom at Pasado triage site.
-Rent a vehicle
-Once you have done the above, email:

SUPPLY NEEDS (9/29/05):
Ship to: Law Offices of Louis St. Martin
#1 Church St.; Houma, LA 70364; 985-868-9600

-FeLV/FIV combo "snap" tests
-CANNED ID Prescription dog food.
-Walmart Gift Cards, Gatorade always welcome
-Check Pasado website,, a day or so
before you leave to bring what is requested No room for extra supplies.

The Louisiana SPCA is now allowing placement of animals to qualified shelters.
If you are a shelter, contact Karen at 616-446-4328 or 202-367-5397
Karen is the conduit between Lamar Dixon animals and shelters.

We spoke with this rescue effort 10/5.
Still need volunteers badly; still doing search & rescue

Volunteers need to speak to Dr. Green or David Marcantel before arriving.
Dr. Dick Green: 337-437-3846
David Marcantel, Director, Calcasieu Parish Animal Control: 337-437-3846

Show up at Calcasieu Parish Animal Shelter
5500A Swift Plant Road 70615; Lake Charles, Louisiana
shelter ph: 337-439-8879
Animals housed at the Calcasieu Parish Animal Services, including animals
from the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, were evacuated to Caddo
Parish Animal Control in Shreveport due to Hurricane Rita. Staff and animals
are now returning to Lake Charles.

FOR HARD-CORE SEARCH AND RESCUE WORK: People with experience in
search-and-rescue work; animal control or humane officer field;
veterinarians, vet techs, shelter workers/volunteers, feral cat/aggressive
animal handlers, dog trainers, groomers; people able to safely operate
boats; Red Cross or other emergency response training; livestock handlers.

FOR SHELTER WORK: People to clean cages, dispense food/water, provide TLC
for animals... Also, people qualified to manage paperwork and organize
electronic records and data.

If you are self-contained (have RV or ready to camp) that is ideal.

WESTBOUND on I-10: Exit at FIRST Lake Charles exit (exit 36). Turn right at
bottom of ramp, go over overpass and through first traffic signal, then take
first street on right. Go to end of road, the shelter is on your left.

EASTBOUND on I-10: Exit at LAST Lake Charles exit (also exit 36). Turn left
at bottom of the ramp, go over overpass, through first traffic light, take
first street on right, and go to end of road.

Alley Cat Allies / Send email FIRST:
Jessica Frohman: 240-482-1988
INCLUDE: full name, email address, phone numbers to contact you during the
day, special skills/training, dates available. You may also fill out this Feral
Cat Colony Help Request Form as hurricane volunteer form.
Skip sections that don't apply.
If you have already contacted Alley Cat Allies about volunteering: You are
on their list and they will be in touch soon. Please DO NOT email or call again.

Bogalusa, Lousiana / Camp established 1 hour north of New Orleans
Electricity available, but arrive self-sufficient prepared to camp.

With citizens returning to New Orleans/surrounding areas, Alley Cat Allies
plans to help rebuild the caregiver network, remove feral cats from
shelters, collect/provide food and water to known colonies, identify other
colonies in need and assess future needs such as spay/neuter services and
ongoing support for caregivers.
1. Rescuers, veterinarians, caregivers... on the ground
2. Drivers and vehicles for transport (Trucks, SUVs preferable)
3. Foster homes and barn homes (for feral cats)

CALL FIRST - Sharon Gorski, 877-727-9343,

Shelter director, Jeff Dorson: 901-268-4432
or call in Tylertown: 601-876-2781
To confirm your arrival date, email:
Onsite contacts: Ask for Johnna Harris or Jeff Dorson

The Humane Society of Louisiana Emergency Shelter
115 Obed Magee Rd.; Tylertown, Mississippi 39667
(next to St. Frances Animal Sanctuary)

Presently in need of veterinarians, vet techs, animal caretakers, office
staff, transporters, electricians, plumbers. No housing, come prepared to
camp with tent. Access to nearby Red Cross showering facilities.

You need definitive approval from a local New Orleans animal protection
charity, before heading down. 501c3 no-kill sanctuaries or rescue groups that
want to adopt animals through Humane Society of Louisiana,
CONTACT: Jen Daley, Katrina Adoptions Coordinator,

To reunite rescued animals whenever possible, looking to work with groups to
post photos online and foster, prior to adoption. For adoption-ready animals
only, can network with other shelters/agencies to find animals.

SUPPLY NEEDS (9/28/05):
Long list: (scroll toward bottom of page)

Debra Barlow, president, Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue

EEE/WEE West Nile & Tetanus
Request for equine vaccine donations from veterinarians. No limit
to amount needed. Fed Ex delivery is ideal.
Dr. Prejean
1101 West Port Street; Abbeville, LA 70510

Animals in Rita-hit areas are stranded and starving. Farmers desperate, with
no government aid.

To send supplies with Hopeful Haven convoys--
CONTACT: Debra Barlow
cell: 318-286-3116 *

To send supplies directly to Abbeville or Sugarena Shelters--
CONTACT: Joelle Rupert: 337-277-4239; Larry Rupert: 337-277-1235
Rupert home: 337-893-0235

Everyone chip in and fill up a horse trailer of supplies, get donations from
your feed stores, designate a group to come and y'all share the gas and
let's go! Anyone can join our convoys.

Convoy schedules posted separately. Request latest dates:

Or contact Debra Barlow, Hopeful Haven Equine Rescue
cell: 318-286-3116 *
P.O. Box 17763; Shreveport, La 71138

Jinx Scogin and Steven Thomas
625 Bradford Street N; Gainesville, Georgia 30501-3214
Accepting donated items for 911 Parrot Alert at our home. Large front porch
where items can be left if not at home. If you cannot bring them to our
home, call 678-450-5574. We will arrange to pick them up for you.

Donna Powell; c/o 911 Parrot Alert
16365 Woodmere; Baton Rouge, LA 70819
If you wish to ship items directly to Donna Powell, contact:
Ellen, Beaks and Noses Rescue (in Massachusetts), 978-362-2072.

SUPPLY NEEDS (9/27/05):
Urgent need for supplies/donations to go to shelters and rescue centers
housing hundreds of companion birds in devastated areas of Gulf Coast.
Helping Donna Powell, of 911 Parrot Alert, and the many volunteers now
helping her care for over 200 rescued birds in her home in Baton Rouge, LA.

[available at pet supply stores, supermarkets]
Paper towels; Old towels and hand towels; Trash bags (medium and large);
Household bleach, Spray bottles (must be unused, hardware stores carry them);
Cage cleaning supplies (NO HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS except bleach);
Seed mixes, pellets (all breeds, finches to large parrots);
Healthy treats (Nutriberries, lots of varieties); Millet sprays;
Cuttlebone and mineral blocks; Perches, Swings (all sizes, varieties);
Toys with mirrors; Toys, toys, toys (have fun with this one!);
Cage bowls and dishes; Cages (all sizes);
Carriers for transport (all sizes, including those made for small dogs and cats);
Syringes (all sizes. For hand feeding baby birds, administering oral medications);
Dietary supplements (vitamins, Ornabac, Ornalyte, Furazite. Hi-cal grit,
molting and conditioning aids, bird charcoal); Nets (for safely catching birds);
Mosquito netting; Cuddle things (such as Birdy Buddy); Copy paper reams

Cash or check donations to order needed items from (Bank deposit slips, order receipts and
shipping documentation will be available, to ensure transparency in dealing
with these donations.) Make checks payable to "For The Birds."

Maria Church, Director of Staging Area Operations
home: 334-793-3943; cell: 334-685-0522; staging area: 334-615-4620

Rescue coalition formed by SAVE-A-PET, at the Dothan Animal Shelter, the
Wiregrass Humane Society, and the Southeast Alabama Kennel Club
NOTE: Coalition supported and funded in part by the Florida Association of
Kennel Clubs and the American Kennel Club

Pet Care, Veterinary Care, Grooming, Transportation, Clerical, Laundry,
Warehousing, and Volunteer Support, Foster Homes, and Donations.

SUPPLY NEEDS (9/17/05):
Tents, Cat/Dog Food, Generators, Cat/Dog Treats, Heavy Duty Extension Cords,
Cat/Dog Toys, Temporary Lighting, Kitty Litter, Wading Pools, Large Garbage
Cans & Liners, Crates, Adjustable Dog Collars, Heavy Duty Hoses with
Nozzles, Filing Cabinet, Leashes, Office Supplies, Foldup Tables & Chairs,
Hand Sanitizer, Laptop, Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, Water Gallon Containers,
Spray Bottles, Laundry Soap, Paper Towels, Bleach Towels, Toilet Paper

Supplies move in and out of our drop/distribution site in Mobile, AL. We
will never have too many supplies. We will continue to distribute items to
overtaxed shelters long after the primary rescue effort ends.

Mobile to Abbeville Express
We have supplies ready to mobilize, waiting in our Alabama storehouse. We
need drivers to make supply runs from Mobile, AL to Abbeville, LA, with
drops at other sites along the way.

Respond to Julia Fischer, Supply Distribution
Grassroots Effort for Animals of the Storm
Kinship Circle / Animal Rescue Foundation
home: 251-645-8605; cell: 251-455-9377

-State day and time you are arriving.
-If bringing supplies: type and quantity of supplies.
(Note: We will not accept Hartz Flea/Tick Control products)
-Arrange, with Julia, for someone to meet you at storage site.

Alternate Storage
5809 Larue Steiner Road; Theodore, Al 36582
(In Mobile off of I-10)
West off 65 onto I-10 take exit 15A.
Circle under interstate and stay on this road (Hwy 90).
Turn right at second stop light and this is Larue Steiner Road.
Travel about .3 miles down this road and it will be on this street.
52, 54, 55 are the units we have at this moment.

SUPPLY NEEDS (10/5/05):
Please call Julia Fischer for supply needs beyond this list.
Flea control products (NO Hartz products please. Lethal to cats/dogs. Been recalled.)
Horse/Cattle fly sprays
Lactated ringers (fluid bags), tubing and needles
Dog/Cat vaccines; Equine vaccines
Antibiotics (Clavamox especially)
Multiple dog-walking devices
Puppy pads
Grooming tools (clippers, blades, brushes)
Vari-Kennels (for relocation travel)
LARGE dog supplies (cages, leashes, collars)
Doggie pooper scoopers
Bleach; Cleaning supplies
Large "circus type" fly tents
Water, Gatorade

Supplies move in and out of our drop/distribution site in Mobile, AL. We
will never have too many supplies. We will continue to distribute items to
overtaxed shelters long after the primary rescue effort ends.


1.) Bring documentation, i.e., your animal organization's nonprofit status;
DART or other animal disaster relief training; veterinarian/vet tech or
animal control credentials; animal rescue/shelter experience credentials;
animal transport, etc.

2.) Have magnetic signs printed at Kinkos or another copy store for both
sides of your vehicle. Suggestions for text on sign:

3.) Bring 501c3 documentation and a veterinarian's reference if you intend
to bring back animals to foster.

current Hepatitis vaccinations
(Hepatitis A most important)
current Tetanus shot
pepper spray
hand sanitizer; alcohol and hydrogen peroxide
insect repellent
first aid kits

thick "bite-proof" work gloves
sturdy, waterproof (rubber) work boots/shoes
change of shoes
hip-waders (if possible)
long sleeve shirts (for coverage, but lightweight)
long pants (for coverage, but lightweight)
extra socks

belt (to hang gears/supplies from)
mouth coverings (surgical masks, bandannas)
eye protection (sunglasses)

D batteries
containers full of gasoline
cell phone & car charger
phone cards (cell phones work, but not well)
waterproof walkie talkies
toilet paper
pillows, blankets, sheets, towels
water, Gatarade, snacks
other personal-care items

SHELTER: Bring a tent or trailer/RV type vehicle to live in.
Air mattress or cot


Brenda Shoss, Information & Volunteer Coordinator:
(desk) 314-863-9445; (cell) 314-795-2646
7380 Kingsbury Blvd.; Saint Louis, MO 63130

Julia Fischer, Supply Storage & Distribution Director:
(cell) 251-455-9377; (home) 251-645-8605
shelter phone: 251-478-9743
771 Holcombe Ave.; Mobile, Alabama 36605

Information in all alerts is verified with original sources, to the best of
our ability. We cannot assume responsibility for the consequences of its
use. Call or email contacts at specific locations before going.
Grassroots Effort for Animals of the Storm
Kinship Circle * Animal Rescue Foundation

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