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What is wrong with people.

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Edited and Reprinted from an email I received, Eric

BOO BOO - Died Saturday April 8, 10: 30 AM.
May you rest in peace my sweet pity-pit.

Boo Boos Blog --
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Boo Boos Blog.

Last Wednesday an email was circulated from a rescue advocate about Boo Boo: "Boo Boo is a sweet 5 month old in ISO where the public can not see him - he is in great danger. He was admitted on March 29 with extensive trauma from a car accident. He was brought in for emergency veterinarian treatment and is on antibiotics, and other medications. He is available for adoption since April 2 and will require further treatment by his new family."

I contacted my friends in the animal rescue community. A friend of mine was to pick up Boo Boo at the shelter today (Saturday), and drive him to San Diego where he would get emergency treatment. When I called the shelter this morning, I spoke with a man who could barely assemble a sentence, let alone conceptualize the concept of compassion. I asked to speak with the woman in the background who seemed to be answering the questions. She was apathetic and unfeeling. She wouldn't release the dog to me unless I had the 501c, was there with it, and wouldn't take a credit card or my check unless I was there. "It's just policy" she said.


Boo Boo


At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fortunately, the rescue group had a friend Daniel Guss who met my friend Rad there to pick up Boo Boo.

When my friend went in to get Boo Boo, he called me crying - he said the dog's brains were falling out and he was bleeding. Thank God Dan was there - he had the strength in the moment to see that since March 29 this dog should have been put down. This dog had been IN PAIN AND SUFFERING INHUMANELY SINCE MARCH 29!

It gets worse. The staff wasn't going to give the dog any pain medication for the drive to San Diego, "there were budget problems". Dan knew the facilities general manager and called him. We had to pay a $76 fee to adopt Boo Boo, and then had him put to sleep. But the shelter was kind enough to extend us a "credit" to adopt another dog! (Please forgive me - but what t is wrong with these God damn a**!) We had to PAY to do what they should have done over a week ago. Who knows how long this dog would have suffered had we not come in this day. I'm glad for the sake of this poor animal that we were there in his time of need!

Dan was allowed to be in the room with Boo Boo to honor him in his passing - to apologize to him for our lack of humanity - to assure him that he was going onto a better place, and would romp in fields forever and ever. He held him, kissed him, and cried over him while he was euthanized. As Dan felt him relax, he knew that Boo Boo was no longer in pain. He did not shudder like the many animals that are euthanized ahead of their time mercilessly by these horrible kill shelters - Boo Boo relaxed and went where he should have gone almost 10 days ago. May God bless him.

The crime here is that Boo Boo is not the only case like this. The blessing, the miracle, is that we were there to end this angels suffering. I am ashamed of our society, of our lack of humanity. Apathy and ignorance have killed our collective soul - and we are too stupid and blind to see the pain and suffering - its theses wonderful gifts from God, these puppies, that are suffering the pain of our sin of omission.

The crime here will be if you do nothing. In the movie Network, the now-famous phrase was coined "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore". Well - if you feel anything, if you can imagine holding a puppy in your arms and watching him die - then shout to the top of your lungs and demand this be noticed. If we don't force change, there will be many more Boo Boo's in our future. And God save our souls for when we are judged on how we lived, it will NOT be looked upon favorably.

I would like to acknowledge with all the love in my heart Boo Boo - you are angel now my sweet pity-pit - I look forward to rubbing your little tummy in the not to distant future. Until then, Boo Boo - go chase those birdies and squirrels! My friend Rad for his passion and friendship - who has helped me with more than one rescure. To Dan, who has become a kindrid spirit at this most crucial time in our quest to protect animals. And Beth, one of many Saints who work arduously to save as many beloved dogs as we can. And to all of you on this list who care and love our sweet puppies.

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shelters in my city, public and private, provide medical care, including the city's animal control.

So I was shocked when I found out, fairly recently, how rare that is elsewhere.

For every dog saved, so many suffer and die...

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a heartbreaking story. Please contact PETA and see if they can do anything to kick these a$$es where it hurts.
To Dan - a profound thank you for stepping up to the plate for Boo Boo. I am so happy that he passed on in the comfort of your arms with your kind and loving heart beating next to his, till it was stilled. At least he knew a few moments of kindness in his tragic life.
The inhumanity is staggering!

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Pat said...

Thanks guys for being there for BooBoo. Thanks for holding him, telling him he was loved and helping him cross the bridge. That's more important than most of the stuff we spend our days worrying about.

Rest gentle little Boo.

At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How truly horrible! Poor little BooBoo!!!

I have been searching shelters for Katrina dogs (about a couple thousand shelters so far). I did not know how horrible some shelters are until I started the searches. It is heartbreaking how often I have found dogs listed as being in the shelter for days - one I remember was in the shelter for over a MONTH without any medical care. The dog had been hit by a car, had at least one broken leg and they just let it suffer! I came accross that listing just after the dog had been turned over to a real rescue who had taken him straight to the vet. Since it had been over a month, the dog's leg had become infected and had to be amputated! And I've read quite a few stories quite similar to that. When I have found these stories I have tried to alert rescuers about these poor souls when I've found them.


At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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