Monday, October 03, 2005

Find Max

Any rescuers see this dog? Here is the request from owner. Typical case: not comfortable with internet, dog left by someone else etc. Does she really deserve just a few more days before MAX gets adopted out?

max was left at 5018 congress dr n.o.l.a. 70126 max was with my 11 year son who was living there with his aunt. they evacuated but chose to leave max there in the house. my sis in law is safe in alabama with my son. i have no way of going to new orleans at this time but i frantically search the web for him. i''ve only been using the computer since katrina hit so i am very illiterate. i have a slow system it's very frusterating. i have met a very wonderful person rebecca she is helping me as much as she can. that's how i got your address. max lost his tags which would have been very helpful because his tags were from az. i called bestfriends early after katrina and left his address but said they wouldn't be able to call me back. i'm enclosing pictures. thank you for any help you can give me.
celeste foley
928-636-6297 house


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Mary Jo Nieson said...

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At 6:35 PM, Blogger Mary Jo Nieson said...

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At 6:40 PM, Blogger Mary Jo Nieson said...

Absolutely NOT! What happened when Hurricane Dennis hit Fla.? If I'm not mistaken then the stats were: 90% of pets went to original guardians within 3 mos. time. Please correct me if need be but I think I'm in the ballpark. These people need time to sort things out and that includes finding where their dog was shipped off too in the mayhem. Extenuating circumstances during a disaster that dislocated some 30 million people (is that right?) I hope she finds Max and is never again parted!

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous renata_ortel said...

Have a look at the links on my website. If we are lucky you find Max searching all links and the corresponding lists. Daily updates.

At 7:16 PM, Blogger PietroConiglio said...

Good news is coming within a day or so on a proposed voluntary extension on hold times from the major organizations. At least a month past October 15. The challenge will be to help shelters comply with the extended period, and to encourage individuals who took animals from Louisiana and Mississippi to enter animals into petfinder and other systems used by the various shelters. If they're smart, the organizations will put some people full-time on helping citizens of New Orleans and elsewhere to find their pets.

committed to reunion

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

This is a mess. 30 days is not enough. 6 MONTHS MIGHT NOT BE GIVEN THE MESS THAT EXISTS.

Animals are still being rescued daily even now. The city has only 2% of the population returned so far. I now have testimony from 34 people who went to Gonzales and were given no data about dogs that the LASPCA and HSUS stole after breaking into the houses. tHEY KNOW THEY WENT TO lAMAR BECAUSE MANY RESCUERS LEFT NOTES. Had I known that they were not tracking this stuff and then not going to even make their own database I would have NEVER REMOVED an animal from the owners house. They told us owners would easily be reunited. This is not true. Far from it.

Also many shelters simply not using Petfinder and others probably euthanizing existing animals to make room for Katrina Pets. Several shelters just saying they are all strays. Yes they might have been strays when found because National Guard kicked the door in and left it open but all these animals came from houses.

I have people emailing me horror story after horror story of working at Lamar etc. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.

I have not even started on the fact that they DID NOT use the 1-800Humane1 list for many days. The stories are starting to roll in from their own volunteers AND EMPLOYEES WHO ARE DISGUSTED BY THIS ENTIRE MESS.

At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, Again, just tell people you need help with a particular search...don't inflict more emotional distress on these families, who may be reading your blog, by using potentially inciteful language as in your post.

Some organizations are requiring potential owners sign an agreement to return an animal to its original owner if they are located (no time limitation).

Get informed before you panic these families even more.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


To infer how shelters are 'probably' handling the intake of Katrina animals (i.e., euthanizing) is AGAIN inflammatory,irresponsible, and not based on credible, documented facts. To say animals were 'stolen' by the ASPCA and HSUS is incredulous...if it was a choice between my dog starving to death or being 'stolen' with the intention of saving its life, I'd choose my dog to live...any day.

You're over the top....a loose cannon. I don't believe half of what you have to say. Part of your contribution to this relief effort is the circulation of rumors which makes you implicit in this 'mess'.

I'm off this blog.

At 10:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your previous post, you state
"People keep screaming at me for attacking the HSUS. Remember, I went to that camp as a proud member who sent my check off each month. I have simply pointed out specific mistakes rather than ever knock the entire organization"

Yet in the preceding post, you do indeed knock the entire organization
"Because the people like HSUS and LASPCA who could have told the story did not. Everyone knows what they put out was complete propaganda. God I got emails from SPCA and HSUS asking me for money the entire time. Even today the websites give no clear idea of what went on acting like they "saved the day" They tpok out a few thousands dogs at a cost per animals that is going to be insane and have now lost most of them. HSUS- Stop sending me donation requests in my email every 4 hours."

The comment about donation requests every 4 hours is particulary outragous. At one point donation requests for you were being posted every few minutes on and other forums.

These attacks on the HSUS and ASPCA greatly damage your credibility. In fact, you come off as someone who is exploiting the situation for his personal benefit.

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way... has anyone seen this dog, Max?

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

There is a new site which is dedicated to having volunteers search the various shelters for specific pets. Perhaps MAx could be placed on that site in order to enlist some help. Also, I found 3 possible matches on petfinder: PF27672, PF36259, PF33910.

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, a few of us have been working for a week or two on a comprehensive shelter list, compiling from research, ASPCA, etc. It's

Emily (

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Kate Danaher said...

Grassroots Effort for Animals of the Storm
Kinship Circle * Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)
Volunteers: Brenda Shoss,
Supply Storehouse: Julia Fischer,

RE: 10/1/05—Need Rescuers, Fosters, Data Entry NOW – for Jane Garrison

We apologize for the confusion surrounding our 10/1/05 alert on Jane Garrison’s behalf. Numerous circumstances, beyond anyone’s control, have
changed since many of you kindly offered to help. Since the afternoon of 10/1/05, we have been unable to reach Jane for firsthand verification.

You were instructed to call “Alvin” at 225-647-3340 for data entry instructions. Alvin, to our knowledge, is unavailable and out in the field. However, Lamar Dixon Dispatch today reports that other volunteers know anyone who asks for “Alvin” is a data entry inquiry. He tells me that some of you have been doing data entry, based on information faxed to you from Lamar-Dixon. If anyone can confirm this, we would greatly appreciate it! In the meantime, I have recorded everyone’s phone/email who contacted me with interest in data entry. I will keep this on file to contact you immediately if the need becomes urgent again.

As per original alert, you were instructed to make one-time contact with Jane Garrison before reporting to her at the Command Center trailer at Lamar-Dixon. We were told volunteers were needed until October 15. Today, a man in Dispatch said everyone was packing up to be out of Lamar-Dixon tonight. We cannot confirm this statement. We are only reporting it.

TRANSPORT/FOSTER FROM WINN-DIXIE OR PASADO RESCUE: Jane Garrison and HSUS/LSPCA volunteers will not bring rescues to the Winn-Dixie staging area in New Orleans as originally planned.

HSUS will not bring future rescues to PasadoRescue in Raceland, Louisiana. From Pasado:
UPDATE 10/3 - 12:44pm PST Correction: NO agreement has been reached with HSUS to serve as an intake facility for them. We were presented erroneous information. PasadoRescuers will continue to assist smaller rescue groups with their animals and
continue our efforts to rescue as many animals as we can.

We have verified this information. I apologize to those 501c3 groups I spoke to via phone. I know some of you were consulting with your boards to make arrangements to travel to New Orleans.

Grassroots Effort for Animals of the Storm does not report rumors. Our role throughout the hurricane animal relief effort has been to mobilize volunteers and supplies to accessible locations in need. However, the constantly changing landscape of this effort can make today’s “fact” tomorrow’s “frustrated volunteer.” We are very aware that your time, travel expenses and commitment to helping animals are VALUABLE.

If we obtain a credible update on this particular alert, we will post it at once.

Thank you,
Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle
Julia Fischer, Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF)
Grassroots Effort for Animals of the Storm

At 12:29 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

Found another Petfinders possibility: PF13812

At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When govermental agencies or non-profit groups position themselves as leaders in disaster management services, they must be accountable to the people they serve. In addition to rumours, there have been many legitimate questions raised that deserve additional answers.
Eric has done a very good job in reporting problems that he has seen first hand.
He has given credit where it is due and he has identified sticky problems
generated by personal and organizational politics. He has retracted comments made in good faith when other have pointed out details and facts of which he was not aware. I don't think most people believe he is a grandstander.
He is frustrated, like many, because the big organizations ask for more money everytime they report their individual rescue activities. Their fund raising appeals often appear to overshadow the joint efforts of all the groups and their dedicated volunteers.

A previous poster stated, "The comment about donation requests every 4 hours is particulary outragous. At one point donation requests for you were being posted every few minutes on and other forums"

What this poster failed to realize or acknowledge, is that Eric wasn't soliciting
donations himself using professionally prepared reports. It was others trying to help him. There is a BIG difference between that and big organization appeals.

Eric isn't the only person with serious questions about
groups leading disaster rescue efforts for animals.
Check out this web site:

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous monica said...

Oh please.

Eric spent a few days on Nola, most of it ad hoc by his own admission. (With all the anonymous reports Eric is relying on, I'm finding Ashleigh's take more and more credible.)

Are you sure, Eric, this isn't just hurt feelings because HSUS wouldn't give you personally their list of call-ins? Because instead HSUS parcelled out the list to recognized rescue groups and those who met for the morning meeting so duplications and wasted efforts would be minimized?

You say you've heard from "people" - with no names of course - who went to the shelter and got nada.

What about reports of people who have gotten their animals back? Here's just one: Author Poppy Z. Brite tells in her LiveJournal how she got 14 of her cats back from Lamar Dixon (they were rescued by the AHA, however, so perhaps you won't count this story).

There are reunification stories all over the internet.

Also, there were more emergency shelters than Lamar Dixon. Perhaps the rescuer thought the animal was going to Lamar Dixon and left that on the note, but the animal actually went to Noah's Wish in Slidell or Best Friends or ASPCA in Tylertown. That's happening, too.

Yet do you talk about those? Or hold out different solutions? No. It doesn't seem to suit your personal agenda.

Take the claims of euthanasia. Do you have any facts or even real knowledge to back up this gossip mongering?

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric, I don't understand why people are attacking you when you did such a superb job rescuing animals. It's a mystery. Know there are many out here who don't know you, but LOVE you for your work.

I received an email from Flo, an employee of Lamar Dixon Expo Center. She has written me a lousy email last week about conditions with the animals. I apologized to her for upsetting her. Anyway, she just replied again and this time was particularly upset because "voulenteers were taking animals home with them". She didn't know how owners were supposed to find them, and didn't think it was fair. I didn't reply to that point, just left it alone. But personally from what I've heard, I can understand why voulenteers took animals (IF THEY DID).
Cathy Redman

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous paulette said...

Hang in there Eric! You did a wonderful thing donating your time, money, and heart to these animals.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Hey, sometimes you guys make good points. That is what a blog is all about. I respect your opinions I really do and have no problem giving credit to anyone and changing my own opinion....I drove to as many 6am HSUS rescue meetings as I could. Don't forget..I was credentialed by HSUS and LASPCA.

Also, let it be known that HSUS DID NOT choose to shut down any rescue operations recently. This was the state and/or LASPCA. HSUS WAS MAKING A DIFFERENCE AND THEN THEY GOT THE PLUG PULLED.

"The list" - god I have so much direct information on the list and its use and nonuse that you need to leave it alone. The photographer who went with us one day was amazed at what he learned about the list. Then going to someones house and finding the pet dead (this isn't fiction)when they had called HSUS weeks before was just heartbreaking. I sat for an hour with a major person at HSUS who told me she didn't understand how to put the list in a format that was usable. I explained that simple analysis would get the duplications out, append zip codes, and that it could be mapped. That was days into the crisis and then the list was finally given to an outside person who worked a deal with Mapquest to map it. ...all finally out to rescuers just days ago.

"Stole" -- I admit a very bad choice of words. All I am saying is that people should expect that in today world 3000+? (nobody knows the number) animals could be tracked to the final destination so that someone could quickly relocate a pet if it went to Lamar.
Do you really think HSUS had a contract with Petfinder before all of this to act as the "technology solution" for find lost pets in the next disaster? I would guess that relationship was formed when HSUS determined they had no technology solution. I beg you to call Pasado and ask about any of the 1000 or so rescued animals they have and I bet you can get that info in about an hour. I have done it on 4 that I sent. They know where they are.

LASPCA -- fire away on your own. I could but I have little info.

"Euthansia" -- I rescinded all of that when you folks so politely informed me that it may not be true. People have called me with all sorts of stuff and most of them I tell, well you have no real instances do you? They say no and I tell them it is most likely not true. I deleted an entire post when people who know more than I do. People call with all sorts of weird info that I don't even write about or mention.

Condition of animals -- I found it to be good. HSUS was saving lives not running a doggie day care. What if saw was that if a dog was in the shade (all of them were) they were quite comfortable. The worst part was just that they all knew they were lost. You could see it all over those faces. But HSUS volunteers were treating them kindly and walking was nonstop.

Also, volunteer rescuers where amazing in dedication and what they accomplished. There were hundreds at one point. All dedicated, none sleeping, most spending many extra days. They did in fact save thousands of animals.

HSUS has told me they are pushing very very very very hard to extend voluntary hold times.

Donatation request every 4 hours -- exxageration, I take it back. They sent me alot however.

Donations- I never checked email or internet while in NO. I had no access. I came home to over 2000 emails. I never asked for money except for friends and family ... Some people found the blog and it grew on its own (that is what blogs do when people are interested). I nver posted for a single dime on Nola. Others did it and I never even knew about it. Please contact for a refund of money. In fact I never cashed any checks yet nor moved the m

Given the number of readers I will and have been trying to check some facts before writing. This isn't a news organization. It is a blog, it is written in stream of consciousness and then comments are given with different opinions.

I am not getting my info from Nola. People are calling me telling stories. People like "Can't reveal Name until I ask" who ran T-Boone Pickens Orphans of the Storm Flights, people like Mike Mountian, Head of Best friends, people like Senator Bajoie (spelling) who called to ask assistance in finding lost animals, Doug M who offered his entire farm to LASPCA.

Almost 90% of volunteers who called me I said "Go see Jane at Lamar Dixon and HSUS" and over 50 showed up and helped.

Grandstanding - I just wrote a little blog and people were desperate for info so they read it.

Folks this is still the USA and you seem to want to dismiss a person write to their own opinion, own insight into a situation, own right to just show up and help.

Trained Animal Rescuers -- by the time I showed up at least 50% of the people volunteering had no previous experience and they were being used because without them there was nobody else. How hard is it to get a call from a desperate owner and go get in his house to take or feed his poor pets? How hard is it to understand that if you do take a pet you should know where that pet is after you take it? How hard is it to know that you should take the pets to the vet? Like you said this was a big crisis. be thankful people showed up with no previous expereince.

I have other stuff I will write about, like rogue rescuers with NO intention of returning animals to owners. It was heartbreaking to listen to these people who felt that owners didn't deserve the animals back and shipped them all over the place. Volunteers got emotionally attached to animals and left with them. This is a fact. I saw this stuff daily. Most of these people not part of HSUS network.

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Database

According to Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS ...

“Fact: Petfinder is not "a way of acting like they have a plan for these animals." It's the software that was available when this disaster hit. We all wish that there was something better out there, ready for immediate use, but there wasn't. As crucial
as the data management challenge was from the beginning, it was only one of a dozen serious and urgent problems we faced. Working with others, The HSUS tried hard to improve this existing software to make available a comprehensive, user-friendly database that would achieve multiple goals: that all animals rescued be identified according to the location from which they were retrieved; that their immediate location, condition, treatment and other factors critical to their immediate and long-term care be recorded; that their movements from the temporary emergency shelter at Lamar Dixon to locations around the country be tracked; and, most critically, that they can be reunited with their owners as promptly as possible. The reality of the situation is that no single database or software system that could accomplish all of these goals existed prior to August 29, and the process of developing, testing, improving and utilizing such a system has been compressed
into a short timeframe in the midst of an emergency. That process continues right now, involving not only The HSUS, but also the ASPCA,, and

Really? I have spoken to several computer savvy IT professionals who dispute this. In fact, one told me they could develop a database, like Mr. Pacelle
described, in a day or so. Keep in mind, when Mr. Pacelle wrote this response, it was almost a month after Katrina hit. Are you kidding me? Why the hell didn't they hire one with the millions they have collected through donations? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and didn't graduate from law school like he did and even I figured that one out

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Press Release of Senator Ensign

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Washington, D.C. – Senator John Ensign will travel to Louisiana tomorrow to meet with Vice Admiral Thad Allen of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess hurricane relief and pet rescue efforts. Admiral Allen is coordinating relief efforts around the Gulf Coast. Ensign, a veterinarian, will also meet with the dean of Louisiana State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine as well as military, state and federal relief effort coordinators.

“Congress will be dealing with the fallout from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita for a long time to come, so as a Senator I feel it’s important to see the recovery effort first hand,” Ensign said. “As a veterinarian, I want to make sure the pet rescue efforts are being well coordinated for the sake of the people in that region as well as the animals.”

Ensign has expressed concern that pets lost in the storms pose a safety risk to rescuers and family members who might return to dangerous areas to try to rescue pets. Roaming pets could also carry diseases.

In addition to meeting with Admiral Allen, Ensign is scheduled to participate in a Command and Control meeting at the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry and meet with LSU Chancellor Sean O’Keefe and LSU Veterinary School Dean Michael Groves.

Senator Ensign will return to Washington tomorrow afternoon.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Shelini said...


Need your help.. I need info on org that you may have contacts with that are willing to donate dog food, bleach, etc to shelters. I figured your the best person to contact,dont seem to get a response from aspca or hsus..
Several LA shelters need supplies,

Please contact me

Thank you for all your efforts saving animals!!

At 1:42 PM, Blogger pos7ed said...

After reading this blog for a while I say:
"If you want your post to be taken seriously than sign/give your name".

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

The best way to get supplies is to post on and WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT PHASE 2 IS STARTING AND NOW EVERYONE IS UNDERSTAFFED AND UNDERSUPPLIED. JUST ONE GROUP TOOK OUT 100 ANIMALS YESTERDAY. It is a crying shame that nobody cares to report what is going on or how may animals could still be saved. Not the Mayor, or the Gov. Not even a word about it.

Shame on all those who have slowed this response down again. It was finally working quite well. Shame, shame, shame. Why should Jane Garrison be running around trying to find shelter space. Why? How could the State Vet comment in the article in the advocate that things are winding back to normal? Its a disgrace and it is not HSUS this time.

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous monica said...

Sorry, I'm not giving the slander a rest.

Re: any savvy IT guy could have done it: what part of "it was only ONE of a DOZEN SERIOUS and URGENT problems we face" did you not understand?

It's easy to armchair quarterback. Not so easy when the power is out, the heat index is over 100, major landmarks are removed, street signs are down, whole neighborhoods are under water. Residents who have lived in the New Orleans their entire lives don't recognize the city when they return. Not to mention that people are stressed, people have lost everything, people are panicked, people are operating in survival mode.

I'm sure the list could have been handled differently. I'm positive Eric is, in fact, right. But to constantly badger HSUS and whine and make it into very evil black (HSUS) vs. the very angelic white (Eric the Amazing) is simplistic, naive and childish.

And yes, there were rogue volunteers. There were outright thieves. And yet HSUS gets the blame for that, too...

It's a DISASTER SITUATION. They bring out the ultimate best and all time worst in people. Nothing is going to run smoothly. The fact that thousands of animals were saved is, quite frankly, a miracle.

I'm sorry for the pets that died. It's a tragedy. I'm thankful that thousands more did NOT die. Some people have lost their pets. Others have found them. It's COMPLICATED, Eric. It's not cut and dried, "do this and all would have been perfect. HSUS didn't do this and therefore they suck."

Disasters are a thousand shades of gray, from palest opalescent to darkest, inkiest midnight.

In the end, I hope the biggest lesson people take away from this is to plan for emergencies and expect to self-rescue. Humanitarian and animal organizations are wonderful and do much good, but they can't rescue 100% a hundred percent of the time. Expecting HSUS or the Red Cross or any charity to be perfect and to behave up to your personal standards at all times is unrealistic and the quickest way to disillusionment. (Even Pasado, which gets uniform high marks, only rescued maybe 1000 animals, which is 3 to 5 times less than HSUS. When you're smaller, you're leaner and more efficient. You also can't handle as big a load.)

And to then turn that disillusionment into "They suck" is to negate all the good that they do create.

Your tone has become one of a zealot looking to convert others, and I have a kneejerk reaction to zealotry. Admit that there is more than one side to the story, and I might give credence to your words.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger said...

Monica -- be aware that these are not me posting. They are others. I have been quite nice to HSUS compared to what the people who call me and email me want to SAY AND report. I have barely broken to skin compared to what others are saying. I did go and I did see this stuff. I have even given them good credit for some things.

I don't go for the excuse that this was a disaster beyond imagination when it comes to two issues 1) the list was never made available until David Meyer wrestled control of it close to 25 days after the 2) animals could have been tracked to a final destination

Much of your other points could well be valid. Again, I am just telling you what I saw. Zealot, not by a long shot. You want to bury the facts go ahead. I am not constantly badgering HSUS. You don't give it a rest so I respond. You say we? So who is we? All anyone from HSUS has to do is respond in an organized fashion and I will post it. God I have not been that hard on them.

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Hiroko said...

Find Max:
I search petfinder also. Besides, Chris's found, I found PF47288 (BF1087). I am going to Tylertown for Best Friends' volunteer this Saturady (10/8). If this dog is located in Tylertown (I am not sure) I think I can check it for you. Please let me know if the descritption on PF47288 is match to MAX.

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone see if these dogs have been listed on petfinder? Betty Baugh's Animal Clinic, Richmond, Virginia (804) 288-7387

Thank you,

At 11:53 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

Hiroko -- I think the dog you found on petfinders looks/sounds a lot like the photo of Max. Be sure to post if you are able to confirm.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Eric Rice said...

Can someone see if these dogs have been listed on petfinder? Betty Baugh's Animal Clinic, Richmond, Virginia (804) 288-7387

Spoke with them. They worked with Halo in Miss. Very reputable. They have two sets 1) one set is on hold for adoption and she was told they are already on Petfinder 2) second group was owner turn ins to Halo. I can attest that when I visited Halo they were getting dozens of owners turn ins. The 6 golden puppies in my pics soon to be posted were owner turn ins. This lady seemed very legit. She was told that they are on Petfinder.

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Hiroko said...

Max's owner sent me a message and none of the posts are not Max include mine. He gave me a better pic so I will take it with me to Tylertown and will try to check him over there.

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous celeste foley said...

eric thank you for putting max on your blog. no luck in finding him yet, but i'm still looking & so are more people thanks to you & rebecca, who gave me your address,keep up the great work.
celeste foley

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Naomi Crain said...

Wed Oct 12
Sad News, Celeste Foley says her sister retured to her home yesterday and found Max. He was in his bed. He never had a chance.
Some laws better change after this animal disaster. Hopefully, Katrina is America's wake up call. I'm starting today, with MY congressman and MY state representative. I'll be looking for like minded individuals to keep and get things rolling. Start calling me an activist for animal's rights.

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At 5:45 PM, Blogger Meg Taylor said...

I was searching blogs,and I found yours.Please,
accept my congratulations for your excellent work!
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