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Sherrifs Murder 2 Dogs

(Please Crosspost everywhere) See contacts at the end of this email!

Latest information shows that murdered dogs owners WERE NOT INVOLVED IN DRUGS.

Statement from Dogs owners attorneys:

""They bound me and forced me to kneel in the corner," he recalled. "My mother-in-law was bound on the kitchen floor. They killed our dogs; these dogs are loved throughout town."


Sheriffs Shoot and Kill (Murder) Two Dogs, Conducts long Interrogation with owners as dog lie in pools of blood

Your voices and outrage needed as the sheriff department boohoos and defends what has happened here. See contacts at the end of this email!

The sheriff’s department playing Swat Team shot and killed two fully trained, kid friendly, midlife, never been in trouble Lab Retrievers in Price Georges County Maryland.

To see a picture of the dogs launch today’s edition of the
And then go to Page 10. Do this at this link:

Article Here: (or just Google “Police Shoot Dogs Princes Georges County” for many articles.

“Berwyn Heights Police Chief Patrick Murphy said county police and the Sheriff's Office had not notified his department of the raid. He said town police could have conducted the search without a SWAT team.”
"You can't tell me the chief of police of a municipality wouldn't have been able to knock on the door of the mayor of that municipality, gain his confidence and enter the residence," Murphy said. "It would not have been a necessity to shoot and kill this man's dogs."

“Calvo (dogs owner) described a chaotic scene, in which he -- wearing only underwear and socks -- and his mother-in-law were handcuffed and interrogated for hours. They were surrounded by the dogs' carcasses and pools of the dogs' blood, Calvo said.

In the Baltimore Examiner Article:
The depuites first shot 7 year old Payton. (almost as soon as they entered I assume) then they “pursued and shot” 4 year old chase who “ran away”.

Eric’s Comments:

Can I say what the hell is going on here? These are fully trained professionals? A kid and ball could have contained these dogs. Shot? Pursued and shot? Can we say trigger happy morons just waiting to bust of some rounds and choosing these dogs because they think, “hey they are just dogs, it isn’t like we shot some people you know.”

I went in over 500 homes in New Orleans and did't need to shoot a single dog in 3 weeks and nobody else did either.

This is an outrageous abuse and totally unnecessary. Even if the officers got a little bite it would have been reasonable vs shooting and killing two otherwise friendly dogs in their own house. As much as I see them tasering and beating people with clubs I am quite sure they could have found another way to disable two dogs. Not to mention that these “wanna be” swat players went in with all kinds of protective gear on I am sure.

As animal people we understand the dogs were probably acting up loudly as a group of men busted the door down and proceeded to attack its owner. One of which was shot in the back as it ran away.

To interrogate these people who were not even arrested in the presence of their own killed dogs is simply one of the most despicable things I have ever heard of by the police.

The police and everyone else need to understand that for many people this was no less traumatic than if the people’s kids had been shot and killed right in front of them. Yea that’s right. Research has shown that loss of a pet is in the top 5 of all major depressive events for people.


Complain and show your outrage to:

phone works best as they are not saying "send comments to the email address, and I am sure deleting them as fast as they come in"
Be sure to complain to each person you speak with along the way. Call all the numbers, email, and fax if possible.

TO BE CLEAR, I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE CALL RETURNED OUT OF 30 CALLS, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE BEEN PROMISED A CALL BACK A DOZEN TIMES. THEY ARE TOTALLY THUMBING NOSES AT THIS. I finally got direct to Sargeant Ellis an assistant and he was rude, abrupt and annoyed and said “we are not talking about this.” Mrs. Ridgely also picked up her phone finally and said “everyone is entitled to their opinion.’ In a very gruff voice, and acting as if it is ok to break into private homes and shoot dogs when you have other options at your disposal.

Main Line: 301-883-7000, ask to speak to sheriff Michael Jackson (he is never around)
Then ask to speak to Lt. Ridgley in the PIO (Public information) office. (they may not put you through but be firm)
If they do not put you through: Lt. Ridgeley Direct: 240-508-7710 (warning she is not the face of nice)
Fax to Sheriffs attention: 301-883-6962


Look for updates on:

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The dog

Meredith Emerson is dead. Her dog Ella is not. Ella was found 50 miles away in a parking lot.

I was just getting ready to write a blog post about the missing dog and email our list of 30,000 to help find the dog. I have to inquire as to why the dog was not being vigorously searched for so that her family might have some living breathing memory of Meredith. Anyone that understands the bond with your dog knows that Ella the dog has kept part of Meredith alive.

I am reminded of this story from Katrina and hope you will read it. Click Here.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of 2007

If you have to been to the site before start at the bottom for the stories from the first days after Katrina till now. Some great reading.

Watch this rescue video to understand what it was like in those days after Katrina:
I found this dog 25+ days after Katrina locked in a bathroom with no hope of rescue. Video Click Here This dog was one of 25,000 rescued and 100,000 or more killed.

And then on to the most amazing BS of the Year:

Doogie as he struggled to get up 3 days after he first went down, with his owners ignoring him.

I’d like to bring to light the complete loss of common sense when the state of PA prosecuted Tammy Grimes for taking this dog (Doogie) from a back yard of a house after the owners left it for 3 days laying in the mud, on its back, legs kicking back and forth unable to get up. Common sense often prevails in our courts but not this time. The DA aggressively pursued Tammy for taking/helping the dog and NEVER CHARGED THE DOGS OWNERS WITH ANYTHING.

The Entire Story and Pictures Click Here

What would you have done? I know what I would have done.

As the year comes to an end I’d like to post some dog blog member stats.

Members: 1041
Dogs Saved 2007: 500+
Donations to Emergency Vet Bills by Members: $25,000+ (estimated)

Emergency vet alerts were primarily severe cases of neglect and abuse with high vet bills where the dog would not have been saved without raising thousands of dollars. Cases like the baby Pug mauled and left in a shoe box, several cases of dogs used as bait for fighting, a mother and pups dumped in an alligator pond (whatever that is, and how did people get so cruel?) where only one pup survived with bad injuries.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dog Auction Recap

Below is the recap from a recent dog auction in MO. It must be hard to live in MO with no ocean and no mountains. I think that is why these people go crazy and abuse animals for a living....I would not consider spending a single tourist dollar in this state even though I am a big fan of Mark Twain. This state government has not done a thing to stop the abuse that goes on at its thousands of puppymills.

I have posted the first paragraph of this story below but click on the first comment to read the rest of the story. Eric

Dog Auction Recap -- State of MO. "The Show Me a Puppymill State"

This is an e-mail that was written by my friend, who went to the Bulldog Auction in MO.

In November of 2007, I was sent a note from a friend of mine, a respected breeder and member of the English Bulldog community and the Bulldog Club of America, alerting me to the fact that there was to be an "All Bulldog" auction in Rocky Comfort, Missouri.

As a rescuer, I was devastated when I heard about this auction. I know these events occur frequently – particularly for livestock, and even for beautiful dogs that ultimately deserve a life as family members, not breeding stock. I realize not all people view canines the way I do, but in the least, I would expect all animals to be treated with respect, compassion and appropriate care. With trepidation, I wondered if I should get involved with this auction and help these bulldogs... CONTINUED.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mexico's Katrina?

My guess is animals come last in Mexico and no US animal rescue groups seem to be stepping up.


11/2/07: More than 300,000 people are believed to be trapped in their homes
after severe flooding hit the southern Mexican state of Tabasco. A huge
rescue operation has begun after torrential rains caused widespread flooding
in the region.

One person has been confirmed dead so far but more than 1m are thought to
have been affected by the floods. Dramatic rooftop helicopter rescues are
being seen on television. Mexican President Felipe Calderon called it "one
of the worst natural disasters in the history of the country."


Thousands remain stranded in the worst flooding in 50 years The authorities
in Mexico say as many as 700,000 people have been affected by heavy rains
and severe flooding in the south-eastern state of Tabasco.

The governor has called on anyone who owns a seafaring vessel to help free
the 300,000 people believed to be trapped in their homes. Rescuers have also
been using helicopters to try to reach people stranded on rooftops.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Recent Puppymill Video

The USDA has no control over the out of control puppymill industry.

Recent Video of VA Puppymills

If you need further information get a copy of the documentary "Dealing Dogs" to see just how much these people put money$$$ above the humane treatment of animals.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help or Peru

Best Friends, local government agree on plan to rescue animals, stave off mass euthanasia after earthquake devestates the area.

By Michael Rinker, Best Friends Senior Editor

Best Friends is moving forward with an eight-week plan in western Peru that calls for more than 1000 spay/neuter surgeries, 1800 vaccinations, and distribution of 15 tons of food, according to chief executive Paul Berry, who approved the proposal Sept. 20.

At stake are the lives of thousands of animals who would be subject to government-ordered mass euthanasia.

Our goal is to show the country’s Minister of Health and his directors that we’ve helped provide a safer, healthier environment in the areas most affected by last month’s earthquake. One of those areas – the province of Ica – signed an agreement Sept. 20 that details the Best Friends mission there. The other areas are Chincha and Pisco.

Read the entire story. Click Here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Imagine Being A Chained Dog

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Note from Eric about the article below:

Watch This Great Video. I dare you. Click Here

What many people do not understand is that most experts say dogs develop to be just about like a 2 to 2-1/2 year old child. Even though a 2 year old can't talk, write and use other forms of higher reasoning they can feel pain, sadness, depression and boredom. It is no different with a dog, they are feeling those emotions and suffering if they are tied behind a house for years at a time. To prove it just go pet a chained dog and see how insanely excited they get for the smallest amount of attention. The person chaining and ignoring the dog simply isn't using common sense about what they are doing or they would not do it. Most chainers are not bad people...they just need to think. In 2007 we have enough research to know that "its just a dog" is a really lame excuse for imposing such unneeded neglect. Are you someone who has a dog chained behind your house and wants to rethink it? I will give you $500 to write about it here...

How can this be ok?

Many, many more pictures Click Here.

Here is a good article from the Times Gazette on chaining. Click Here

Here is the first couple of paragraphs....

It can't get much worse than being chained to a doghouse 24/7
Copy Editor

Let's use our imagination for a minute.

Let's pretend that you have come across some dire circumstances in your life and must move in with a friend. This friend seems very welcoming and nice at first, but after a few days, she gets irritated at having an extra being to think about in her home.

One day, the two of you take a walk around the yard. Suddenly, she grabs you and ties you to a tree, then leaves. You can not free yourself no matter how hard you try. You spend your time trying to figure out how to escape. Drained by that task, you begin to yell for your friend to come release you. You yell and yell, but she does not come back.

The sun sets and you curl up in a box to stay warm. You fall asleep and when you awake, you find that your friend is there with food and water. You're not interested in that, you just want released. You yell and yell at her, but she continues to ignore you and walks away.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Vick Rant

We all know that Michael Vick is a scumbag. Who really thinks he owned a house with 60 abused dogs that he knew nothing about. It has been going on for years. It was all his family? I think the great thing is everyone in the country knows the truth.

But this rant video is the best I have seen trashing MV.

You can Watch It Here

BTW- Here is a picture of a Pit who was abused with 30 other pits licking his rescuers face as he was taken from the filth, abuse and neglect he had lived since he was a puppy... An amazing picture I think:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wow, this dog auction looks like loads of fun.

Watch A Live Video Here

Let me know what you think.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Master Tank and Nila Go Home

So Pam Bondi pats herself on the back and has a press conference where she proclaims
to have become friends with the owners of these dogs. My guess is that the reality is that the case was about to come crashing down on her and every indication was these dogs were going back to the rightful owners, the Coutures who NEVER gave these dogs up. Pam's recent little press conference was nothing more than trying to correct the amazingly bad image she has gotten out of this at a time when her case was falling apart. She did this out of the goodness of her heart? She had 18 months to be "good." Anyone who would associate themselves with her at this point is a lunatic. She did bad and took advantage of people she thought she could roll right over because of who she is. (People who lost everything in a little storm called Katrina.) Rumors abound of other unsavory things that took place during this 18 months. If Bondi would do this to an innocent New Orleans family for 18 months what would she do to the people she is prosecuting in the state of Florida, for she surely prosecuted this family unfairly. The dogs are home where they belong only because the owners WOULD NOT give up, would not given in to Bondi's power, wealth, and high paid lawyers. She basically hired her own little dream team vs. doing the right thing from the start. It is scary state of our legal system that she "thought" she could get away with this. Common people should be just plain scared of the time and effort it takes to win a case even when you are 100% right. Bondi could have made everything right 18 months ago, just 2 months after Katrina when the dogs were located. Thousands of people all over the country supported the return of these dogs and that is why they are home along with the neverending strength of the Couture and
a quite lawyer who would not let this happen. Who is the better person? You decide 1) Pam Bondi a well eduacated, probably wealthy, successful lawyer who gets to speak up on CNN now and again? or 2) The Coutures and two grandchildren who lost everything in Katrina, have survived the death or their son/parents, raise their 2 grandchildren, and have rebuilt their home with their own hands and who have proven that even Katrina can't keep people like this down. I know who I'd rather have a beer with. What about you? These pictures tell the story of what Bondi was withholding from a family with 10 times more backbone. These pictures make her claims and her case disolve. She should have been down their helping these people rebuild their lives and home not fighting to keep them from their family. She has made this family shed a million tears in the last 18 months I am sure. Look at these pictures. Shame.

Update on lawyer who gave 500 hours to this case: Click Here For Article

After 18 months of stalling Master Tank and Nila go home.

About time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Buried Alive

How would you like to be thrown into a hole? Then live for years off scraps that butchers threw down the hole. Then get rescued.

Not much fun I am guessing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Must Watch Katrina Tribute

This is a must watch Katrina Tribute:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back To Katrina Reunions

Katrina Dogs Make it Home

Before getting started if everyone who reads this could send this link to everyone you know; no matter where you live we still need to bring Max home. Someone has seen this guy. Read this and you will understand

Its been a little while since I focused on Katrina but here are two amazing stories of pets being reunited with their New Orleans owners even today. These are truly miracles:

See Whoadie's Story Here

Bears Amazing Story as taken from a popular forum:
KART contacted Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. ARF has a number of dogs for adoption & they immediately responded by sending us all the info they had on 5 dogs (from Katrina). One of those is a black chow they called Sugar Ray rescued in mid-October from Pressburg Street. To be honest, we weren’t all that optomistic—a black chow; October rescue; etc. Adele Tanner took this case and the funny thing is that after we all dug up all these possible phone numbers for the person who lived at the home where the dog was found, Adele just called 411 & got the right #--sometimes the obvious is the first thing we forget! LOL

Anyway, Sugar Ray was Bear & belonged to Mr. & Mrs. Donatto. Bear is an older guy so reunion is particularly great! They had evacuated, leaving Bear in the yard. As we all know, nobody could get back into town for weeks and I suspect they thought Bear hadn’t made it. But sure enough, when they got back, there was Bear sitting on the front porch just waiting. Mr. D. said that being in the yard is what saved Bear as he would have drowned inside the house. They found a shed had floated into their yard & likely Bear hopped on that to ride out the flood. There were indications of feeding/watering stations so Bear had no need to wander to get food. They couldn’t take him back to Lafayette w. them so Mr. D. came down every few days to feed Bear but one day, Bear was gone. Apparently, rescuers did find Mr. D & told him to go to Tylertown which he did right away. They couldn’t find Bear and he had no idea where else to look. We think he MIGHT have gone to Camp Katrina instead of St. Francis though that is unclear.

ARF flew Mr. D up and had a wonderful reunion with him & Bear is now back with his family in their old house on Pressburg. Pictures will follow!

And even Cats are going home:,2545,TCP_16736_5380501,00.html

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

How could they?

Simply insane - Research on Beagles

How could they?

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Friday, February 23, 2007

US Soldier Shoots Dog

Here is ANOTHER video of cruelty to animals by US soldiers in Iraq.
My feeling is that they had this dog tied up and that is why it just sat there and barked and didn't either run away or come to the soldier. This cruelty situation is getting more horrendous.
US Soldier shoots dog with M203 training round
Under what circumstances could this have been a justifiable action?

The issue of cruelty to animals by some soldiers in Iraq is getting a lot of national attention ever since the following video surfaced.
Soldiers taunt crippled dog in Iraq
The military can't ignore it at this point and can't sweep it under the rug. With enough pressure, hopefully we can get them to put something into place to protect the animals of Iraq from cruelty, at least from our own soldiers, and at least in the green (IZ zone.) They also need to learn to implement humane methods of controlling rabies and stray animals.

Call your Congressman today.
Call Tom Hankus Military Community PR -- 703-695-2057


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Monday, January 08, 2007

Georgia Dog in Hell


Georgia Dog in Hell
Luckily not all dogs have owners who would do this. This is a real picture from a rescue list I am on. Lets hope someone got to this dog. I would happily beat the living hell out of the person that did this.

I really do not know what else to say except that I hope someone gets to this dog after the alert....oh and F Bondi.

If you want to stop chaining of dogs go to
the most active group in that area. Also go to the "Chained Dogs" link to the right to see a good video.

Update: Cobb Animal Control went to this home first thing this morning, and seized this dog (who was still wrapped up just like it looks in this picture).

They have taken him or her to the vet and everything has checked out okay so far. The owners will be given a citation for cruelty and will be "encouraged" to give the dog up but are still given a chance to take it back. My contact promised to keep me posted and he thinks the people will be willing to sign the dog over to the county

Monday, December 04, 2006

Would it have been so hard to feed these dogs?

Instead of helping the 20 or so people (and dogs) who had to leave the dogs behind by taking care of these friendly dogs...they murdered them.

I traveled over 1000 miles to end up in St. Bernard Parish rescuing over 500 pets, returning many to desperate owners in the days after Katrina. How hard would it have been to feed these peoples pets? No other Parish saw the need to shoot wild dogs. Quite the opposite. I saw this school, what a nightmare. All these people had to do was feed the dogs, not shoot them. Even 30-45 days after Katrina rarely was a dog dangerous. What hell those dogs must have went through in that killing hour, watching their people taken away in boats without them and then as these people came around shooting them one after the other, and all the time thinking this was "just shooting some dumb animals" Things have to change in this country...

Reprinted from:

Owners allege ‘gruesome’ pet slayings
by Richard A. Webster

Judy Migliori is shown with her dog Gigi before Hurricane Katrina. The toy poodle was later found in St. Bernard High School shot in the head. (Photo courtesy Pet Jusice Project)
Judy Migliori is shown with her dog Gigi before Hurricane Katrina. The toy poodle was later found in St. Bernard High School shot in the head. (Photo courtesy Pet Jusice Project)
“It was a massacre,” said Mark Steinway, co-founder of Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal welfare refuge in Sultan, Wash. “Dogs were shot in the hindquarters, shot in the gut, shot in the feet, in the mouth. It was very, very gruesome.”

On Oct. 2, New Orleans attorney Elaine Comiskey filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana on behalf of more than 15 plaintiffs seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the wrongful destruction of their pets. Nearly 20 St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s deputies stand accused.

Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. is conducting a separate investigation. Under Louisiana law animal cruelty is considered a felony. The maximum sentence for cruelly killing an animal is 10 years.

In all his years investigating cases of animal cruelty, Steinway said he has never seen anything that remotely approaches what occurred in three schools in St. Bernard Parish in the days following Hurricane Katrina. The bullet-riddled bodies of dozens of household pets littered the tiled hallways, some allegedly executed after they had been leashed and tied up by their owners.

Among the allegedly massacred was Gigi, an 8-pound, 7-year-old white toy poodle with red painted nails and a collar medallion of St. Francis Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Gigi’s owner, Judy Migliori, brought the poodle to St. Bernard High School, a shelter of last resort, after the floodwaters engulfed her Violet home. Moments after she arrived at the shelter, police ushered her into a boat headed for higher ground.

Migliori clutched Gigi to her breast as she climbed onto the flat-bottom deck. She said a man with a hunting rifle stopped her, pointed at the dog and said pets were not allowed.

“I started crying and pleading and he said — I’ll never forget this — he said, ‘Ma’am, we can do it one of two ways: nicely or not nicely, and if need be I’ll handcuff you.’”

Migliori left Gigi behind after police assured her and the other pet owners their animals would be safe inside the school.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where is Hunter?

Readers: It has been a busy Fall for me and you see that my posts have fallen off. Please keep checking back as I will be updating the blog more often after the first of the year. If you have or have not been here you can spend hours on the blog recounting the first days of Katrina (by scrolling all the way to the bottom). It reads in almost "book like" fashion by starting with the very first post. You can watch the videos on the right side of the blog, and many within the text of the blog.

Here is the recent and shameful story of Hunter and peoples hinderance of his return to his owner. Hunter is a service dog. Folks, until you have seen it first hand you simply can't understand what it was like to have 15-25 ft of water quickly flood your home. The only mistake these animals owners made was not leaving, and I have made far greater mistakes than that in my life and so has everyone who is holding these dogs up from their owners. I do not believe every dog needs to go home here two years past Katrina. But read this story and you will understand why I think this one does. Any authority with an ounce of compassion would have helped this person get out of St. Bernard Parish with her dog. They are lucky it is not my dog.

Kristin M. Thomas
Senior Writer
Capital City Free Press

When Hurricane Katrina struck St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana, Fay was stranded at home. She had no transportation and parish officials did not provide evacuation services for her and Hunter, even though she is disabled and he is her service dog. Hunter had identification tags on his collar and was implanted with a microchip, as is the standard practice for all registered aid dogs.

Fay and Hunter survived the hurricane and flooded nightmarish aftermath in their apartment with no assistance from the local government. It was only after a concerned neighbor called parish authorities from his cell phone did help finally come for her. Rescue and relief was what these authorities were supposed to bring with them but in reality they only brought her brutality and heartache.

Instead of being Fay's saviors these men, who showed no identification, told her she could not take her service dog with her. When she refused to leave without Hunter, they forcibly dragged her from her residence. Fay had already put Hunter on his leash in preparation for transportation to safety and had securely wrapped the other end of the leash around her arm. Once in the boat and nearing Beauregard school, the "rescuers" unhooked Hunter from his leash and dumped him off at the steps. Hunter, wanting to protect his charge, tried to jump back into the boat while Fay was trying to escape from her captors and save the dog that had been more than just a friend to her.

These men proceeded to brutalize this disabled woman by handcuffing her and then pinning her to the bottom of the boat by her chest. All the while, Hunter who was dedicated to his master, swam after the boat in an effort to accompany his charge, but every time he approached, the men would throw him back.

Technically, a case could be made that Fay was kidnapped. She was taken against her will and brutalized by individuals who were supposed to be providing aid. Sadly, this story is an all too common one in St. Bernard Parish and allegedly several officials from this particular parish are responsible for the worst examples of cruelty, inhumanity and misuse of power to come out of this crisis.

There is a constitutional right in this country to not be forced from your home, and it is just equally applicable in a natural disaster as it is in every day life. Likewise, not only was it her right to have Hunter accompany her to safety, it was imperative for sustaining her quality of life. None of these inalienable rights were taken into consideration in the days after the hurricane for many, including Fay and Hunter.

The last time Fay saw Hunter he was frantically doggie paddling after the boat she was being abducted in. Fay started looking for Hunter immediately. Over a year later, Fay is still committed to finding him.

Fay's case has been adopted by the Stealth Volunteers and they are now helping to reunite Hunter and Fay. According to the volunteer on the case, some of the animal shelters, such as the St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter, have been helpful. Others have not been so forthcoming with information and in some cases have hindered her progress in her quest to find her best friend and service dog.

There is a possibility that Hunter has been located. Unfortunately, the shelter who adopted him out refuses to release the file on the dog in question until ordered to do so by a court of law. In correspondence to a Stealth Volunteer working on Hunter's case, the director of Marin Humane Society in Novato, Calif., Dianne Allevato, admits, “I met today with the guardian of the dog in question. Hunter may be the same dog that she adopted. It isn't clear.“ Yet, repeated requests to scan the animal in question for a matching microchip or releasing his file have been flatly denied. Hunter has been adopted out, and it appears that a legal action may be her only recourse.

What can be done?
First and foremost, you can e-mail Diane Allevato daily at concerning her refusal to see if the dog in question is Hunter. Secondly, if you know a California lawyer willing to help Fay obtain a court order - pro bono - have them contact me:

If you have information about Hunter email:

Hunters’ Description:
Microchip ID # 453C165E18
Hunter is a neutered male, long-nosed Pekinese mix, long body, short bowed front legs, front feet and elbows stick out, always smiling, 25 lbs. Hunter is black with brown paws. He has a curled fluffy tail. Hunter was last seen at 1979 Sugarmill in lower St. Bernard. For more information, please visit If you have any information on Hunter please call 504.418.3734 or St. Bernard Parish Animal Control 504.228.1093 or email

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Most Interesting Animal Planet Hero Nominee

You can see and vote all of the Animal Planet Hero Nominees by clicking the link below
Click Here for All Nominees

I thought this was the most unique and intersting person. Her house to house strategy might be something to consider on a state level with Animal Delegates for every neighborhood.

Meet Pam Porteous

Pam Porteous "adopted" the town of Pontiac, Mich., 15 years ago and developed the most innovative urban community outreach program in America, to ensure that every animal has a chance to live a healthy and happy life. Hers is a holistic and highly interactive approach to animal welfare; she personally visits any home with animals to ensure each family is taken care of so that the animal will be, too. She has conducted over 50,589 visits to homes in Pontiac to ensure animals are not being abused, neglected or fought; educate families; and distribute food, water, doghouses, straw and other supplies. She has rescued 9,331, sterilized 3,028 and vaccinated 12,039 animals for low/no cost. Pam knows most people in Pontiac, and most know her -- from drug dealers and prostitutes to pastors, children, the police department and city employees. Any and all call her whenever they or an animal needs help. The effect of her approach is profound. There are thousands of stories of lives she’s touched nationwide.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Common Sense Loses in PA

Common Sense Loses in PA

(not surprising given the states attitude towards Puppymills and the thousands of them they allow)

Would you help this dog? I surveyed 11 children today and 100% of them said they would help the dog even if it meant going to kid jail. But what do kids know huh?

Yesterday Tammy Grimes was arrested for helping a dog so sick it could not even move. It was chained at its owners house. The story goes that the dog may have been that way for days or at least many hours. What would you do?

Please see and click on the right side under "Grimes Arrested" for Updates and Phone Numbers of people to contact.

Doogie laying on the ground, neighbor crying in background:

Doogie after vet at Grimes house:

Who in their right mind would not help that dog? It is shameful that the owners have not been arrested.

The idea that Tammy is some out of control animal rescuer is proposperous. She runs an organization that I respect from top to bottom. I have always seen communications from her that respected people’s rights and the law.

Let’s see, every night the police pull over people they expect are drunk driving and let them go. The police make common sense calls about who to arrest and how to handle situations every night. In the case where someone chooses to help an innocent victim dog they decide to go for the throat and worse DO NOT ALSO ARREST THE OWNERS WHO HAVE NEGLECTED THE DOG.

In the Tammy Grimes case they have chosen to throw common sense out the window and are rewriting the truth as they always do when public pressure goes against them.

Why have the owners of this dog not been arrested? The two are not mutually exclusive.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A nice ending for Malvin, his friends, Bandit and Lisa Fox

This is an update as of Sept 10th, 2006. Picture of Bandit back home with Malvin in New Orleans. Thanks for everyone who made this happen.

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This is a good chance to tell stories of the hell the animal lovers of New Orleans and the Gulf experienced...please use the "comments" to do so.

A nice ending for Malvin, his friends, Bandit and Lisa Fox

Many people on all sides of this have behaved admirably in recent weeks allowing Bandit to go home to his desperate and deserving owner Malvin.

"I'm going to try to get my dog back and take my dog with me everywhere I go," he said. "Before this year's out, I'm going home to New Orleans, and I'll have Bandit with me.
--Malvin Cavalier, several months ago.

Malvin returned home recently and stated that he felt helpless all over again as everthing reminded him of Bandit. Bandits leash.

Bandit, my dogs and I in Annapolis

Well Malvin was correct. He is home in New Orleans and Bandit will soon be on his way home. I picked him up today. What a story it has been. This reunion may just epitomize all Katrina victims doing better in Year Two than they did in Year One – A New Start. Let’s make this a good year for all of them. People have no idea all that they have suffered. Most who have not been reunited with their animals want that more than they want anything else they lost.

Amazing One Year Anniversary
Almost one year to the day since Katrina separated them Bandit and Malvin will be reunited in New Orleans with the help of the friendly crew at United Airlines, who are kindly making room for Bandit in the cabin of the plane this Thursday.
Malvin is specially thankful that Bandit ended up with people like Lisa Fox who took such good care of him and who do understand how desperately he needs Bandit back in his life. He is thankful that Sandra and Cindy helped him when people in the early days simply shut him down. Their role has been misunderstood and it would take me far to long to explain it (one day I probably will). Just know they worked hard with hearts in the right place.

This kid is cute

A special apology to Lisa Fox and her husband for all they have wrongly suffered in this situation. Had they been told the absolute truth in October or Nov., Bandit would have been home within days, not at month twelve. Once they got the correct story they moved within days to return the dog. They placed the phone call to me that got the ball rolling and brought Bandit home.

I would like to state for the record that while of course he has asked for and received some assistance in his quest, Malvin has never waivered from his desire to get is dog back, he has never been coached, and since his and his family’s first requests on Oct. 13th he has 100% with his own mind and spirit been the driver of his own cause, never even hinting that he would give the dog up. Malvin is in the top 10% of us who have that special bond with our pets is deep. Period.

It would have been easier had he not wanted the dog back. That makes it a piece of cake for everyone and the dog stays where it is and everyone is happy. But he was one of the most devastated owners I met along the way. His entire life was consumed with finding his Bandit starting on his first days at the Superdome. Imagine his heavy heart in those six days in the Dome or during the long ride to Houston, when he was being taken farther and farther away from his Bandit. No, Malvin knew he had to find Bandit, and his son’s first emails to me and other groups were literally in desperation. Malvin has recetnly had a rough time returning home as he states "everthing reminds me of Bandit."

The final outcome was made possible by Lisa Fox and her husband Duane themselves when they contacted me to say that they wanted to give the dog back and that they wanted a fair and neutral party to get involved. I knew from the first call they were serious, nice, and honest. Over the course of a few days we gained each other’s trust and moved ahead very quickly. It was not hard. These are WONDERFUL people who finally had the opportunity to speak directly with Malvin. I have come to learn that they really never were told that Malvin wanted his dog back. It wasn’t until they started to read about it themselves that they started to realize what was going on and how sincere Malvin was.

The sometimes unfortunate public perception that they were refusing to return the dog couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Others forces at play complicated the matter and Lisa and her husband never really ever had the truth. When I told Sandra, who had spent the better part of the last year trying to help Malvin get his dog back, that Lisa wanted to talk to Malvin about giving Bandit back, she was ecstatic and deeply appreciative. She knew how much it meant to Malvin for this to happen and was beside herself that good things were finally happening and that Lisa finally had a chance to talk about this directly with Malvin. We always knew Malvin could make his case best himself.

The Foxes are owed an apology by quite a few people. We will see who does so. It will be a litmus test for the Fox’s to see who is genuinely apologetic and who on the other hand had their own agenda. Should you have any kind of note for the Fox's please send it to me at and I will forward it along.

The Fox’s never intended to keep Bandit (who they named Lucky Louie), but were told some misinformation along they way that led them to believe that Malvin didn’t want the dog back. As it became clear to them that he did want his dog back, they quickly reached out to me and we put a deal together. The Fox’s are wonderful people who were put in a bad situation (as other fosters/adopters have been) and were told some inaccurate information. That they stepped forward totally on their own says a tremendous amount about them. It was rather simple actually. It took less than seven days from start to finish after they called me. Right now Bandit is laying on the couch with my dogs here in Annapolis.

Lisa and her husband love this dog. It was not a happy day today to know that through doing the right thing they are suffering from their loss. They did have to feel pain to help Malvin alleviate his but they did what they felt needed to be done. I think of it like this – Bandit has two families, and with a little appreciation by everyone involved, everyone who Bandit has touched will be a part of his life forever.

The Foxes’ return of Bandit near the one-year anniversary of Katrina is a symbol to me. A symbol that regular America has not forgotten the Gulf, that if dogs can go home people can also; That little things like a leash or a dog or a photo Album or seeing their neighbor of 20 years come back to town are more important to Katrina victims than their houses and cars. This week Malvin is made whole again although materially he has much to rebuild. His house was demolished. His possessions washed away. But that meant far less to him than a life without his Bandit. Thanks to Lisa and Duane for recognizing this as soon as they had the truth and ending his unhappiness over Bandit. They made it happen quickly.

What people have to understand is that it is very hard on the people who have adopted Katrina animals and who were not told until very late in the process that owners were possibly looking. They may only find out in the harshest possible way, through the announcement of a lawsuit, or unexpectedly seeing a picture of the dog they adopted in the local paper, with a very unhappy story attached, which they may only have heard about for the first time when reading it in the paper. It should never have to come to this. It’s extremely stressful on all the parties to go through this.

At least he now roots for the right team...a true Steeler fan.

Bandit and Malvin Pre Katrina

Please do something for the Gulf today!!!!! I have always said that every American should visit. You can’t understand the pain until you walk the streets or hear the stories from the people you meet. It does something to be their in person and actually see a row of houses all with a little holes chiseled in the roof to let the people free as the water rose around them (they had no chisels). Half the country is a two-hour plane ride away but few have actually been. Make this trip. (I think the President might even fly over again for the Anniversary)

The fact that this was eventually settled without having to go to court and in a positive way says a lot about Lisa Fox. Mr. Cavalier states that after speaking with Lisa, he is thankful that Bandit ended up with someone who deeply cared about the dog and he understands that these were unique times for all involved.

Let me promise you Bandit/ (Lucky Louie) is just as cute as in the pictures. I can understand why Malvin misses him and the Foxes love him.

Bandits Twin. We met this dog at the dog park this morning with his owner. In an amazing coincidence this man and his dog are from New Orleans and his house was destroyed by Katrina. A good time was had by all.

Mr. Cavalier, who says Bandit is the last remnant of the life he shared with his wife, who after 54 years of marriage, recently passed away. Malvin recently returned home to New Orleans. At this time he was still unsure if he would ever see his Bandit again. I learned today that he broke down as he entered his house that had been demolished and half of which simply was gone…as he found Bandit’s leash right where he left it…One of the few things that remained intact in the house. He was reliving the hell of Katrina all over again. But today he is cheerful and looking forward to spending a lot of time with his little buddy again. Thank you Lisa and Sandra and everyone everyone who helped bring them together again.

There may be many future updates right here, pictures of the reunion, video and information about other issues that may come out of this.

I have preached a lesson that if you get both sides talking in these Katrina pet stories, that they will be settled amicably. This proved it today as have many past cases I have worked on. I have never said that every dog need go home, in fact plenty of owners have made the decision not to take their dogs back...and that is just fine...but it is their decision.

Bandit was returned to me with the agreement of Mr. Cavalier and taken to my home in Annapolis, MD. United Airlines has been on standby offering to allow Bandit to ride in the cabin of the plane even though his size is just a bit bigger than usually allowed. The reunion is scheduled for this Thursday.

Trip to the dog park this morning

Coincidentally, this all comes at a time when volunteers like Sandra and Cindy who had been helping Mr. Cavalier with Bandit’s case had planned a trip to see him in New Orleans over Labor Day weekend, to help him with the repairing of his house and offer him some moral support. Malvin had told them that everything around the property reminded him of Bandit and he was missing his buddy even more than ever and they wanted to be with him. You simply can't understand the connection he has to Bandit.

Malvin is in the middle of rebuilding his house in New Orleans and donations can be given by contacting Eric Rice at I am starting the fund off with $200. Funds will be used to insure that Malvin has all he needs for Bandit so that he can use his own money to rebuild his house. We already have donations of heartworm and a few other supplies. If you know of someone in New Orleans who would be a long term advocate/friend for Malvin and Bandit please let us know.

Please check back for Bandit reunion pictures and information about the resolution of another famous case.

A special note:

If you are an animal rescuer or group who wants to go into disasters, please remember there are rules and you are not allowed to be the judge of who gets their pet back. For good reason, as many of you have shown that you should not have that power. Rules were set up in Louisiana to insure that owners had a chance to reclaim pets. Most people and groups followed those rules as best they could. A minority of them took it upon themselves to judge others, when they could not ever know what those pet owners had experienced. The neglectful owners aren’t the ones searching for months and fighting to get their pets back. Groups who broke the rules only hurt the people who loved their pets dearly and the pets who loved them back. Pets and owners like these at Do these animals look abused? Most of these pets never were located by devestated owners, although many of them are known to have been “rescued”. The owners of anyone of them could have been found in 5 minutes on Petfinders lost reports. But no, these people still suffer because some took the pets with no intention of returning them. Very sad in my book when every dog you took that had an owner meant one more of your local dogs got put to sleep and you devestated good people.

United Animals Nations, Noah’s Wish, HSUS all use the model in disasters of “Rescue, Shelter and Reunite”. If you do not want to play that game -- Don’t come. It is that simple. You have caused great pain to countless people who love their animals just as much as you do. If you can’t recognize peoples’ connections to their pets and think that rehoming every animal you rescue is ethical or moral, then – DON’T COME. And guess what, you don’t even need to worry about an abused dog going back to its home…those people simply don’t look for their dogs. The only people you have hurt are those with deep connections with their animals and the new adopters who are hurt when you tell them things like “this dog has no owner, or it was owner surrendered” and then the owner comes forward. Everyone loses: dog, dogs owner, new adopter and your local pets that need homes. Please review your actions in New Orleans. Over 2000 parents were separated from their children (i mean real children not pets and nobody tried to take those children from their parents. It was an amazingly complicated and horrific situation. To blame pet owners for the hell that transpired was wrong. To keep their pets was wrong. Can you even imagine never knowing what happened to your precious pet....I just don't understand some of you....

more in "comments" --- Gotta run as Bandit, Brooke, Bradley, Buster and I are going for a boat ride...

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Award Winning Picture

I will let this picture speak for itself. It is just a great shot.

But more could be said about this picture. Guess which one I am talking about boy or dog:

1. Brain not fully humanized. Can't think critically or reason like an adult human.
2. However has all the parts of the brain that allows it to feel pain, depression, anxiety, happiness, sadness, and hunger just to name a few. FEELS ALL THOSE THINGS JUST AS DEEPLY AS AN ADULT HUMAN.
3. Can't verbally express itself.
4. Relies on adult humans for its needs and welfare.

Am I referring to boy or dog? Your comments appreciated and I will finish my thoughts in 7 days.

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Breaking New Videos -- EDNAH they way it should have been

Anyone remember the email the EDNAH hoarding lady sent around about how the dogs lived on a virtually oasis where the they came and went from cabins she has built for them and could go swimming in the lake anytime they wish? What BS that was. I fell for it. But only because I knew a place like that existed. Where? On my farm. I didn't want to talk about it till I had some video to back it up (and no we are are not accepting any more doggies. We are full)

This is the farm
My father's 100 acre Christmas Tree farm in Western, MD.

Tucked away against the mountain is a farmhouse with a big front porch and a wrap around porch. 18 dogs call it home. They come and go as they please but they never go far. They go swimming any time they want in two ponds. Most of the time you can find them laying on the porch which is where most of them sleep both day and night, although they can sleep inside if they want..some do and some don't. When my father goes out to work each morning they all follow him out on the farm...but one by one they get hot and tired and head back to the porch. They are allowed inside but they choose to spend most of the time outside. Several of them are bad when guests come with other dogs so that is the only time they get hooked to a dog house for a few hours but the leash is long and they have a big pine tree to crawl under for shade...You will see Bear tied up. He was rescued from 4 years of being tied up and never loose. He gets a little mean with dogs he doesn't know so a few hours on the box isn't going to hurt him.

Video One (Quicktime, 4MB)  Snapshot of the dogs and farmhouse.

Video Two (Quicktime, 21MB)  All the dogs going for a walk.

The cast: Bradley, Brooke, Sharkey, Roddie, Bear, Luna, Cole, Mr. Akita, Buddy, Barkley, Zoe, Tic, Toc, Jace, and others ....

As an extra here is one of the funniest things I have ever heard of. Exactly what you would expect out a dog put in a room with 100's of teddy bears. What were they thinking.,,1835785,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

Also, while you are here please watch the Video to the right titled "Chained Dogs" and go get one off a chain this month. Usually money does the trick.

And here are some of the farm dogs in nice picture...

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Two New Must-See Videos

Please make sure Mrs. Bondi and all the others holding dogs from owners get this video. No bad owners are still fighting after 10 months. I get more pissed everyday . Where is the "put-yourself-in the-other's-shoes" mentality that should have resulted from Katrina? Didn't these people happen to notice that it was just as devastating as if someone had nuked the place?

This video is hard to watch. This is raw footage from Dana who many of us tried to help find her dog for months and months. In the opening you can see her dog for a second. Then Dana worries about her beloved pet pig BARELY as the water comes up. (Barley was later found drowned) Later you will be almost amazed at how fast and how far the water comes up leaving the family in the attic. After a blue pause be sure to watch as the family goes back to the house. Many of us know that Dana did everything she could to get the dog out with her but it came down to an almost impossible situation for the family. This story was played out for thousands of residents whose dogs could not evacuate with them. The Coutures for instance stayed with Master Tank and Nila for 5 days after the levees broke and then put them safely in the attic where they were just fine and came back to get them as quick as possible.

PLEASE WATCH THIS Mrs Bondi and hope you never have to go through such a terrible event, do everything you could to save your dogs and then have them shipped off by people who accused you of abandoning your dogs when that is the exact opposite of what you did. You must be one tormented chick to keep that dog. You are not 1/3 the person these people are. I despise you for your arrogant attitude. What are your lifes hardships that compare to the devastation these people have experienced?, and you would hold this dog from them! Go help the Coutures rebuild their house and lives and quite promoting yourself on TV.

Here is Dana's story in her own words (from a previous post).

Her Video is Here:
Dana's Rising Floodwaters in Saint Bernard's Parish (Quicktime, 50MB, 10:49)
This is a huge movie file. For best results, right click and save to your desktop (instead of attempting to view it directly in the browser window.)

The second video recounts the animals still being searched for:
Somewhere Out There (WMV, 8MB, 10:49)

Shame on those who have fought these Katrina animal lovers. Do you not understand the relationship between animals and the people who love them.

Here is another one that is just as disturbing. This man is one of the nicest men you would ever hope to meet. This is from

Elderly Katrina victim fights to be reunited with his closest companion.
July 1, 2006 : 12:00 AM
Malvin Cavalier has filed suit in Pennsylvania for the return of his beloved poodle, Bandit.

Photo: Malvin Cavalier and his grandson pose with Bandit during happier times.
In the past few years, 86-year-old Malvin Cavalier has lost his wife, his home, and the community where he has spent a lifetime.

Now, his dearest wish is to see his dog, Bandit, again.

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Sick of Bondi BS...

Sick of Bondi BS and the local Florida press. Anyone else?
I will take my chances with the real owners of the dogs even though they have limited resources to take on someone as connected as these people. Anyone that has ever had to fight for what is right in the face of total beuracracy should be rooting for this dog to go home.

Read a detailed article about this.

Pam Bondi fell in love with a dog. That is a fact. The problem is she fell in love with someone elses dog and now her only defense is to claim that the owners were neglectful owners, as we have heard in almost 100% of these Katrina situations. The dogs Nila and Master Tank were loved and cared for by a family and two young children in New Orleans. The dog was NEVER abondoned by the owners, The Coutures. Bad owners do not spend money and months of their lives trying to get their dogs back when they have lost everything and have a life to rebuild. They did everything they were susposed to do in a state of emergency and took the pets to a shelter for safe keeping, no different than if you or I took our dogs to the local kennel while we went away for the weekend.

Notice: It says "OWNED" and not "please take me to Florida, use me for PR, don't call my owners, don't put me on, lie to my owners when they call the shelter, seperate me from my lifelong companion Nila, and adopt me out as soon as possible." THIS DOG WAS OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet, anyone who went to New Orleans knows all to well the attitude of many shelters and rescuers who were blaming the victims for the tragic loss of their pets and then virtually taking them them never with any intention of finding any owners. Get me in court and I will tell what I saw with my own eyes. Not to mention that within weeks of me being back I was getting calls about dogs whose tags were removed at shelters, owners who were blatantly lied to by the shelters about the dog even being at the shelter. (I have never met a bad owner that chased a dog all the way to Florida for 10 months, stood up to deception, and other things that are being said all the descredit good people so they can't get a family member back.) This is exactly what happened here. Having been through it on dozens of other cases. Had this been a dog from anywhere other than New Orleans with PAPERWORK that clearly said OWNED all over it these dogs owners would have been found and the dog never rushed into an adoption. The shelter may have not even made a single phone call to try to find the owners or inquire of St. Bernard reps. Shelters are not for stealing dogs from helpless victims, they are for sheltering unwanted dogs and finding them homes.
Let me promise you anyone who called Pinellas about any dogs can tell you how they treated anyone trying to get a dog back for an owner -- horrible, dispicable, rude, and mean spirited. As if it was not their job to take calls from helpless and desperate people looking for their animal family members after the worst natural disaster in the history of the USA>

That goes for Tri-County, Peggy Adams, and other Florida shelters...they were some of the worst in the country with their attitudes.

Now the Coutures face an onslaught of well thought out propoganda and deception by Bondi who has the upper hand in this game (because of her status as a Lawyer Celebrity for CNN and others) in the campaign to paint them as abusive pet owners. Shame, shame, Shame. If these were my dogs I'd die trying to get them back and that is what owners do when they love their pets. But barely a hand of compassion has been handed to the Coutures from anyone in the entire state. You should be ashamed of your lack of understanding pf what Katrina victims went through to survive. I was their with them were any of you? Certainly Mrs. Bondi wasn't with these people in either body or spirit and that is typical of what Katrina survivors are going through whether it be over dog, or insurance or anything else. Pam Bondi recently quoted as saying she deserves the dogs both legally and ethically. Bullshit! These dogs were not simply Florida strays where an owner had to simply drive two miles to the local shelter to find them. They were virtaully picked off by overzealous shelters and by people who knew they had an owner and felt that "a better life exists" with the likes that live in Florida. Well Bondi and Pinellas are showing that Florida lacks compassion at all levels. The Florida press seems prepared not to ask hard questions of either Bondi or Pinellas, recently writing a story glorifying Mrs. Bondi. Where is the story detailing the day to day struggles of the Coutures from the day they ended up in their attic for many nights, 6 miles from dry land to their search for their beloved pets. Her behavior is nothing short of dispicable. At least the holders of the other dog Nila keep quite unlike Bondi who runs her trap constantly insinuating that the dogs were not cared for. The Coutures for all they have been through have yet to raise their voices or cast a stone at anyone, the worst they have done is travel to Florida to hold a press conference to beg for their dogs back. Much like The Gulf is having to beg for help at all levels to rebuild.

These dogs look abused or neglected to you? Nila in foreground and Master Tank in rear, lifelong companions until now. Has Bondi even thought or had time to have a playdate with Nila? I bet not with her busy lifestyle...Yet the dogs live just miles apart.

Look at this dog. Bondi has her best CNN face on but does this dog really look happy? Mrs. Bondi must work long hours as an attorney. In New Orleans this dog had Nila his daily companion, 2 kids that played with him daily, a swimming pool, constant love and attention. You telling me being locked in Kim Bondi's house 12 hours a day and getting walked by some "pet walker" in the middle of the day is a life this dog wants? Like the people of New Orleans this dog wants his former life back. He doesn't even know what hit him just that his world was turned upside down, he lost his best friend, Nila (the second dog, his family and now he is posing for pictures and told to "put on a happy face" He ain't happy.
Look at his eyes.

Why is it that arrogance always comes with success? Why is it that people take the side of a well known Attorney like Bondi vs. people who have lost everything and love their dogs and did the right thing for them during Katrina in a overwhelming situation? We have seen good people all over the country return adopted pets when owners came forward. Did Bondi not watch the news the week of Katrina and see what these people have been through? This is no different than if I took my dogs to the kennel while I went away for the weekend and came back to a dog that had been shipped out to FLORIDA. Would anyone argue that I couldn't get my dogs back?

What if the storm had been in Florida and it was Florida residents who had their dogs moved to shelters all over the country without an inkling of care about finding owners. Bondi and clan would be fighting just as hard to prosecute these people and get Florida dogs back. Falling in love with a dog doesn't mean you have to twist and spin the truth to keep it Mrs. Bondi. This could have had a good outcome. You could have helped this family get back on it feet. You could have shared in the dogs life. Now you are going to go to court and wake up one day without the dog. PERIOD. Your pain could have been managed.

I want you to shut your eyes and think about the feeling the Coutures family had in the pit of their stomach the day they went back to the St. Bernard shelter where the dogs were taken by them for safe keeping to be told..."nope no longer here." ..then the frantic months of searching wondering if you would ever see your babies again....(bad pets owners don't search) Anyone who loves their pets should have a hole in their stomachs like the Coutures do.
Here are the facts:

a) The two 2 dogs were bonded – Couldn’t the case be made that two dogs that grow up together become closely bonded? That keeping these two dogs apart could cause long term depression and is itself a form of abuse to these dogs? Look at that dogs eyes. Look hard. They belong together. Make it happen Kim. Florida animal lovers should understand this and stop taking up for Mrs. Lawyer Barbie.

b) The pics of the dogs before Katrina show happy and healthy dogs with great weight, sparkle in their eyes, shiny/healthy coats and loving family. Bondi can make these folks out to be whatever she wants but it is a pack of lies. She has dogs that belong to someone and are loved by rightful owners. Sure she loves the dog but how much do you think the Coutures love them? They were part of the family for 4 years.
Bondi an Pinellas knew that the owners were looking within weeks of the adoption.

c) Legal adoption? Give me a break, these dogs should have not have ever been taken from the St. Bernard shelter, they were turned in for "safe keeping" and the paperwork clearly said 'OWNED" all over it with the Coutures names plainly written. Even St. Bernard animal control stands by that and by the Coutures. This is not normal animal control function for the Pinellas shelter. These dogs were actively taken from LA. It isn’t like they wondered in off the streets of Pinellas County and the owners were near the shelter so knew were to look during the “normal holding” time. No legal holding time could be binding. The owners didn't even know where to look. This is no different than if I took my dogs to the kennel while I went away for the weekend and came back on Monday to find them gone.

d) Pics at Camp lucky show healthy dogs not the dogs on deaths door (with a big sign on the dogs that says "OWNED"). But who the hell cares. You basically have to almost kill your dog in this country for a judge to take it, so this defense of keeping the dogs is just plain stupid. BTW- all the pics of the dogs before Katrina show healthy happy dog.

e) The dogs had heartworm. So what. This is the one they seem to be hinging the right to keep the dogs on. Having heartworm is something that happens to even good dog owners in LA and the dogs were being treated and that is exactly what you do to a sick dog, get it treated. You ever hear of a vet turning a person into the police for a dog having heartworm? Lets remember hear this family lost the parents of these grandchildren and I am sure during that troubling time these dogs might have missed a heartworm pill or two. Funny, I forgot to give my dogs the pill last month and nobody is here trying to take my dogs.

Bad owners do not spend money and months of their lives trying to get their dogs back when they have lost everything and have a life to rebuild.

The Coutures are virtual heros as many other would just say "we can't worry about the dogs in the face of losing everything" But no they fight on when I am sure they have better things to do than to BEG Pam Bondi to return part of their family.

Shame, shame, shame on Florida and Pam Bondi. Can they ever get a fair hearing? Everyone else in Florida seems willing to screw them so why not the judge who must know Pam Bondi as she is a well know prosecutor. is not too late. Instead of bashing these people, get to know them like we have...let them have the dog and be part of its life as I am sure you will not find nicer people than the Coutures. Not once has the man raised his voice. Not once has he threatened you. Not once has he embarrassed you in the press as you have him.

You will not continue to take advantage of those with less resources than yourself because people will not have it. When people know the truth they quickly change their attitude about the Coutures.

Anyone that owns a pet should be scared silly at this situation...anyone can take your pet (remember these dogs were not rescued, left behind or anything else) and then claim it is theirs.

Pam you are about to know how the Coutures felt that day they walked back into that shelter to be told "Your dogs that you got through Katrina alive by staying with them for days in the attic ARE GONE." Not a good feeling. I don't wish it on anyone not even you but you put yourself into this all or nothing position. Who knows had you sat down with the owners anything could have happened. As it stands you are going to lose unless Florida has no true justice.

Please see how it should go:

Think Shelters didn't understand that Katrina dogs didn't mean big donations? Simply
google "Katrina Animal Rescue" and up pops Browards advertisment.

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Eric 's Dog Blog presents The Great West Virginia Dog Expo of 2006


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THERE ARE 3 SERIOUS ALERTS IN WEST VIRGINIA RIGHT NOW AND FUNDS AND RESOURCES WILL FIRST BE USED ON ALERT #1 BELOW. ANY LEFTOVER FUNDS AND RESOURCES WILL GO TO HELP THESE OTHER ALERTS WHICH CAN BE FOUND BELOW, OVER 350 DOGS TOTAL IN THESE CASES. First alert is the one we were first informed of a 100 dog/40 cat hoarding case in Roane County that is the first one being handled. Then the Mason County Shelter that was destroyed by fire now has over 200 dogs at the local fairgrounds and just 3 part time volunteers. A third hoarding case in Hampshire County, WV has 40 dogs
plus cats. (all described below) That is 350 dogs that are in situations outside “normal” animal welfare issues and a state in crisis. We will start with this first case in Roane County and then see if anything can be done with the others as resources line up for the first hoarding case which is being worked on. Maybe if enough people “act” we can share resources etc and save many more of these dogs and cats. THIS IS NOT A STATE WITH LOTS OF RESCUES AND RESOURCES; HELP IS NEEDED IN THE FORM OF DONATIONS, TRANSPORTS AND RECEIVING SHELTERS AND RESCUES.

Alert # 1: Urgent Hoarding Situation in Rural West Virginia

Approximately 95 dogs and 40 cats
County with few resources for handling a case this size.
(Please be sure to see the all the way below pictures
to see how urgent this hoarding case is)

Roane County, WV
Put together by Eric Rice:
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Primary Contact: Sue Skaskiw, 802-672-5302, cell: 802-952-8181. (prefers email)
VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society

1/3 of the dogs are in this barn, tethered.

A rescuer in West Virginia has gotten in over her head and local authorities have
had to step in. She is cooperating and wants the dogs to good no kill facilities
who will be kind enough to update her on the dogs as they are adopted. This is a hard thing for her to do as she loves each of these dog and feeds the dogs before herself. However, she knows things have gotten to a point that she needs help.
She is scared to death that any of her dogs will have to be put down and
we have told her that we won’t let her down for her cooperation.
She spends every dime of her money on them and feeds them before herself.

Approximately 95 dogs and 40 cats. Most dogs have been tethered for some time and others are in a very, very dirty barn. The farm is not sanitary with rats and
snakes in the high grass. THEY NEED TO GET MOVED TO RESCUES NOW and the cost of transport is becoming a huge problem.

Sheriff and Local Animal Control are very cooperative and seeking YOUR help.
This is a rural location with high euthanasia rates as it is, so they need help moving these dogs. They need to know that support is on the way and that light
is at the end of the tunnel. The goal is not to euthanize any of these animals,
nor the ones currently being held in their town facility but we all know how things can spin out of control with this many animals to care for an deal with…

Sue Skaskiw and others from Vermont are familiar with the rescuer as she used to
live in Vermont. They are trying to coordinate efforts to help this situation. However, TRANSPORT is becoming a big issue and it is going to cost money. We are also trying to get spay and neuter done locally at a good cost. Everyone knows
what it costs to try to deal with 100 dogs and 40 cats and we need help.

Please note that one of the biggest problems is funding for relocation. At least $10,000+ needs raised to get these animals to receiving shelters in Colorado, Vermont, Maine and others. (Or transport donated) and get vetting done.


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VVSA, PO Box 100, Bridgewater, VT 05034. VVSA is an incorporated humane society with 501 ©(3) status for your tax purposes.

Please email Sue the amount that is being sent so she can plan transports.


Can your group help walk dogs (transport walkers) on stops on the way to the North East or Colorado? Can you receive animals? Pick up and transport animals? Meet a larger transport vehicle and deliver a smaller number of animals from that transport to another NO KILL shelter or rescue? The animals will be coming up to the North East, Colorado, and New Jersey.

Sue Skaskiw, 802-672-5302, cell: 802-952-8181. (prefers email)
VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society

See Pictures Below (this is but a few of the near 100 dogs plus cats)
“This is Helen’s Pole Barn. This is the building she was wanting to move into. I think she has a hand pump in this building and this is where she gets her water.
The sadness in these dogs eyes wanted to make you cry.” Sandy Bush – Roane County Animal Shelter Director