Tuesday, October 04, 2005

David Meyers Blog -- A true Hero; No previous Experience and helping to run HSUS rescue ops.

Please see David Meyers Blog at http://saveapetkatrinarescue.blogspot.com/
His stories are very good.


Some quotes from his blog (he ended up helping run HSUS rescue operations and some days he was the one giving the am briefings. HE HAD HIS ACT TOGETHER FOR SOMEONE THAT JUST WALKED INTO THE SITUATION-- Read his blog to get a better understanding of the horrow we encountered. This guy got things done.

Quotes from his blog--
"...Then, when I got home, our spokesperson Pia said she was going to volunteer. I thought that was admirable and told her to report to me. When she called me crying, saying I could not imagine the suffering, starvation, and the lack of organized human response, I realized I had to go."

"He left me roadside with this dog, and what I am about to say is 100% true: I knelt down and that little dog reared up on her hind legs, put her paws tightly around my neck, pressed her chest hard against mine and hugged me with her cheek pressed against my cheek. For 20 minutes, that dog stayed on her hind legs, hugging me tightly just like that. I just kept telling her 'You're welcome, you're welcome" and "you're safe now".

"There is much conflict between the shelter staff here who want to limit the number of animals we bring in, and the rescue staff like myself who want to bring in as many pets as we can. I understand space limitations and other concerns, but I and Jane Garrison feel strongly about putting all our efforts into rescuing. If there are too many pets coming in, then the focus should be on stepping up output to other shelters around the country, not ceasing life-saving rescue operations. We are here to make a miracle happen and we can not accept a "no-can-do" attitude!" (There was a constant struggle to bring in more animals. Eric)

"We have only recently begun to use this list, as I didn’t know it existed until this week, and we are now saving pets that have had no contact for weeks." (Sept 25th he just got the list to use for the first time.)

Some friends of mine here are the reason I went--

Emails to me today from rescuers I worked with --
Daschund was called Lassie and reunited with delightful hispanic lady in Harvey - she could hardly speak english and only managed 'brown, black, friendly girl', but any doubts about ownership dispelled when entire family ran up shouting 'lassie, lassie' and dog almost peed with excitement. We have pictures.

Email to me from other rescuer -- (If you were not in this place take your worst nightmare for animals and then multiply by 20. Then see things you don't want to see but keep going because if you don't you can't save the ones still begging for help)

Eric, thank you for you NO diary. I, too, was in NO, but with the Pasado group.
You put into words my experiences. I have tried to explain to others what it was
like, but I am finding it hard to do the experience justice.
You have.
It breaks my heart being back home in (taken out) I want to be back down
there, helping again. So many animals need help, especially now. I keep going
over my contributions to the rescue effort and I try to shake the guilt from my
heart of the ones I did not see, or hear crying. What if the puppy I found was
the healthiest one, able to come to me, and I missed his litter mates
cowering/dying in the background somewhere?
Sorry, I know you, too, are having these thoughts, but reading your blogs
It is a source of shared comfort for those who were there, and a source of
honest information for those who weren't.
I would be back there in a second, but I cannot afford the long drive, or the
gas money again. If you know of any sponsors who are underwriting people to go
down to NO to help, please let me know.
I do not know if you had any expereiences with the Pasado safe haven group while
you were down there, but I found them to be an honest,
hardworking,tenacious,loving, focused group who kept the mission of saving the
animals their number one goal always.
It seems to me you have alot in common with them.
Again, thankyou, and let me know of If I can be of any help in the future


At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


There was an article about a week ago in the NO paper that mentioned starving kittens in an apartment building. People on the NOLA pet rescue board tried to get someone to check on them, and nobody is sure whether they were rescued or fed. They had trouble reaching the reporters and ATF agents and getting a specific address. Can you help in any way?

Info from article posted below:

'Lone holdouts

Elsewhere, inside shuttered buildings where faucets still ran dry and electric lamps remained dark, other residents who weathered Katrina braced again for more wind and rain that three weeks ago drove off most of their neighbors, leaving them as hermits in a ruined city.

To his fifth-floor apartment on North Johnson Street, 67-year-old Jesse Vaughn welcomed a pair of special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who brought vacuum-sealed tuna, bottled water and yet another plea for Vaughn to abandon his stronghold.

"We could still take you someplace to get you some medical attention, get your $2,000 from FEMA, three hot meals a day," Special Agent David Millen said, kneeling next to the frail man to whom he had delivered provisions since the last storm, a job military personnel deserted last week. Millen and Special Agent Charlie Smith tried gently to coax him away from a building whose first floor reeked of urine and filthy floodwater. The effort failed.

"I think we will get some nice weather next week," Vaughn said. "We might get some stores opening up on Broad Street."

Vaughn could not leave, he said. He had promised his neighbors, the ones who escaped from the roof by helicopter after Katrina, that he would protect the stuffed backpacks and suitcases they could not carry with them to safety. He and another man were the lone holdouts in a dark building, where starving kittens prowled hallways strewn with soiled T-shirts and children's toys.''

Link to article:


Starving kittens mentioned in TP article - Jesse Vaughn.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

For all reading Eric's blog, I want to assure you this information is being posted in all places appropriate, including petfinders, craigslist, etc. Internet word of mouth is amazing so here goes: I have two dogs with our rescue group needing to find their owners: Silky Terrier about 5-6 lbs, male, neutered, rescued outside on corner of Burgundy & Pauline. 2nd dog was pulled from home at 1507 France - we're looking for owner, possibly Miranda Taylor? Contact us ASAP through this blog.

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Jay Z. said...

YOU Know I've been having the very same thoughts did I do enough I was down there for 7 days It was all the time and all the money I had . I went down to NO after getting tired of people telling me that if I'm not an official this or a certified that not to come. Well I went and without taking no! for an answer within 24 hrs I had a pass to go anywere in the city i wanted to go. I saved about 30 animals and fed and watered a lot more And I still think DID I DO ENOUGH.
As My girlfrend keeps reminding me I did all I could do. I DID ALL THAT I COULD DO!
So we have to remember in are hearts no one can ever do ENOUGH but we did what we could and together we made a difference

Thanks to all Jay Z.

At 4:57 PM, Blogger Better World said...

God Bless Eric, Oprah, Anderson Cooper and Claigslist for facing the reailty of how bad this all has been, being brave enough to tell it like it is and actually do something about it. I am a volunteer for 4 weeks now from Rural Iowa who has seen and heard more then I ever wanted to. From my experience in these past weeks I know this... The disater is far from over, still many missing, homeless people and pets,a system that has failed us, chaos, confusion, red tape. A big disaster with a bigger disaster following it. I have worked 14 hrs a day on this since the disaster and I know I havn't made a dent. One person alone can't do much but all of us together can. The govt has helped and failed in many ways. but we are the people , we can change things. There are issues in Congress now that if passed will help in future disasters. I thank Eric and hope he will contunie to post ways WE THE PEOPLE can change this system to be what we want. We are the govt. We have to work for change, together. And together we can do it.

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous drowssap said...

This poem is dedicated to all the Katrina pets. Please hear their voice.

I began to hear sounds like I'd never heard before
People were screaming as water begin to pour
Into our houses and into our streets
Very quickly water became knee deep
I ran to the porch, then I ran up the stairs
I climbed to the roof gasping for air
I looked for my master he was nowhere to be found
Then a body floated by and I knew my master had drown
Help me, help me, help me, I barked
I howled for help until it got dark
Alone and frightened what was I to do
Would someone save me or was my life through
I heard lots of helicopters and gunshots go off
The stench and the fifth kept making me cough
I was scared and hungry, I had nothing to eat
No water to drink, stuck on the roof in the heat.
Day after day my little body waning away
Everyday I prayed Lord will this be the day
The day that I'm saved from this ill fate
Lifted from this rooftop before my spirit breaks
Finally one morning I saw a human face
She opened her arms and gave me a loving embrace
She placed me in the boat and whisked me away
We traveled to a safe shelter where I spent the next day
My goodness, my goodness, I could not believe
Thousands like me as far as the eye could see
People were crying all over the place
Tears were streaming all down their face
Everyone was frantically looking for a home
And there I was kenneled, my master was gone
I'm still in this kennel, and I'm sick and I'm sad
Hurricane Katrina has taken away my dad
Now I have no master and now I have no home
Will you please adopt me, I don't want to be alone
I'll be your best friend and I'll love you so much
My little body is begging to feel that human touch
The one filled with love I used to know so well
So please open your heart and save me from this hell.

Janis Callahan
Copyright October 4, 2005

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My aunt is at the St Bernard Parish temporary animal site now. I'm putting up her entries about the conditions there as I get them.



At 12:34 PM, Blogger athena said...

Regarding the first comments about whether there was a follow-up on the report of kittens stuck and starving:
I'm glad to see a question about cats. I love all animals, but I have noticed that online photos and writing on most sites (not just this one) is about 85% canines and 15% cats (are there that many more dogs than cats).

I wish I had info about these cat babies, but I don't. I will do what I can to find out something.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger athena said...

Regarding the first comments about whether there was a follow-up on the report of kittens stuck and starving:
I'm glad to see a question about cats. I love all animals, but I have noticed that online photos and writing on most sites (not just this one) is about 85% canines and 15% cats (are there that many more dogs than cats).

I wish I had info about these cat babies, but I don't. I will do what I can to find out something.

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Took me awhile to find a good blog ...glad I came across yours. I like it a lot!

Sonny M.

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Come and check it out if you get time :-)

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Cats not talked about you are correct but know that they seemed to fair much better than the dogs. Many sitting on owners porches waiting. Know that volunteers fed thosuands and thousands of cats right in place. They were hard to catch and I am unsure whether it was best to take the ones who looked good and were waiting for mom to come home. Anyway, know they were fed on almost every block in the city.

At 2:41 PM, Blogger athena said...

Thank you for the info about the cat rescue/feeding. I know it was different being _right there_ and having to make a judgement call on the spot, with so many factors involved. I'm glad they were fed... some cats would be traumatized to be alone, but I know other cats are freaked to have to deal with any stranger... I think you have done a heroic job -- I just hope other rescuers were as tuned to the cats', too.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

All rescuers were feeding lots and lots of cats.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger savethepets3 (Kris) said...

Janis Callahan
Copyright October 4, 2005

10:06 PM

That was very well written .. brough tears to my eyes and that is what was going though my mind when i saw the first boat pass by a dog swimming desprately toward it to be saved .. and then i saw another .. and another on top of the roof like your poem and no one there to save it .. i just turned off the TV and came to my computer with tears streaming down my face. And here i have remained since a few days after hurricane Katrina, with as much time as i can devote to the plight of the little Katrina victims.

i wrote about the woman Carol who called me after the CNN report and had seen her beautiful baby .. a 10 year old (previously i thought 14 year old) siberian husky/shep mix, shot dead ..laying in the corner of one of the classrooms she attended while going to school there .. (somebody posted that here, somewhere, from my nola post) well i got a call from her after she had finally made it back to NO from TX and went to the school and saw her dog lying there .. she sounded so weak and frail .. sobbing so hurt and sad but also feeling overwhelmed with guilt for leaving her dog there. Although she was forced to leave by the St. Bernard PD she still has gut wrenching guilt that she will carry with her for the rest of her life, i am sure of this.

I tried to comfort her the best i could .. then she said said something that made me cry .. she said "Kris, there are some cows (she has the specific name for them, i can't remember what kind)but she said "I am worried about those cows Kris." .. i was speachless. She, in the midst of grieving over her own pet and the horrible death it has sucumbed to, was caring about some cows grazing on the grass on the levy.

"I think all animals have beautiful souls and so do some people" ~Author KJE

This whole experience has changed me .. i look at the whole world in a different way now.

I really appreciate having this blog to share my feelings, it helps.


"My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am" ~Author Unknown

PS: Hi Eric, i am going to call you as soon as i get more cell minutes, i am just about out. I want to talk to you :)

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Better World said...

Sign an online petition to Congress for changes to help pets in disaster. AOL USERS need to use inetrnet explorer.Also to get Congress to investigate dog massacre.

At 10:20 PM, Blogger crtrfxr said...

today i spoke with a volunteer that had been in new orleans and houston for the past three weeks. i was given her cell number to see if i could assist her because i am vet in the northeast. she just left and emotionally trying to recouperate. up here in the north i have been ignorant to the extent of suffering, sending my donations to the hsus and aspca as well as supporting my local shelterwho took 20 dogs from the south. they tell us things are getting better and back to normal. we had no idea how horrid the situation is and getting worse, the volunteer referred it to a halocaust, nothing on the news could have prepared me for what she told me. there has not been any indepth stories period. the biggest crisis up here is a canine influenza that pampered dogs in kennels have gotten, although some very ill, nothing compared to what i learned today about new orleans pets, and the influenza was a prime story the other night. if i can help anyone please let me know.....crtrfxr@mail.com

At 11:29 PM, Blogger zach4500 said...

Feral cats fared the worst of all. They had noone and were more likely to be ignored because they aren't socialized like dogs. Many domestic cats in dire state left behind, too.
Alley Cat Allies has worked to rescue these 'less cute and fuzzy' victims of katrina, and deserve your support, also, along with the other very fine groups doing rescues.

At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Coming home to no news on this was surreal. My friends have no idea, even the ones reading the blog. You simply can't describe what went on with 50-100,000 animals left behind. You start to understand with these pics. Each days blog report is simply pics---



At 6:12 PM, Anonymous ItchyDog said...

Some additional resources if you are trying to look for a pet. These are sites with pictures of animals, they all SHOULD be on petfinder.com or petharbor.com but they might show a different or better picture.

These long url's aren't going to show up properly, hopefully you can sort it out.

St. Bernard Animal Control

Cinci SPCA

SPCALA (Los Angeles)

Calvert County Humane Society

Deleware Humane Society

Hopalong Animal Rescue

Humane Society of Missouri

LSU Emergency Animal Shelter


Michigan Animal Adoption Network

Santa Cruz SPCA

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Nancy B. said...

Jay Z,
Thank you for your comments regarding the guilt I feel since I have been back. It helps to know how others like yourself are dealing with it.
I recieved a mixed response from my family and friends when they heard I went down south to work with an animal rescue group in NO,so I do not expect them to understand my feelings of guilt now that I am back. It helps me feel less frustrated when I hear from others who also were in NO for animal rescue.
Your comment about having no more time or money to give is a painful truth for me as well. To have to come home to tend to my "regular" life-bills,job etc.is very difficult.I feel like this is not where I should be. My heart is still in NO.
I liked your comment about together we made a difference. I will keep that thought close to me. Thank you. Nancy in Cincinnati

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Jay Z. said...

Nancy B.
I know my heart is still in NO, too
Every day I here there still pulling live animals out I think I should still be there I evacuated for rita when thay said there would be no more rescues That we would have to evacuate the animals that we had.
I brought home 5 kittens that went 21 days none over 8 oz. one died in my lap on my way home
Every day thay climb all over me telling me how much thay appreciate. being out of that hell.
One is named Katrina.

Jay Z.
North Carolina

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